TXT80, TXT200, TXT280, TXT321
The TX50 is a machine specially designed and built for budding young Trials riders. When Junior is ready for more power, there is a 69cc kit available.
The whole engine, including the carb, weighs only 19lb's!
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Water cooled, single cylinder 2 stroke.
BORE X STROKE: 40x39.3 *(47x39.3)
DISPLACEMENT: 49.38cc *(68.18), two stroke, reed valve intake into lower crankcase.
OIL CAPACITY & TYPE: 750cc 10w30
CLUTCH: Automatic OR Manual
GEARBOX: 2-Speed (Lever selection)
IGNITION: Electronic with variable spark advance
SUSPENSION: Front - 140mm travel Marzocchi's, Rear - 155mm travel Boge shock
BRAKES: Front-165mm disc with 4 piston caliper. Rear - 130mm disc with 4 piston caliper
WHEELS: Front - 16 inch, Rear - 14 inch
TIRES: Front - 2.50 x 16 inch, Rear - 3.00 x 14 inch
WEIGHT: 80lb's
PRICE: $2,449.00