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You can access GasGas Live through the web 

With its firm commitment to bringing the very latest technologies to the off-road world, Torrot / GasGas has once again made an innovation with the launch of GasGas Live, the first digital platform for live viewing of competitions alongside the riders of the brand.

This Saturday, 10th February, for the first time ever, GasGas Live is going to stream the action of the day before the Spanish Trial Championship, from Nucía in Alicante. A competition where the two official GasGas riders will be present: Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo. The next day, Sunday, 11th February, the fans of our team will be able to watch the first race of this national competition.

During these first two broadcasts, with GasGas Live you will be able to follow all of Jeroni Fajardo's movements and live the experience first-hand, together with the champion.

With the launch of this platform, Torrot / GasGas wants to make a meeting point available to the thousands of GasGas team fans where they can find a wide variety of contents related to the world of enduro and trial competition all in a single place and with just one click.

In addition to being able to follow the riders and have access to all this audiovisual content, later on in GasGas Live you will also find a wide variety of videos, information about the riders and the latest news from the off-road world.

This online platform, unique in the field of enduro and trial also has a section of games and competitions where you can test your knowledge of GasGas, or the world of trial competition and test how much you know about the GasGas team riders. Also, it is possible to pit your wits against other fans and climb positions in your ranking that can be accessed after registration.

For Iván Contreras, CEO of Torrot / GasGas, "the launch of this platform is a great commitment by the brand to offer fans valuable, differentiated content. At the moment we are testing the beta version, but our goal is to continue adding streams and improving sections such as the one for online games."

<![CDATA[The World Electric Trial Champion, the GasGas TXE, now within reach of the public thanks to Torrot]]> Mon, 05 Feb 2018 00:00:00 +0100 813

The GasGas TXE (Electric Gear Drive) used by Marc Colomer to win the first edition of the TrialE Cup last year in Lourdes, France, is now available in the series version. Trial lovers at last have the innovative electric bike that opened the doors to a new era in the world of trial within their grasp. A dream come true, where Torrot's concepts of freedom and electric mobility converge with GasGas' passion for competition and trial representing a worldwide benchmark in the speciality over the last few decades.

The new GasGas TXE promises sensations which up to know have been unthinkable for trial riders. From now on, they can enjoy their favourite sport with the only sound of nature in the background, without renouncing the great features of an authentic trial bike.

It is not for nothing that this new GasGas model incorporates a mechanical clutch system with its six-speed gear box. A double solution that makes this model the only electric trial bike made in series incorporating both elements. This will allow its users to get the same feel and control in delivery as its internal combustion stablemates. The efficient engine developed by Torrot, the company that owns GasGas and the leader in the electric sector, is powered by a state-of-the-art battery offering all the necessary autonomy so riders can enjoy long trial sessions.

Agile, lightweight and easy-to-ride, weighing only 68 kilograms, manufactured on the extensively tested tubular chassis made of chromium-molybdenum steel used by the TXT, a range from which it also inherits a large part of its aesthetics and its tried and tested components in terms of suspension, brakes and tires.

An electric racing model (not approved to run on public roads) that is born with the unmistakable influence of the champion from Santa Pau, Marc Colomer, present in all phases of development of the new GasGas TXE, from its initial stages to winning the World Cup and now, finally, in its final step on to the assembly line with which the company has in Salt, Girona.

The best always comes for those who know how to wait. This is how those faithful of the brand can get the new GasGas electric trial bike by making a reservation via this LINK. You can now reserve your exclusive TXE on the GasGas website (200 units limited edition series). This bike will be delivered to the closest official GasGas dealer between the months of July and October 2018. 

<![CDATA[Fajardo gets first podium finish of the season with GasGas]]> Sun, 04 Feb 2018 00:00:00 +0100 814

Barcelona hosted the X-Trial for the forty-first time, where the GasGas Trial Factory Team riders were able to compete in front of their fans, including a whole GasGas stand wearing red for the occasion. The GasGas riders, Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto managed to give thanks for all that support with a third and a fifth place, respectively. A first podium in 2018 for Fajardo, in the season of his return to GasGas. The Palau Sant Jordi also hosted the society presentation of the new electric trial bike, the TXE, with Torrot engine, ridden by the champion of the first edition of the TrialE Cup, Marc Colomer.

After a great first round, in which Fajardo and Busto finished third and fourth, respectively, the level increased even more in the second round. A pass through the areas in the opposite direction complicated things for many of the riders, causing them to make several mistakes, but the GasGas Trial Factory Team riders managed to get through unscathed. Jeroni Fajardo got his first podium finish of the season, thanks to the 'zero' achieved in the last zone, which boosted him to the third place of honour. Jaime Busto only added 4 more points, finishing in fifth position.

With this result, Jeroni Fajardo is positioned fourth in the overall standings and Jaime Busto, sixth. The next round of the X-Trial World Championship will be on March 8th, in Seville.

"The day started almost perfectly. In the first lap I had some incredible feelings, the bike was very good and I felt very comfortable. In the second round, I went out to give my best. I did a 5 that could be done, but after that an avoidable 5 and I lost concentration. In the third zone, I tried not to put feet down or touch the crankcase, but I got a 5. Today did not go completely to plan but we will continue training to give 100% in the other races."

"It was a very good day, with a very hard fought third place from the beginning, especially in the first round. Despite being a guest rider and having to open zones, I did quite well and I managed to make a good first pass through the zones. I finished third, just a few points behind Adam [Raga] and Toni [Bou]. The semi-final was a little more complicated and it was difficult to get to the final being paired with Toni. Things didn't go so well, but we managed to fight until the end, adding a zero in the last zone and that helped me to finish third. A very hard fought and well deserved podium."

<![CDATA[GasGas presents the new TXT Racing 2018 range]]> Sat, 27 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 812

GasGas takes a step ahead in its quest for perfection and balance with the launch of the new GasGas TXT Racing. A new and evolved generation of Trial motorcycles that offer more balance, traction and control, thanks to the use of new components and novelties in its settings. High-quality details that may go unnoticed at first sight, but not to the touch of the most demanding riders, to continue being the first choice for the great Trial fans.

A major part of the improvements made in the new TXT Racing range are aimed at increasing stability and balance, like the suspension with front fork that this time has the same settings as its racing siblings. GasGas R & D Department worked specifically in the rear end, which in the new models secures a perfect traction thanks to the new Öhlins mono shock absorber, combined with the Regina chain and the refined adjustment of the forces caused by its pull, increasing safety when facing big obstacles and steps.

The new TXT inherit the spirit and the Racing family name of their predecessors and include specific novelties in the engine. The 2018 models mount a double-spark CDI Hidria that fills their response in the lower range. The cylinder’s thermodynamic has also been improved thanks to the new interchangeable heads, which allow to modify the compression and achieve a delivery that is equally powerful, but more refined and progressive, being able to adjust itself to different circumstances, such as high altitude, where the engine’s performance is usually reduced due to the lack of oxygen. In the engine, it also stands out the exhaust curve with eight stainless steel elements, and the new clutch with variable preload with 3 positions, which helps improving both the delivery and the feedback, as the response can be adapted to be more or less radical as per the preferences of each rider. We cannot forget that it will also help extend the clutch’s lifespan.

These models still put their trust in the light black aluminium wheels and the prestigious Michelin tyres to keep their excellent grip on any kind of surface, and they also include the usual safety systems ‘man overboard’ and rear crown, as per the FIM rules. Novelties that are all added to a new image that keeps the TXT Racing 125/250/280/300 among the most attractive Trial models on which defying gravity laws.

<![CDATA[Torrot's GasGas Trial Factory Team riders just one step away from the podium in Strasbourg]]> Fri, 26 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 811

The X-Trial World Championship arrived at its mid-point at the Zenith Europe in Strasbourg last night. The fourth event of the calendar, where Jeroni Fajardo came really close to what would have been his first ticket to the grand final of this season. The rider from Girona finally finished fifth and his teammate in Torrot's GasGas Factory Team, Jaime Busto was sixth.

The GasGas riders achieved a fast track in the first round, as second and third classified. Two optimistic results that did not continue through the semi-finals, where Fajardo and Busto, paired in the same group, could not quite make it into the final by a very small margin. The timer ended up leaving Fajardo out, despite the draw with Gelabert, as the Girona rider needed more time to complete the zones. Meanwhile some small errors prevented Busto - paired in the same group as his teammate in the second round - from getting into the final by a single point.

The participation of the German rider, Franz Kadlec, eighth, and the British rider, Jack Price, ninth, both riding GasGas, was a historic milestone for the brand, with four of the nine motorcycles participating in this competition coming from the factory in Salt.

The Strasbourg X-Trial closes the first part of World Championship tour in France, before the big stars of the contest visit the Palau Sant Jordi next Sunday, February 4th,on the occasion of the 41st edition of the Barcelona X-Trial, fifth round of the World Cup.


"The first round went very well. Like last week I had to open zones, although this time I managed to qualify in the second position. Then, in the second round, when I left the first zone, I punctured the rear tyre and I had to change my bike. We only have six minutes to complete the areas and it was difficult for me to get back into the rhythm. I made mistakes in the second and third zones, which were relatively easy. In the end, Miquel [Gelabert] and I were tied on points, but I didn't get into to the final because of my time. The rules, in this sense, are not too fair, since I went further in the last zone and it is logical that it took me more time despite finishing with a five. It was a shame because we were very close to entering the final. "


"After all this past week training hard, today I felt very comfortable on the bike.  Especially in the first round, where despite making some small mistakes, I managed to qualify in third place. However, the semi-final was a bit complicated for me since I made more mistakes than usual and so I could not make it to the final. Now I will continue training to the maximum to be able to give the best of myself in Barcelona. I really want to do well in front of all our fans."

<![CDATA[Torrot's GasGas Rally Team successfully completes its sensational return to the Dakar]]> Sun, 21 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 810

The Dakar Rally has closed its 40th edition with a figure-of-eight stage of 286 kilometres, with both start and finish in Cordoba. The final hurdle before Torrot’s GasGas Rally Team concluded its brilliant return to this competition, taking its three riders to the longed finish line in Córdoba, Argentina.

Johnny Aubert rounded off his magnificent performance over two weeks of competition with a fifth position in the last special, his best result in the rally. A timed section of 120 kilometres where this morning the bikes started in reverse order to yesterday's general classification. The French rider made his return to the Dakar this way, six years after his first participation, achieving a remarkable sixth position. Jonathan Barragán, twenty-third today, completed his first Dakar in a well-merited fifteenth position and as the second best 'rookie' of the competition. Finally, his teammate in the GasGas Rally Team, Cristian España, twenty-sixth on the last day, culminates his spectacular comeback this final week by finishing in the thirtieth position in the final classification.

The 40th Dakar Rally has come to an end in Córdoba, with the triumphant return of Torrot’s GasGas Rally Team to the competition after two years without participating. To achieve this success for GasGas, Aubert, Barragán and España, in two weeks, have ridden more than 8,000km -4,000 of them in specials-, through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, in one of the toughest editions known in its four decades of history.

"I have no words to describe our satisfaction with this result. We are very happy with all our riders, for the incredible enthusiasm they have put into the race, also with the mechanics and with the whole team. I think we have raced an extraordinary Dakar. We are all very happy and excited to have seen our three bikes reaching Córdoba, at the end of this race, without problems and without any injuries to our riders. So I can only say that it was an impressive Dakar and that we are all very happy."

"I am very happy to have reached the end of the Dakar, here in Córdoba. It was quite hard, especially the second week, but we did it and the three of us riders did it. I think Johnny [Aubert], Cristian [España] and I have done a great job over these days. I want to thank GasGas and Torrot for giving the opportunity to all three of us and for allowing me to make my dream come true. After linking the Enduro World Championship with the Dakar, I would like to rest first, and then focus on the rallies, because I really liked this experience."

"We finished the 2018 Dakar, and finished in sixth position. I am very happy. Just a year ago I had my shoulder operated on and I had to do 8 months of recuperation, so this result is the reward for having maintained my faith at all times. I want to thank the whole of the GasGas Rally Team for all the work we did before and during the race. Thanks also to GasGas and Torrot for trusting me and to Jordi Arilla for doing everything possible so that I could be myself in the rally. Now I'm looking forward to getting home and seeing my family and friends."

"I am very happy because GasGas and Torrot have put its trust in me. We have all worked very hard from the first day to the last and it is that which brought us through to the finish. We have fulfilled the objective that we had set ourselves, which was to get our three bikes to Córdoba and finish the Dakar. Sharing a team with two riders like Johnny [Aubert] and Jonathan [Barragán] has been an incredible experience. They are World Champions and also wonderful people. We always helped each other and we have become a very united team. I am very happy to be here and for being able to do my bit. I would like to continue with this great team where I have been received with open arms and they have always offered me the best. I am very grateful and I hope to continue helping them in the future."

<![CDATA[Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo finish in sixth and eighth places at the X-Trial in Toulouse]]> Sat, 20 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 809

Just six days after their last encounter, the stars of the X-Trial returned to their appointment in France, this time in the Zénith pavilion in Toulouse, to pit their forces in the third event of the World Indoor Championship. Jaime Busto managed to get his own back for the bad experience that left him in ninth place in Montpellier. The GasGas rider passed the first round with ease, in fifth place, which was a boost for the young Basque rider, who was unable to enter the final and finished sixth.

Jeroni Fajardo had less luck this time, and after the initial draw, the weight of opening the section fell to him. The rider from Girona finished eighth without being able to qualify for the second round of the Toulouse X-Trial, an event in which GasGas was the brand with the greatest presence, with three of their bikes, with the participation of the British rider Jack Price from GasGas UK.

The X-Trial World Championship changes venue next week, although not the country, since the Zénith in Strasbourg, again in France, is to host the fourth event of the Championship next Friday the 26th of January.

"After not being able to qualify in Montpellier [the previous event] here in Toulouse I was still a little nervous. In the first round, although I made some small mistakes, the score was enough to move on to the next one. The truth is that I lacked a little more confidence. I'm not happy with this result, but everything has gone much better than the last day. I think I can be at a higher level and fight again for the podium as in Vendée, I just need to recover a little confidence. Now we are going to train hard to do better next Friday, in Strasbourg."

"The truth is that I started the test a little nervous, unhappy having to open the sections. I did not take the situation well and I did not get the trial riding that I wanted. Where I dropped more points was in the easiest areas and after analyzing the race, I know that with very little more I could have made it into the next round. But I started very badly, scoring a five in the first section after losing balance and going out. Then it took me a lot to get my focus back, I made some more mistakes and it didn't go as well as I had hoped. Next week I hope it will go better in the next event, which will also be in France."

<![CDATA[Aubert is sixth overall in the penultimate stage of the Dakar]]> Fri, 19 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 808

The GasGas Rally Team has taken a giant step forward today towards finishing the 2018 Dakar with all its members, the main objective that the team had aimed for on its return to the toughest off-road competition on the planet after two years of absence. Torrot's rally competition team is about to get the best result of its history in this rally.

Johnny Aubert was sixth in the longest stage of the Dakar, 907 kilometres in total with 369 kilometres of special stages divided into two sections. A demonstration of strength from the French rider, who has had his best result in this edition and is now positioned sixth in the general classification. Jonathan Barragan had a brilliant performance today and finished the stage in ninth place, his best result of any stage in the Dakar. The Spanish rider is ranked fifteenth as the second best 'rookie' of the 40th edition of the rally. His teammate, the Andorran rider Cristian España, finished twentieth and climbs to the 30th position of the motorcycle category.

Tomorrow the fourteenth and final stage of the rally will be raced. A loop of 286 kilometers, 120 of these corresponding to its last special, before the riders cross the finish line situated next to the final podium in Córdoba. This is the hard won prize that is more than deserved for the efforts of the survivors of the toughest edition of the Dakar Rally ever disputed in South America.

"One more day! Everything went very well and we are very happy. We know that this is not over yet, because tomorrow we have a special of 166 kilometers, so we have to stay focused. It is clear that reaching the penultimate day in this position is something very good for everyone. The riders have not had any problems and it has been a very positive stage for the team. Tomorrow is the last day of Dakar and I hope it is also a positive day for the GasGas Rally Team." 

"It has been a very long day, with more than 900km and two specials, but we are already in Córdoba. The first special I already knew from last year, but it was quite tough. I lost a bit of time because of an error, but I managed to get back into rhythm and keep on going to the end. The second part was typical for here, from La Rioja. A very fast track, with many dangers that required a lot of attention. We have made it here, which is the important thing. Tomorrow is the last stage and there are the three team members here!"

"We are already in Córdoba after a long day with many kilometers of special and liaison. I am very happy. Tomorrow will be the last day with a fairly short stage and I am very happy that the whole team is here. We have done a good job. It has been tough and difficult, but we are very happy to be here."

"Today was a very, very long day with two specials. The first on very soft, very bumpy sand. I rode a good first special and finished fifth. The second was much faster with few difficult parts, but with some very slippery bends. In the end it was a good day, I finished in sixth position and I climbed a place in the general standings. "We'll see what happens in the last stage tomorrow!"


<![CDATA[Aubert puts on a brilliant performance and takes seventh place in the general classification after the Super Fiambalá stage]]> Thu, 18 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 807

Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders have successfully overcome one of the stages most feared by the participants of the Dakar Rally: the Super Fiambalá. An eleventh stage of 485 kilometres, 280 of them timed, which forms the first part of the marathon stage between Belén and San Juan, the second of the rally for motorcycles. As has been usual in other editions, the day had an unconventional start, in which the 10 best-timed motorcycles, cars and trucks of yesterday in the dunes of Fiambalá alternated their starting order.

Johnny Aubert, who finished tenth yesterday, made the most of his advanced starting position and achieved his best stage result in this Dakar Rally. The French rider finished seventh in a day of navigation on sand in extremely high temperatures and has climbed to seventh place in the general standings with just four days to go before Córdoba. His teammates Jonathan Barragan and Cristian España finished today in 21st and 22nd positions respectively. The Spanish rider is in sixteenth position of the general classification, as the second best newcomer; while the Andorran rider climbs to the thirty-third place in the general classification and has already recovered 24 positions since he fell to position 56 after being sanctioned for not marking waypoints in the first two days. 

The racers in the bike and quad categories will not have the help of their mechanics tonight and won't be meeting again until tomorrow in San Juan at the end of the twelfth stage.

"We finished this first day of the marathon stage well, without our riders suffering major problems. The mechanics have worked very hard and very well so that the bikes can face these difficult days regarding navigation, which is even more complicated with the sand - very soft - and also by this marathon stage.

So we can only have words of praise for our riders. Johnny [Aubert] has done really well today, as did Jonathan Barragán. Cristian had a small fall and broke the navigation switch-gear. They rode the stage really well again. Tomorrow we expect another complicated day but we are well placed in the race and I am very happy with the work of the whole team."

"It has been a difficult stage and my riding was regular. I suffered a fall at kilometre 10 and I was suffering with pain throughout the day. I tried to keep up the pace and concentrate on not making mistakes, but 10 kilometres from the finish line I fell again. Tomorrow the second part of the marathon stage awaits us and it will also be very complicated, but we will give everything we've got from here to the end".

"It was a very hard stage, with very soft sand. When I was 50 kilometres away, I had a problem with the roadbook and I followed another driver until the end. We managed to achieve a good speed together and, finally, it was a good stage. I am very happy with my riding and with my fellow teammates. The GasGas Rally Team has done a fantastic job so far and I am very happy to be in the team. I hope to continue like this until the end and tomorrow we will see what happens."

"Yesterday we were exhausted by the time we finished, but today we left with enthusiasm because we are already beginning to have the end of the race in sight. We cannot drop our guard and we have to keep working. Today's stage was very tough with a very complicated first part. It was soft sand, with many car and truck ruts and the ground was destroyed. At kilometre 240 I had a problem with the roadbook and I followed a rider. We are happy, the bike is just fine and we are too. Tomorrow we will be back recovering positions."

<![CDATA[Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders make it through a tough navigational test]]> Wed, 17 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0100 806

After the cancellation of the stage of the previous day, Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders have managed to navigate a demanding tenth special of 373 kilometers, with a beginning in sand and a labyrinthine end between river passes made even worse by high temperatures.

Johnny Aubert and Jonathan Barragán have successfully overcome one of the most difficult stages in terms of navigation. The French and Spanish riders have finished in the twelfth and eighteenth positions, respectively, once the penalty of 15 minutes has been applied for changing the engine - a measure to avoid breakdowns and ensure a fresh engine in this final stage of the rally. The French rider is still in tenth overall while Spanish rider is sixteenth. His teammate, Cristian España, finished in fortieth and ranks thirty-eighth overall.

Tomorrow morning, the riders will compete the Super Fiambalá special. At this twelveth stage the start will mix the ten best classified motorcycles, cars and trucks according to today's times.

"Today has been a very complicated stage because of the route and navigation. The terrain was very complicated, the sand of the rivers was very soft due to the rain and also, they were very wide, hundreds of meters, so sometimes it was very difficult to find the CAP. There have been many riders that have got lost, fortunately ours rode a very good stage and that has allowed Johnny [Aubert] and Jonathan [Barragán] to finish very well and gain positions, at the same time taking care of the bike and the mechanics. Cristian [España] had to return almost 15 kilometers to mark a way point and that made him lose a lot of time.

Yesterday, together with the mechanical team, we decided to change the engines despite the penalty involved. There are still many kilometers to ride in soft sand and heat, a bad combination for the engines, so we decided to change them to avoid risks and to make sure.

Tomorrow another marathon stage begins and it will be very complicated because of sand and navigation. And the position where it ends will be very important, since the Super Fiambalá special takes place the next day, with motorcycles, cars and trucks leaving together, so being ahead will be important to avoid the dust of the other participants."

"We have finished a very complicated day.  In today's stage, on the 30th kilometer, I had a rather bad fall in which I lost a lot of time. Afterwards I was able to recover and in general I am very happy with the stage. It has been very hard today. The goal is to finish. Now I see myself with the group and each time I want more, but I won't get tempted. For me it is the first Dakar and the goal is to finish. I still have to give my maximum in the four remaining stages. The marathon stage tomorrow will be very hard."

"We have got through the tenth day of competition and it has been really difficult for navigation. It was also very hard and with a lot of off-road track but finally it was a great day for me. Also for Jonathan [Barragan] who has navigated very well, he only had one fall but nothing serious. We have arrived in Bethlehem and we finished the day in a good position, I am very happy with the work of the team. We have to continue like this in the last four days of competition."

"Today's day was very hard and difficult and, after overcoming it, tomorrow we have the marathon stage for the bikes. I started the day at a very good pace, overtaking riders, but an error in the navigation made me have to go back to mark a waypoint. But we have managed to get there and that is the most important thing. Now I have to prepare the bike for the marathon stage."