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The Vendéspace displayed the sold-out sign the day before the start of the X-Trial World Championship, a contest that this year began with significant changes in the format of competition, triggered by the arrival of a new promoter, the company 2Play.

Just two days after the presentation as new riders for the GasGas Trial Factory Team of the Torrot Company in Bilbao, Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo had their first taste of the X-Trial world, sharing a group, the second of the three in which the nine competitors of this renewed indoor competition were distributed. A first qualifying phase that gave access to the six best riders to the second round and that both Busto and Fajardo, passed with a remarkable performance, closing this qualifying round in second and third positions, with 4 and 8 points respectively on their cards.

In the second round, Jaime Busto confirmed his super-quick adaptation to his new GasGas TrialGP 300. The young star from Bilbao achieved the best score in a complicated group formed together with him by his team-mate Jeroni Fajardo, and Adam Raga. A result that made sure of his ticket straight to the grand final. Unfortunately, a mistake in the next-to-last zone forced Fajardo out of the final. The rider from Girona closes this first round of the X-Trial World Championship with a fourth place.

Toni Bou and Jaime Busto confronted each other again in the six first zones of the evening. A circuit in which, a premature five from GasGas, cheated him from the final victory. A second place, however, was something of an early birthday present for the young rider from Górliz, who turns 20 on the 4th of Desember.

After advancing the start of the X-Trial World Championship in the event calendar by practically one month, the second round of the championship is to be held on January 13th at the Sud de France Arena in Montpelier, also in France.

Jaime Busto: "Reaching the final and getting up on to the second step of the podium is the best way to reward Torrot for the confidence placed in me by forming part of the GasGas Factory Trial Team. It has been a very good start to the World Championship. The zones did not have a too complicated level, so in the first round I was able to qualify in the second position and then, in the next, although my rivals were very good, I fine-tuned my riding and I managed to pass through to the final. Toni [Bou] was very strong as always and we made a small mistake at the beginning, in the second zone, which prevented us from fighting for the final victory. However, starting the Championship this way is incredible for us. The zones were not extremely difficult, which meant that in the classification a high price would be paid for any mistake. However, we have been riding at a great level and in the end we finished second, a very good start for us and all our team in the X-Trial World Championship. "

Jeroni Fajardo: "The truth is that I had very good feelings. In the first round, an initial mistake made it difficult for me to get into the race as it put a lot of pressure on me. I knew I couldn’t make any more mistakes, but in the end I got a third place, getting through to the next round. The second elimination phase was very hard. Jaime and I were in the same group, with Adam [Raga], and the truth is that the fact of leaving last gave me a slight advantage. In the next-to-last zone, I noticed that the crankcase touched an obstacle. The commentator said that, after that, we were in a tie with Adam [Raga]. So I took a risk to finish the area with a better time than him but it just didn't work out and so finally I finished fourth. It is always better to get a podium, but this time it was just not to happen for very little. Despite this, my feelings about the new GasGas TrialGP 300 have been very good. We were ahead and I am sure that good results will not be long in coming for our team and for Torrot. "


<![CDATA[Torrot presents the 2018 GasGas Trial Factory Team with the addition of Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo]]> Fri, 01 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0100 787

Torrot, owner of GasGas, has revealed this midday in Bilbao its renewed and ambitious commitment for the 2018 season with the stellar signings of riders Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo of GasGas Trial Factory Team. A structure once again led with the experience of Marc Colomer, who repeats at the front as team manager.

The four-time World Champion puts all his sporting knowledge back to the service of the GasGas Trial Factory Team. An official squad undergoing a profound transformation for the next season, in which it has committed to the talent of the young Jaime Busto and the experience of Jeroni Fajardo to take a big step forward in their aspirations in the fight for the X-Trial and TrialGP World Championships - formerly known as indoor and outdoor, respectively - and also in the Spanish Trial Championship, in the TR1 category.

Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo will debut with the Torrot company sports team on Sunday 3rd in El Vendée (France), on the exclusive, competitive TrialGP 300 bike. Busto, a talented young rider from Górliz, 20 years old, will debut for the first time wearing the GasGas colours. Fajardo, the experienced rider from Girona, 32, return after a decade to compete with the brand that accompanied him at the beginning of his sports career in the trial discipline.

After the presentation of Torrot in Bilbao, an acknowledgement by the brand to the home town of the young rider Jaime Busto in his incorporation to the team, the GasGas Trial Factory Team will travel directly to France, where this weekend the 2018 X-Trial World Championship is starting. Vendée is to host the first date of the indoor World Cup that, on this occasion, has brought forward its start by almost a month, to December 3rd.

MARC COLOMER: "The addition of Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo to the GasGas Trial Factory Team demonstrates the willingness of Torrot and GasGas to get back to the very top of the Trial World Championships, both indoor and outdoor. Jaime will turn 20 next week. He is a young rider with a very promising future. While Jeroni has great experience and has always been high up in the World Championship. Together they form a very complete team. The goal of GasGas is to come back to being World Champions as soon as possible. We know that at present it is a difficult challenge, since Toni Bou has been the great dominator of this speciality during the last seasons. We are aware of the difficulty that this entails, but that is also the motivation that pushes us to improve to fight for victory."

JAIME BUSTO: "I am very happy and motivated to face this season with the GasGas team thanks to the opportunity that Torrot has given me. This is a new challenge for me. I will have a new bike, which I had always wanted to ride, and to which I have adapted to very well. Also to a new team, with a very good atmosphere. I really want to start the World Championship; the feeling of the GasGas TrialGP bike is very good and the team is very happy with this new project. We will give everything to get as high as possible, first in the X-Trial World Championship and, in May, in the TrialGP World Championship."

JERONI FAJARDO: "I am very motivated with the start of this season. We are launching a new bike and a new team and my goal is to take a step forward in the X-Trial and TrialGP World Championships. This is a change that will allow me to improve a lot during the next two seasons. The GasGas TrialGP is a fantastic bike and we have a great team, so I hope to be able to fight for podium positions in the X-Trial and TrialGP World Championships. I want to thank Torrot for betting on me to be a GasGas Trial Factory Team rider."

<![CDATA[Danny McCanney signs for Gas Gas]]> Sun, 26 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 786

Danny McCanney joins forces with the Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team. The British rider has signed for two years with the official Salt factory team headed by Gio Sala, Team Manager of the renewed squad.

The rider from the Isle of Man returns to the team with which he had his first international races. And he is back to ride on the new Gas Gas EnduroGP bike that he will race with in the SuperEnduro World Cup beginning on December 9th this year in Krakow (Poland), and also in the next EnduroGP World Championship, a competition that will start in Finland on March 17th, 2018

The signing of McCanney is in addition to the French rider Christophe Nambotin so they can both race in Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team colours at the maximum level of international competition. Barely 26 years old, the young rider from the Isle of Man already holds two world titles in his sporting career. McCanney was proclaimed SuperEnduro Junior World Champion with Gas Gas in 2013 and, a season later, he also won the Enduro Junior World Championship crown.


Date of birth: 12/11/1991

Place of residence: Douglas, Isle of Man (Great Britain)

Most outstanding titles:

  • 2014 Junior Enduro World Champion
  • 2013 Junior SuperEnduro World Champion
<![CDATA[The dazzling EnduroGP heads the extensive list of Gas Gas innovations in Milan]]> Tue, 14 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 778

If last year all the attention from the visitors to the Motorcycle Show in Milan was focused on the ambitious 'Phoenix Project' to renovate  Gas Gas  in the enduro class, headed by the  EC  and  XC  enduro and cross country versions, in this 2018 edition, the great star of the show from the brand has been the fantastic new  EnduroGP , the most radical model of the brand in enduro.


Gas Gas  presented its most dazzling enduro in the Italian show. A model loaded with exclusive competition components resulting from the extensive experience of its competition team in the World Championship.

The new benchmark bike from  Gas Gas  in enduro was introduced by an authentic legend of the speciality, the great  Gio Sala . The new head of the  Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team  served as master of ceremonies during the presentation of the new weapon from  Gas Gas . An act in which the championship winning Italian ex-rider was accompanied by  Antoine Basset , current rider for the team, and by two of the new signings of the squad for next season, the French riders  Christophe Nambotin and  Johnny Aubert . Two luxury reinforcements, both world champions, which is evidence of the firm commitment of the brand to this discipline and for its competition team in the World Championship.The  Gas Gas  range of enduro and cross country bikes has added a new member to its family of current engine capacities, since as well as the usual displacements of 250 and 300 C.C. two strokes, now the new  Gas Gas XC 200  has been incorporated, a model made exclusively for the American market.


And if the  EnduroGP  was the great novelty in terms of enduro, the new  Gas Gas TXT EGD  and  EDD  were the focus of all the attention for trial. Two amazing electric models that were presented by the best ambassador:  Marc Colomer . The sports director of the brand revealed the highlights of the new  Gas Gas TXT EGD.  The same model the world champion has been responsible for developing and on which, last June, he won the first edition of the TrialE World Cup. A replica of the champion bike that  Gas Gas  will manufacture only as a special series and in very limited numbers. The FIM TrialE winner was accompanied at the EICMA in Milan by its automatic namesake, the new  Gas Gas TXT EDD , an important step forward in the shared path of  Torrot  and  Gas Gas  with their commitment to the electric development in trial and all the other mountain bike specialities, all of them especially sensitive in regard to environmental care.The list of new products in trial bikes was completed with the new  TXT 80 , with aesthetic changes for the next season. The smallest bike in the TXT saga was supported in Milan by its companion of the range, the  Gas Gas TXT 300 , and by the insignia of the brand in trial, the exclusive  Gas Gas   TrialGP,  successfully presented last September. The  Gas Gas Trial Contact EN  with electric starter, presented successfully the previous month, is also at the show.


Finally, in Milan,  Gas Gas ' new bikes for children also played an important role. The small  E-Kids  have two new models in its range, the new  E12  enduro and the  T12 trial, both of them with the parental control system. A wireless safety system that allows disconnection of the motorcycles from a distance, establish a perimeter of operation and control various parameters of the motorcycle through the application for iOS and Android  smartphones .

<![CDATA[Gas Gas Enduro GP 2018: special World Championship 'factory racing' edition]]> Mon, 13 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 777

Gas Gas announces the launch of the brand's most exclusive model, its new Enduro GP. A special model mirroring the official Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team bikes used in the World Championship. The most radical version from the brand.

Seduces at first sight and conquers with its inner strength

A new competition benchmark by Gas Gas incorporating a long list of new specifications and components, and which also proudly shows off a new look. Decidedly 'Factory Racing' characteristics, shared both inside and outside. A high performance engine with a cylinder head with new combustion chamber to achieve greater power and delivery for the most demanding riders. 

The new Gas Gas Enduro GP has a new clutch cover and housing from the Rekluse company for an increased efficiency and cooling performance. The exclusiveness of this model is evident in its smallest details, at a visual level and even regarding the sound for two-stroke lovers, with a complete exhaust system developed by FMF especially for Gas Gas.

The quality and exclusiveness is reflected in each and every one of its details

An authentic high-end competition bike with the addition of an endless number of components from the new 'Factory Racing' product line recently introduced by Gas Gas on the launch of the incredible GP 2018. The Kayaba forks, a symbol of the brand's new generation of enduro, introduce in this special edition a new antifriction treatment in black (DLC coating) guaranteeing a boost in performance and to give even more confidence to the rider and adapting to any type of terrain.

A greater feeling, lightness and comfort on the front end together with the new X-Trig triple clamps machined, in red anodizing, and the sturdy Renthal 997 handlebars, which in combination with the new machined handlebar clamps and grips by same brand, offer the rider total firmness and strength of the handlebar and, in turn, a greater grip and ride comfort. In addition to the long list of new features added to the front end is a new axle puller for easier removal and a floating front disc to improve feel and increase braking power. 

A 100% Gas Gas 'Factory Racing' bike with 250 and 300 cc engine

Looks play a fundamental role at first sight and for that very reason, Gas Gas has wanted to reflect the 100% 'Factory Racing' spirit of the new GP 2018 on the outside too, with the spectacular design of its new plastic covers and graphics, a faithful replica of its GP motorcycles. The new Enduro GP uses a black on its spokes and on its anodized aluminium rear sprocket, in this way highlighting its competition aesthetics. A set of characteristics completed by the appeal of tits new racing seat, the same as used by the Gas Gas riders in the World Championship, a component offering greater grip and safety.

An enduro with a captivating competition image that will be available from November in official brand dealers for customers who wish to experience the same power and control that Jonathan Barragán and Antoine Basset feel at the controls of this authentic factory racing machine: the new Gas Gas Enduro GP 250/300.


  • Rekluse clutch cover and housing exclusive to EnduroGP for increased efficiency and cooling
  • Cylinder head with a new combustion chamber for greater torque and more precise response for the most demanding riders
  • Complete FMF exhaust system - Gas Gas EnduroGP
  • Renthal 997 handlebar and Renthal grips give greater feel and comfort to the rider
  • X-Trig machined red anodized triple clamps. They give a greater feeling in the front end and a reduction in weight.
  • New machined handlebar clamps give a greater firmness and strength to the handlebar mounting system
  • Kayaba 'Factory Racing' EnduroGP forks incorporating a new black antifriction treatment (DLC coating) guaranteeing perfect feeling for the rider on any type of terrain
  • Front wheel axle handle for quicker and easier removal
  • Floating front brake disc for increased performance and improved front brake feel
  • Black spokes
  • EnduroGP seat for extra grip. Exclusive factory racing team colour scheme
  • Exclusive EnduroGP plastic covers and graphics
  • Black anodized aluminium rear sprocket


* All these components are part of the new Gas Gas EnduroGP 'Factory Racing' product line

<![CDATA[Christophe Nambotin returns to Gas Gas]]> Sun, 12 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 783

Gas Gas is proud to announce the incorporation of Christophe Nambotin to its official enduro team. During the celebration of the EICMA in Milan, the French rider and the factory in Salt announced the agreement by which the three times world champion is to become a new rider in the Gas Gas Enduro Factory team for the next two seasons.

And so Christophe Nambotin returns as official rider for Gas Gas, the brand where the rider from Saint-Sébastien-de-Raids took the first steps of his career as a professional and that, thanks to the fond memories left by his time with the factory, has always occupied a very special place in the heart of both the rider and Gas Gas.

'Nambo' returns to what has always been his home, now 33 years old, to get back on the highly competitive EC 300, the renewed weapon from Gas Gas . Next season he will be using this to fight for the E3 and EnduroGP titles in the Enduro World Championship, and also try to add a new prize to his long list of successes in the French National Championship.

The team led by Gio Sala gets a new reinforcement to the renewed structure of the Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team for the 2017 season. Undoubtedly, one of the great international names of enduro, a speciality in which Nambotin treasures three crowns as World Champion - 2 in E3 and 1 in E1 - and the impressive figure of six wins in the ISDE for France -2 of these as the absolute Scratch winner - and seven Gallic championships. An incredible track record that makes Gas Gas' new signing a star within the Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team for next year in the premier category of the World Championship.

Christophe Nambotin: "I’m going back to my roots, I’m returning to Gas Gas, the brand I will compete for during the next two years in the EnduroGP World Championship and in the French E3 Championship on the new Gas Gas EC 300 two-stroke, a motorcycle that has already proved to be enormously competitive in its first year. I am very happy to have come home and embark on a new sports adventure with the team that saw how I took my first steps in the GPs and the World Championship. For my part, I will do everything possible to share all my experience with them and together we can fight for new titles. "

Personal data:

First name: Christophe Nambotin

Birthdate: 01/08/1984

Place of residence: Saint-Sébastien-de-Raids (France)


  • E3 World Champion: 2012 and 2013
  • E1 World Champion: 2014
  • Winner of the ISDE for France: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2017
  • Individual Scratch Winner of the ISDE: 2009 and 2012
  • French Enduro Champion: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


<![CDATA[The winner of the first edition of TrialE Cup]]> Thu, 09 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 779

The innovative motorbike design is the result of a synergistic partnership between Torrot and Gas Gas, taking shape as a fantastic electric trials bike. The new model looks firmly to the mass production. Such commercialisation is motivated by the great expectations generated after the bike’s victory in Lourdes, where it became the first victor of an electric trials race in world championships history.


The new TXTe EGD (Electric Gear Drive) has become the poster child of the joint efforts between Torrot and Gas Gas. The new model is an astonishing and competitive trial bike that perfectly combines the concepts of freedom and electric mobility evocative of Torrot, with the competitive spirit of Gas Gas.

The teamwork between both companies—working under the same corporate umbrella since the start of 2016—has borne the market’s most advanced electric trials bike. The bike inherits the resilient qualities of the Gas Gas TXT range—a benchmark in the speciality—with Torrot’s latest electric technology. The result is clear: a bike without equal in its segment.


The Gas Gas TXTe EGD is a trials bike that, under the skin, hides an efficient electric motor cooled by water, and powered by the latest generation batteries. It’s an efficient engine, which is paired with a new six speed transmission and clutch that puts this Gas Gas TXTe EGD model in a class of its own.

Additionally, one of the Catalan company’s best-kept secrets is its controller. The controller is truly the brains of the operation, whose information allows for a level of parameter control previously incomprehensible with petrol combustion engines, despite the recent introduction of new electronic-injection motors. The result is a bike that’s agile, light and easy to drive, making the Gas Gas TXTe EGD a top competitor in the trials segment. Little was left to doubt, as seen in the last TrialGP competition held at the end of June in Lourdes, France.


The re-working of already established principles by Gas Gas and Torrot has blazed new trial in the world of trails racing. The Gas Gas TXTe EGD’s development was guided by the attentive eye, talent and experience of Marc Colomer, one of the key figures in development this new electric trials bike. The Catalan athlete’s mark and influence are more than evident in this project. That same commitment saw the multiple-time world champion roll up to the start line once again after 14 years away from competition, debuting the new TXTe EGD at the world level.


The Gas Gas TXTe EGD had evident success in its debut at the first Edition of the TrialE Cup, taking victory for the first time in the history of the electric bike category at the highest level of international competition. Perhaps even more impressive, the TXTe EGD took better results than its petrol-powered Trial125 rivals. Gas Gas plans to produce a limited edition of units of its exclusive Gas Gas TXTe EGD model.

<![CDATA[The first step on the way to trial]]> Wed, 08 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 781

Gas Gas launches the new TXT 80 Racing, the first natural step so the latest generation can develop all their talent and potential in the world of trial. The baby of the family has inherited the same frame as its bigger brothers. It has the same tubular moly-chrome steel frame that has already been tried and tested in the Gas Gas TXT models and so gives this little trial bike a quality and reliability beyond its segment.

The brand from Girona is proud to announce a new addition to the family. The smallest and most looked forward to, the new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing had arrived with a size that is smaller and better adapted to promising future trial riders. A new arrival with traits marked by the TXT genes from part of a saga that has made trial history.

A small-scale reflection of the brilliant TXT saga

The similarities between them all are obvious. This is also true for the new TXT 80 Racing, a children’s bike that not only shares the frame as its big cylindered brothers but also its looks and decoration. It also has elements such as the exhaust and silencer of a bike that has adapted its size to the height and weight of the smallest rider, taking into account both comfort and ergonomics when ridden and taking command of the situation.

In this way, the new TXT 80 Racing has taken on board various changes, such as the incorporation of foot-pegs positioned further forward and slightly higher so children can have a better posture on the bike and reach the handlebar and the brake and clutch levers more easily, giving a better sense of safety and control.

These new characteristics are added to the adaptation of the swing-arm, which has been shortened together with the wheels that have been made smaller with 19” on the front and 17” on the back. This bike also takes the lower weight of its rider into account and so has new front forks and a rear monoshock specifically designed for this model allowing for the lower weight.

New engine together with a long list of new features

The smallest members of the family are traditionally those that are most looked after, and the new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing is no exception. In the heart of the factory in Girona, the R+D department has been tasked with taking care of even the smallest details of the little Gas Gas trial bike. 

The new TXT 80 Racing has anew engine in its 2018 version. A new engine based on the  professional trial unit sharing the maximum number of components and presents its rider with a new piston, crank-shaft, primary drive sprocket and nut, Hidria magnetic flywheel, –with the possibility of adding an inertial flywheel-, Spal fan and DellOrto carburettor in accordance tot the engine capacity. A long list of new features giving us an overview of the complete bike thanks to the endless quality details of the new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing, a bike which has adapted its light touch gear change and its new exhaust outlet to the needs of the new engine. Likewise its secondary transmission has a fully covered half-inch chain to comply with the stringent FIM trial competition regulations.

Finally, it should be mentioned that riders of this new 2018 version can incorporate, if they wish, our optional lighting system. The new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing arrives prepared with the electrical installation needed so the rider just has to connect the front and back light kits with easy to use connectors.



  • Frame identical to larger engine capacities, provides the quality and reliability of a frame tested in extreme conditions
  • Foot-pegs placed further forward and higher up to improve rider ergonomics
  • 33Ø Front forks
  • Smaller swing-arm
  • Specially made spring for this version, taking into account rider weight
  • 19” front and 17” back wheels
  • TXT looks and decoration
  • Electrical installation prepared for the incorporation of front and rear lights
  • Smaller clutch cylinder
  • Specific front brake, with smaller cylinder and lever to make it easier for young riders
  • 19” front and 17” rear spoke wheels
  • 175 mm front brake disc and 150 mm rear
  • 60z covered sprocket in compliance with FIM competition regulations
  • Secondary transmission adapted to the needs of the engine with a ½” chain


  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder 79,14 cc with exhaust outlet fittings and new logo
  • Piston: diameter 43 x travel 54,4 adapted to trial
  • Crankshaft
  • Primary drive sprocket and nut
  • Dell’Orto PHBG 21 DS carburettor, specially for 80cc engine
  • Exhaust outlet specially designed for this engine capacity
  • High quality link pipe and silencer, identical to larger capacity TXTs
  • New SPAL fan with more robust mounting, allows more space over the cylinder head and better cooling
  • Hidria magnetic flywheel (with the possibility of adding inertial)
  • Water pump
  • Ignition cover
  • Ultra-light gear change, adapted to the new engine size
<![CDATA[The new Gas Gas electric trial bike to enjoy in sync with nature]]> Wed, 08 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 780

After the resounding success of achieved by Marc Colomer in the first edition of the FIM TrialE Cup, there were many followers and trial fans who hoped Gas Gas would mark its great role in the World Championship by manufacturing a new model. A new electric bike to enjoy trial in full harmony with the environment, in silence and with zero emissions. Well, that moment has arrived... Gas Gas is proud to announce the launch of the new Trial TXTe EDD!

This new Gas Gas Trial TXTe EDD shares the trial-excursion philosophy of the Trial Contact range, although with the significant incorporation of a new electric motor and automatic clutch that make it unique in its universe. Two new features that will allow trial enthusiasts to enjoy maximum comfort and fun with this amazing new electric model from Gas Gas, without a doubt the quietest trial-excursion motorcycle ever made. The first electric trial bike mass produced by the brand from Salt.

The new Gas Gas family member in the trial range has an efficient automatic electric motor mounted on the popular chrome-molybdenum tubular chassis already used in several of the brand's models. Together with this comes the aluminum swingarm with progressive linkage system and a complete suspension system adjustable in preload, composed of a Tech front fork with aluminum stanchions (39 mm diameter and 180 mm travel) and a Reiger rear two-way shock absorber (164 mm travel).

The Braketech brake system and the Michelin Trial tires complete the balance in this practical and versatile Gas Gas electric bike. An innovative model for users who want to enjoy their excursions, making the most of the weekend.

Gas Gas is scheduled to manufacture a limited series of units of this new electric trial model which will be available from next January at the brand's official dealers.

<![CDATA[Gas Gas incorporates the new T12 and E12 into its range of E-Kids electric bikes]]> Wed, 08 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100 782

There are certain passions, such as the two-wheeled variety, that pass down from father to child, from generation to generation, forming common ties between the members of a family, united by the same enthusiasm.

In a short time, the new E-Kids range has become the first step for the youngest riders in the off-road world. Fitted with a 48 V electric motor, with power which can be adjusted between 350 and 1500 W, these E-Kids models are manufactured taking into account the children’s progressive learning in the trial, enduro or supermoto specialities. 

And it is not only the children’s safety being taken care of but also the peace of mind of their parents. All the Gas Gas E-Kids 10 and 12 –in all their different versions – have a ‘Parental Control’. A wireless control system which permits parents to remotely configure and even deactivate their children’s bikes with a practical application designed for both iOS and Android devices. Operational parameters are easily programmed with the software that can be downloaded from the Gas Gas website. At the same time, all the E-Kids bikes have a manually operated switch just behind the headlight mounting which reduces power by 50% with just one click.


Manufactured in Salt (Girona) with the maximum European guarantees of quality and safety, the new Gas Gas E-Kids have an easily rechargeable lithium battery which means that performance won’t drop during hours of use. The long travel EBR suspension, the sensitive braking system, together with the agile steel chrome molybdenum chassis and the tyres according to the bike version -trial, enduro and supermoto- achieve a bike completely adapted to the youngest rider. GG

This is the winning formula for the greatest fun and safety for transmitting a passion for the world of two wheels and a respect for the off-road environment to girls and boys.


  • TRIAL: Gas Gas E-Kids T10/T12
  • ENDURO: Gas Gas E-Kids E10/E12