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Gas Gas Enduro GP 2018: special World Championship 'factory racing' edition


The greatest battles are always fought by the fiercest warriors. Gas Gas proudly presents its new Enduro GP, the most competitive and best equipped version of its enduro range. A special, exclusive model inspired by the official Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team bikes used in the World Championship, the toughest competition.

<p><strong>Gas Gas </strong>announces the launch of the brand's most exclusive model, its new<strong> Enduro GP</strong>. A special model mirroring the official <strong>Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team</strong> bikes used in the World Championship. The most radical version from the brand.</p>
<p><strong>Seduces at first sight and conquers with its inner strength</strong></p>
<p>A new competition benchmark by Gas <strong>Gas</strong> incorporating a long list of new specifications and components, and which also proudly shows off a new <em>look</em>. Decidedly <strong>'Factory Racing'</strong> <strong>characteristics, </strong>shared both inside and outside. A high performance engine with a cylinder head with new combustion chamber to achieve greater power and delivery for the most demanding riders.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The new <strong>Gas Gas Enduro GP</strong> has a new clutch cover and housing from the <em>Rekluse</em> company for an increased efficiency and cooling performance. The exclusiveness of this model is evident in its smallest details, at a visual level and even regarding the sound for two-stroke lovers, with a complete exhaust system developed by <em>FMF</em> especially for <strong>Gas</strong> <strong>Gas</strong>.</p>
<p><strong>The quality and exclusiveness is reflected in each and every one of its details</strong></p>
<p>An authentic high-end competition bike with the addition of an endless number of components from the new <strong>'Factory Racing'</strong> product line recently introduced by <strong>Gas Gas</strong> on the launch of the incredible <strong>GP 2018</strong>. The <em>Kayaba</em> forks, a symbol of the brand's new generation of enduro, introduce in this special edition a new antifriction treatment in black (DLC coating) guaranteeing a boost in performance and to give even more confidence to the rider and adapting to any type of terrain.</p>
<p>A greater <em>feeling</em>, lightness and comfort on the front end together with the new <em>X-Trig</em> triple clamps machined, in red anodizing, and the sturdy <em>Renthal 997 handlebars,</em> which in combination with the new machined handlebar clamps and grips by same brand, offer the rider total firmness and strength of the handlebar and, in turn, a greater grip and ride comfort. In addition to the long list of new features added to the front end is a new axle puller for easier removal and a floating front disc to improve feel and increase braking power.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>A 100% Gas Gas 'Factory Racing' bike with 250 and 300 cc engine</strong></p>
<p>Looks play a fundamental role at first sight and for that very reason, <strong>Gas Gas</strong> has wanted to reflect the 100% <strong>'Factory Racing'</strong> spirit of the new <strong>GP 2018</strong> on the outside too, with the spectacular design of its new plastic covers and graphics, a faithful replica of its GP motorcycles. The new <strong>Enduro GP</strong> uses a black on its spokes and on its anodized aluminium rear sprocket, in this way highlighting its competition aesthetics. A set of characteristics completed by the appeal of tits new racing seat, the same as used by the <strong>Gas Gas</strong> riders in the World Championship, a component offering greater grip and safety.</p>
<p>An enduro with a captivating competition image that will be available from November in official brand dealers for customers who wish to experience the same power and control that <strong>Jonathan Barrag&aacute;n</strong> and <strong>Antoine Basset</strong> feel at the controls of this authentic <em>factory</em> <em>racing machine: </em>the new <strong>Gas Gas Enduro GP 250/300</strong>.</p>
<p><strong>NEW SPECIFICATIONS GAS GAS Enduro GP 250/300 *</strong></p>
<li><em>Rekluse </em>clutch cover and housing exclusive to EnduroGP for increased efficiency and cooling</li>
<li>Cylinder head with a new combustion chamber for greater torque and more precise response for the most demanding riders</li>
<li>Complete <em>FMF</em> exhaust system - Gas Gas EnduroGP</li>
<li>Renthal 997 handlebar and Renthal grips give greater feel and comfort to the rider</li>
<li>X-Trig machined red anodized triple clamps. They give a greater feeling in the front end and a reduction in weight.</li>
<li>New machined handlebar clamps give a greater firmness and strength to the handlebar mounting system</li>
<li><em>Kayaba '</em>Factory Racing' EnduroGP forks incorporating a new black antifriction treatment (DLC coating) guaranteeing perfect feeling for the rider on any type of terrain</li>
<li>Front wheel axle handle for quicker and easier removal</li>
<li>Floating front brake disc for increased performance and improved front brake feel</li>
<li>Black spokes</li>
<li>EnduroGP seat for extra grip. Exclusive factory racing team colour scheme</li>
<li>Exclusive EnduroGP plastic covers and graphics</li>
<li>Black anodized aluminium rear sprocket</li>
<p><em>* All these components are part of the new Gas Gas EnduroGP 'Factory Racing' product line</em></p>


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