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A nice video with some great photography

World Outdoor, Gefrees, May 15, 2011
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World Outdoor, Breal sous Monfort, May 21-22, 2011

Amazing Video: Raga at Mondiale Trial Indoor 2011 (Milano)

Raga at the Trial Indoor Chalon Sur Saone, 3/18/11
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Raga Moments in 2010
YouTube compilation by Laiavila87

Another Laia Vila video, Raga Tirig 2010

Raga in Motegi, Japan, 2010
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Factory Video of the 4-stroke, Jordi Tarres at play.
Short 40-second clip (1.7Mb)
Smallscreen version (full 4:30, 11Mb)
Largescreen version (full 4:30, 30Mb)


Raga playing in Jordi Tarres' neighborhood

Raga, Barcelona Indoor '07

TTC hopping, Raga, Bou, Cabestany

Raga and a bicycle rider, Kenney Belaey

How they get to work at the GG factory

Raga, Barcelona Indoor '06

Who needs a front wheel?

Back Flip! (photographer unknown)

Raga, Trial Urbain

Raga in the rain

Shaun Morris playing

Shaun Morris at Bear Valley, CA

Shaun Morris and Mika Vesterinen

Shaun Morris in Japan

Jim Snell's videos from the archives

1987 Williamsport Pennsylvania (USA) World TRIAL GP and extremely rare footage of the 1987 GasGas "HALLEY"

1993 Andorra World Championship GP with Jordi Tarres

1994 GasGas Promotional video with Jordi Tarres

1995 Indoor Trial with Jordi Tarres and the factory Gas Gas

1995 Girona (Cataluña) Indoor Trial

1995 GasGas factory FIESTA at Les Basses (Girona Cataluña)

1996 GasGas JTR (Practice with Steve Colley and Jim Snell test the new Pampera)

2004 GasGas factory FIESTA at Les Basses (Girona Cataluña)

Extremely rare 1987 footage of TRIALS brands no longer produced. A tribute to long-gone brands. Mecatecno, Garelli, Fantic, JCM, and Merlin.
Also featuring a short video of 1979 World Champion BERNIE SCHREIBER in action. (1987 was his final year of International Competition.)


Some clips from, by Doug Farrar

'08 TXT Pro's

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