TRAIL CROSS 9.0 v ENDURO CROSS 11.0 - The Key Differences

Mountain biking is a personal thing. Some love to tear down super steep, rough, rowdy tracks, while others like to conquer wild, open mountain trails that mix epic descents with climbs. And that’s why our full-suspension eMTB line up reflects that with Enduro Cross and Trail Cross models to choose from.

Both the Enduro Cross 11.0 and Trail Cross 9.0 benefit from the super capable and high-tech PW-X2 motor and have a long range 630Wh battery to maximise those rides. But the key differences are found in suspension travel, wheel sizes and geometry.

The Enduro Cross 11.0 is a capable climber, but excels with you point it south! Featuring 160mm suspension travel combined with a slack geometry and mixed wheel sizes of 29” front and 27.5” make for a confident ride when the tracks get super fast, steep and rowdy.

Those who prefer to dial things back a touch and seek mountainous adventure in their bike rides will love the Trail Cross 9.0. With 29” wheels and trail focused geometry, it climbs as efficiently as it descends, making light work of those lung busting moments. The slightly shorter 140mm suspension travel also offers a more playful and responsive feel for tackling those less aggressive, naturally formed mountain trails.