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    Let’s have a little fun with what we’re calling #TrialChallenge! The idea is simple, every month we’ll be setting new challenges for riders of all ages and nationalities to complete on any bike (preferred on trial bikes, of course 😉) with the winners getting their hands on exclusive GASGAS prizes. It’s completely free to take part, simply upload your best video or photo onto Instagram making sure to post with #TrialChallenge. We’ll then decide who did it best. Good luck!

    • GASGAS gamify trial with the #TrialChallenge
    • Compete with your friends online
    • #TrialChallenge is open to riders on any bike

    We’re inviting everyone with a (trial) bike – not just those riding a GASGAS – to step forward, have some fun, and take part in our simple-to-enter online #TrialChallenge. In order to test the skills of all (trial) riders, every month we’ll be setting new challenges, with different levels of difficulty, to allow riders of all abilities to join in the fun and get in on the action.

    How to

    join in the fun

    STEP 1:

    Upload a video or photo of you completing the challenge onto Instagram

    Step 2:

    Add #TrialChallenge in the caption

    STEP 3:

    Tag 2 friends and let the global battle begin!

    Challenge 4

    Wheelie fun!

    Ending #TrialChallenge with a fun one! It´s a serious test of balance and throttle control! You’ll need to be able to perform a controlled wheelie (that’s slow and in control, not full Daniel Sanders style!). Once you’re riding along on the back wheel and it’s too easy for you, you could remove your left hand while maintaining a steady speed. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s not! 

    For more tips, check this video out - Watch video!

    Challenge 3

    Riding slow makes you fast

    With this challenge we want to see how slow you can ride down a length of duct tape, tree trunk or anything you can find for approximately 20 feet without letting your wheels go off the edge. For this #TrialChallenge you would need some balance so check out our “How To Balance” trial guide with Cabes, here: https://youtu.be/Kf0uJImPL04

    Challenge 2

    Hoppin’ a can!


    Place a can of Red Bull, MOTOREX chain lube, baked beans, or whatever you have, on a flat riding surface then simply ride up to it and bunny hop over it! For added style points, stack up more than one can and see how high you can go! For tips on getting the best lift possible, check this video out https://youtu.be/ElnvRDx8gyA

    Challenge 1 

    Next level balance


    We’re starting our #TrialChallenge with a tough one! Ride to a stop, keep your feet up and hit the kill switch. Then, using only your balance, remain feet up and hold your position. You’ll then need to remove your hands from the bars, and stand up for your entry to be accepted! 

    For tips on mastering this one, check out our How To Balance trial guide with Cabes, here!

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    "How-to" trial tutorial

    Not sure if you’re ready for #TrialChallenge? Don’t worry, we have a complete ‘how-to’ trial riding video tutorial series that’s designed specifically to help riders develop and master essential new skills.

    Check out The GASGAS Trial Guides ‘how-to’ video tutorial series here!