GASGAS Factory Racing

Nation: Spain
Date of birth: 11.12.1985
Bike: TXT GP 300
Class: Women GP

Laia Sanz is a rider that needs little introduction. A true Spanish sporting superstar, she is one of the world’s most successful sportswomen and a rider that has enjoyed phenomenal successes in Trials, Enduro and Rally.  

Determined not to let her competitive fire burn out, Laia Sanz has decided to return to the feet-up world of trial and compete in the 2021 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship! Going back to where her motorcycle career started, Laia is reigniting her passion for trial and returning to the paddock where she’s enjoyed so much success in the past. Gunning for the Women’s Trial World Championship title, we couldn’t be happier making a little space for her underneath our trial team’s awning.

Since deciding to return to TrialGP, Laia’s been fully focused on preparing herself for the upcoming season, re-sharpening her feet-up skills and finding her feet (pun intended) on a trial bike once again. Helped by plenty of time on her bike – take a look at her Instagram if you need any proof – with the start of the TrialGP series getting ever closer, Laia’s been on the gas non-stop recently and couldn’t be happier about returning to the Women’s Trial World Championship!

Incredibly, Laia already has 13 FIM Women’s World Trial Championship titles and we reckon she has what it takes to make it 14. Winning won’t be easy, it never is at the highest level. But that’s the goal, and no matter what the outcome, it’s going to be a ton of fun seeing her back in action again!