• The holy grail of the trail


  • Trail E-Bikes

    El Trail es la base del mountain bike. Es ciclismo en el mejor entorno natural, donde las pistas formadas naturalmente son el santo grial de una buena salida. Las largas y constantes subidas que se elevan a lo alto de las montañas se ven recompensadas con una interminable y divertida cinta marcada por un estrecho sendero. Desde pistas azules de tierra dura y surcos suaves hasta rocas sueltas y tierra, todo es cuestión de un día de trabajo para nuestras bicicletas Trail.

    G Light Trail


    More is now less! The G Light Trail is an eMTB that’ll make you think twice. With an emphasis on lightweight performance, it brings any rider’s eMTB experience closer than ever before to the natural feeling of riding a traditional trail bike. Tipping the scales at a featherweight 19.4kg (that’s the G Light Trail 3.0), thanks to its full carbon frame, from the very first pedal stroke you’ll instantly feel at one with the bike. Drop in and it’s an instant adrenaline rush. From corner-to-corner, rock garden to gap jump, directional changes are second nature, mid-trail rises eliminated, as bike-happy grins become norm’.


    Charge the climbs your way and conquer any uphill, assisted by discreet pedal-assist power. All-in commitment is still required, ensuring the sweaty rewards of reaching a summit can still be enjoyed. The G Light Trail is eMTB for mountain bikers!




    We ride bikes to go places, seek out new trails, and discover all of what our favorite mountains have to offer. From those super early morning rides to staying out all day and watching the sun set from the summit of your favorite mountain peak, the G Trail is the bike to take you there. So, what are you waiting for!