GASGAS Factory Racing

Nation: Spain
Date of birth: 20.06.1995
Bike: TXT GP 300

Jorge is, without a doubt one of the most talented athlete of the new generation of trial riders. Today, he is the second youngest rider in the Trial GP category.

As a GASGAS rider, Jorge conquered the European Championship in 2010, became TR2 Spanish Champion in 2011 and Junior World Champion in 2013. Now, he is back home to expand his racing record.

I am very happy to sign for GASGAS. Since the age of 5 when I began to ride bike, it was GASGAS and my best victories were also on a GASGAS. I am very motivated to come back to my home and to begin this new project. I feel that the brand really trusts in me and they treat me very well. I hope to return this trust with victories

15608_2021-05-21 GASGAS Team Shtng-6727

15497_2021-05-21 GASGAS Team Shtng-6281

15607_2021-05-21 GASGAS Team Shtng-6725