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    Some say it’s high alpine, mountain pass riding. Others think of it as those closer to home rides, where it’s all about linking together those well-loved, often ridden trails. When we say All Mountain, we think of it as the middle ground of mountain biking. Anything goes riding! Long flowing blue trails, natural single track, jump lines and rock gardens, plus, of course, technical challenging climbs. See it, ride it - that’s the All Mountain motto.


    Spice up your offroad playground!


    A rugged All-Mountain performer, the MXA delivers serious ‘tackle-anything’ charm. A pure all-rounder, its 150/140 mid-travel platform means it doesn’t shy away from diving into steep, technical riding, while also still managing to keep those more sedate, flowy trails super fun. With Yamaha’s top-spec PW-X3 motor and interface, plus a 720Wh Simplo battery, the MXA is geared for big rides.