Trail is the most general, all-encompasing category of mountain biking. It’s riding in nature’s best terrain where naturally formed trails or general use trails are typically on the menu. From long, steady climbs to your local backwoods up-and-down tracks, this is the heart of the typical mountain bike riding experience. WIth a mix of flow, natural rock features, hard-pack, and softer sand and mud, it's all in a day’s work for our trail bikes.


Primed for flowing singletrack and dialed bikepark riding, the aluminum TRA is a 130/130mm e-MTB designed for speed.

G Light Trail

Lightweight performance, playful package. Get the feel of a traditional MTB with an extra boost suspended via a 150/150mm set-up.

G Trail

Ride trails. Climb mountains. Efficient and fun to ride. Featuring a light carbon frame with 150/150mm suspension.