• DVO - Powered by WP suspension

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  • DVO - powered by WP suspension

    WP has entered the trail! The arrival of the ECC brings with it a new player to mountain bike suspension. A collaboration between two established entities from different backgrounds of MTB and moto has resulted in DVO powered by WP.
    Without a doubt the start of something big in mountain biking, this is WP’s moto-proven cone valve technology configured to the demands of eMTB and housed in trusted DVO hardware.

    DVO powered by WP isn’t a project that happened overnight. Heck, no. It’s way too involved. The very first prototype arrived in 2016 and we haven’t stopped working ever since to develop it. Between 2018 and 2021 the prototype evolved into workable concepts. Experimenting more and more with the extensive technology WP has at its disposal, we created our base model in 2021. Throughout 2023 we’ve been racing and testing in the UCI E-Enduro World Cup with GASGAS MOTOREX Racing and now, finally, we’re ready and we’re confident you’ll love the performance. But you‘re reading this to learn how the WP set-up with cone valve technology can benefit riders, right?

    WP 38CV fork

    • New Base Valve with Cone Valve
    • Adjust LSC, HSC and Rebound
    • New outer structure 38mm

    WP CV coil shock

    • New DCC with Cone Valve 
    • Fully adjustable: LSC, HSC & Rebound
    • Single touchpoint for LSC & HSC

    Cone valve is basically a new design of the damping circuit which WP fitted inside the DVO suspension hardware. It functions like a blow-off valve on hard impacts without sacrificing general hold up. This allows you to ride higher in the stroke of the fork or shock but still have the smooth feeling over the small stuff some trails will throw at you. To top that off, you can adjust how much feedback you get by adjusting the cone valve HSC damping.
    This improves body positioning, while reducing rider fatigue and hand numbness on long descents and on arm-blasting braking bumps. In short, it’s a safer, more comfortable, and confident ride feel. Together, the WP cone valve and the DVO structures create the total package. One marries the other to reach this result.

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