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    We’re talking epic days in the bike park, riding steep forest tracks, and smashing out laps on repeat. Our longest travel bikes are built for the biggest hits and ensuring big smiles! There’s no holding back when it comes to Enduro!


    Do big jumps excite you? Do gnarly rock gardens make you go weak at the knees? Does smashing berms get you rowdy? If all of the above defines the type of riding you love to do, then Enduro is your world.

    G Light Trail



    More is now less! The G Light Trail is an eMTB that’ll make you think twice. With an emphasis on lightweight performance, it brings any rider’s eMTB experience closer than ever before to the natural feeling of riding a traditional trail bike. Tipping the scales at a featherweight 19.4kg (that’s the G Light Trail 3.0), thanks to its full carbon frame, from the very first pedal stroke you’ll instantly feel at one with the bike. Drop in and it’s an instant adrenaline rush. From corner-to-corner, rock garden to gap jump, directional changes are second nature, mid-trail rises eliminated, as bike-happy grins become norm’.


    Charge the climbs your way and conquer any uphill, assisted by discreet pedal-assist power. All-in commitment is still required, ensuring the sweaty rewards of reaching a summit can still be enjoyed. The G Light Trail is eMTB for mountain bikers!

    G Trail



    We ride bikes to go places, seek out new trails, and discover all of what our favorite mountains have to offer. From those super early morning rides to staying out all day and watching the sun set from the summit of your favorite mountain peak, the G Trail is the bike to take you there. So, what are you waiting for!


    G Cross Country

    Kickstart your journey into the world of eMTB


    Modern geometry means the Cross Country models offer the perfect balance between speed and stability, helping your confidence to grow as you develop new skills. Master new tracks, see new places, and fall in love with mountain biking. This world is for you.


    Mountain biking’s for everyone - that’s what makes it great. We believe our Cross Country models are the perfect starting point to begin your journey into the awesome world of eMTB.




    For the work commute, shopping runs and those essential get-away-from-it-all rides to the mountains, our Trekking models are thoroughbred workhorses that take it all in their stride. Mixing the best of both road and mountain biking, with our Trekking bikes one thing’s certain, you won’t be left wanting. The hardest decision you’ll make is where you want to go!