Enduro is on-the-gas, maximum thrill. When you drop in, you are fully committed: rail berms, hit jump lines, and plow your line through rock gardens. Enduro is pushing your limits and chasing an adrenaline charge on every ride, across all features, from steep technical trails to fast chutes and drops. Even the uphills are ripe for some extra shred. Whatever the day offers, you're dialed. You're ready to get rowdy!


The ECC is a race-oriented, carbon 170/160mm enduro with a cutting edge motor ready for speed on technical trails and features.


Ready for whatever comes your way, the ECA is a capable 170/160mm aluminum enduro e-bike built for gnarly riding and racing.

G Enduro

Our original e-enduro rig, the G. Enduro is a capable 170/160mm aluminum e-bike delivering the gnar. Feature-rich and dependable.