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  • GASGAS E-Bikes

    Performance bikes that ignite the fun of two-wheeled action!

    Enduro Cross

    The rowdiest of riding awaits on our long-travel trail shredders

    Have it all with the Enduro. Seek out the biggest jumps and the steepest descents on bikes built to take your riding to the next level. Don’t just conquer the most extreme trails, conquer them all! Send it downhill, then blast back up for another go. That’s Enduro. Rowdy riding is what our flagship Enduro models are built for.

    Trail Cross

    Ride and explore all of the mountain

    Because the most memorable rides often happen without a plan! So, let the trail lead the way and break free on one of our Trail models. With those epic trails just a single charge away, why confine yourself to one corner of the mountain when you can have it all! Built for all-day adventures, your great escapes start here.

    Cross Country

    Kickstart your journey into the world of MTB

    Mountain biking’s for everyone - that’s what makes it great. We believe our Cross Country models are the perfect starting point to begin your journey into the awesome world of MTB. Modern geometry means the Cross Country offers the perfect balance between speed and stability, to help your confidence to grow as you develop new skills. Master new tracks, see new places, and fall in love with mountain biking. This world is for you.

    Dual Cross

    Versatile, dependable and ready for all occasions

    The work commute, shopping runs and those essential get-away-from-it-all rides to the mountains, our Dual Cross models are thoroughbred workhorses that take it all in their stride. Mixing the best of both road and mountain biking, with our trekking bikes one thing’s certain, you won’t be left wanting. The hardest decision you’ll make is where you want to go!