• SRAM Eagle Powertrain

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  • SRAM Eagle Powertrain

    So much more than merely a motor, the Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit is engineered with a reimagined power delivery tune that replicates a far more natural pedaling experience. It’s a feel made only possible by SRAM’s holistic approach to the entire system, where they called upon the world’s best motor hardware and paired it with Eagle Transmission.

    Eagle Powertrain is a completely holistic eMTB system.

    It’s an approach that took learnings from shortcomings that plague other motors, such as common power losses from super-hard riding, and gave SRAM the opportunity to go further by utilizing things such as heat-resistant materials that provide superior thermal performance and enable longer power delivery.

    Key features Drive unit

    • SRAM unique software tune
    • Up to 90Nm of torque
    • 680W peak power
    • Best in class Derating (heat vs. power loss)
    • Natural ride feeling
    • Quiet
    • 2 customizable support levels

    SRAM Battery

    The new GASGAS ECC models feature a 630Wh battery that belongs to the  freshly-introduced SRAM Powertrain product family. The 630Wh battery has a nominal capacity of 600Wh and offers the potential to upgrade with a 250Wh Range Extender option.
    The advanced motor/drivetrain technology ensures reduced energy consumption. The 630 Wh battery provides the ideal combination of weight & performance and is the preferred solution by our UCI MTB World Cup racers.

    GASGAS Line-Up

    ECC 6

    ECC 5

    ECC 4

    MXC 6

    MXC 5

    MXC 4