Braswell brings home season-best results at Thunder Valley

Gravity has been extremely tough on the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing team through the latter part of the Supercross season and during the start of the Pro Motocross tour, with the 250 duo of Michael Mosiman and Pierce Brown still on the mend. On the 450 side, Justin Barcia had intended on trying to return to action, but a setback with a cracked collarbone plate put him back on the sidelines. That left 250 rookie Caden Braswell as the lone team rider heading into Thunder Valley.

  • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing was extra-lean, with a single 250 riders lining up
  • Caden Braswell scored his season-best by every measure…qualifying, moto finishes, and overall
  • Mastering the tough, extremely rutted track proved to be a good confidence booster for Braswell

250 MX

With Michael Mosiman still sidelined after a tough crash at Hangtown, and Pierce Brown still on the mend, it was up to Caden Braswell to hold it down for the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing team. Despite the extreme challenges provided by the Thunder Valley course, Braswell turned in his best results of the season. He bettered his previous best qualifying position on his MC 250F Factory Edition by six spots. He also improved his finish in each moto by several spots, scoring a solid 12-12 day for 12thoverall. In moto one he ran inside the top ten for nearly half the moto, giving him a better look at the pace of the front-runners.

" I wasn't really happy with the results from Hangtown, so we worked hard this week and rode with some more confidence. I felt a lot more loose and free on the bike, and enjoyed the longer ruts here at Thunder Valley,” said Braswell. “I'm looking forward to some more good starts, more long ruts, and some good dirt at High Point."

Next Event (Round 4): June 17, 2023 – High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Penn.

Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Three

250 MX

1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 2-1; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 1-4; 3. Levi Kitchen (Yamaha) 5-2 … 12. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 12-12; 20. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 21-18; 34. Charles Tolleson (GASGAS) 36-36-30; 44. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 40-DNS

450 MX

1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 4-2; 3. Cooper Webb (KTM) 2-5… 10. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 12-9; 13. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 14-13; 21. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 21-17; 34. Josh Mosiman (GASGAS) 31-34; 38. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 37-36; 41. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 40-DNS

Championship Standings – After Three Rounds

250 MX

1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 137 points; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 121 points; 3. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 110 points… 15. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 29 points; 18. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 29. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points

450 MX

1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 150 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 116 points; 3. Cooper Webb (KTM) 112 points … 6. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 67 points; 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 49 points; 15. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 38 points; 29. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 32. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points