United in Dirt - GASGAS Tour Spain

One down, five to go.

Experience GASGAS first hand! Join us, get to know us, and try out our awesome range of bikes.


A few weeks back we loaded up, hit the road, headed to Spain and hosted the first ever United In Dirt GASGAS Tour event. With one simple goal – to get our bikes out there, to meet and great and allow people to get to know us and our awesome range of bikes – we had an amazing day. So much so we wanted to share it with you!

Get to know the brand

We want you to experience who we are, where are we coming from and where are we going!

Enjoy the dirt!

Super-relaxed atmosphere, one where you can take any of our motocross, enduro, or trial models for a ride – no stress, no pressure. Plus, we’ll also have our exciting all-new line-up of pedal-assist MTBs to try.

Brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassador and GASGAS Riders will join to offer advice to help you conquer a climb, get over a rock, or improve your general riding skills and to show you the super-fast way around the track!