• THE ALL-NEW 2025 Motocross lineup!

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    Adjustable ergonomics allow each bike to be adapted as riders grow

    Our new MX Minis have different adjustability levels in the bodywork, the shock mount, the subframe, the handlebar, the forks and the triple clamps. These allows riders of different sizes and weights to use the bikes full potential, going from a seat height of 634mm to 682mm.





    In just four short years we’ve muscled our way into motocross paddocks across the globe!

    And for 2024 the number of riders choosing to ride and race our vibrant red dirt bikes is set to increase further as our all-new generation motocross bikes bring even better performance, ease-of-use, and reliability. Stand out from the crowd and switch over to the hotter red today.





    It doesn’t matter what kind of riding you’re into, GASGAS covers all bases with a variety of motors for every discipline. With 2-stroke and 4-stroke options available with multiple displacements, there really is something for everyone. What each and every motor guarantees is high-performance, incredible durability, and super simple maintenance.



    All red and all-new! Fully redesigned from front to back, the sleek bodywork found across all models is super ergonomic with larger contact surfaces and an improved rider triangle for enhanced control. The rad shrouds are shaped to help you grip the bike better as you get on the gas and there's a super grippy seat cover to keep you just where you want to be.

    Frame and subframe

    Taking the best traits from the outgoing generation, the new frames maintain their known and much-loved playful handling, confidence-inspiring straight-line stability, and razor-sharp cornering. Our engineers don’t rest easy though! They wanted to make the handling even better and revised the anti-squat behavior, which improves traction when getting on the gas. Paired with a new and all-aluminum subframe, nothing out there handles quite like a GASGAS!



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