Entertaining audiences around the world with his freestyle trial shows and online presence, GASGAS Motorcycles are pleased to welcome Adrian Guggemos as an official ambassador. Perfectly matching the brand values of GASGAS Motorcycles with his fast-growing social media following and highly-successful 141 Stunts trial shows, the 26-year-old German is quickly carving out his own unique position as one of the world’s most talented freestyle and trial stunt riders. 

  • GASGAS sign Adrian Guggemos as official brand ambassador
  • 26-year-old German is world-known for his freestyle trial stunt shows
  • Guggemos will ride the TXT RACING 300

From appearing on the television show ‘Germany’s Got Talent’ in 2017 Adrian’s career quickly took off, becoming a regular feature at MotoGP, F1, DTM and soccer tournaments where he performs his unique mix of trial riding, stunts and freestyle tricks.

Thanks to his incredible skills, creative thinking and uniquely entertaining character, Guggemos’ shows deliver a daring and vibrant display of riding, which captivates audiences both young and old in a way that reaches far outside the competitive trial and enduro sectors.

Already a long-term GASGAS rider by choice, Adrian now officially joins the GASGAS Motorcycles brand.

Adrian will ride a GASGAS TXT RACING 300 during his freestyle trial shows as well as participating in additional projects and shows.

Zigmunds Steinbergs – Head of Brand Management GASGAS: “It’s great to confirm Adrian as a brand ambassador for GASGAS. His talent on a trial bike is clear to see, but it’s the additional flair and his creative riding that really sets him apart – he truly embraces the brand values of GASGAS. His uniqueness has already been widely received around the world thanks to his stunt shows and online presence and it’s exciting to now officially have him as part of the GASGAS family. We really feel that this is only the beginning for Adrian, we look forward to seeing where his talents will take him next while taking GASGAS to new audiences.”

Adrian Guggemos – Freestyle trial rider: “I can’t wait to begin this next chapter of my riding career with GASGAS as an official brand ambassador. I’ve been riding a GASGAS since 2006 and now it’s awesome to see what I do is being recognized like this. My vision is always to have the most fun possible on my bike, so I believe this opportunity will allow me to push my limits even further. Getting out there and entertaining people in public with my shows and also online through social media, I’m sure I can help the brand reach out to those only seeing trial for the first time. It’s going to be a lot of fun building on what I’ve already achieved and I’m excited to do it together with GASGAS.”