For our 2024 Factory Edition bikes, GASGAS is thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, a game-changer in the world of Motocross. All you need to do is download our new GASGAS+ app, pair your device with the Connectivity Unit Offroad that’s installed on every Factory Edition bike, then with a few quick taps, you can access all the app’s features.

Within the GASGAS+ app there are three main features – ENGINE, SUSPENSION, and RIDER. The ENGINE feature allows you to customize and control the power delivery based on your style or the track conditions while the SUSPENSION feature offers recommended settings for different types of circuits. Multiple set-ups, for both the engine and suspension, can be saved for future reference, too. Finally, the RIDER feature is where your lap times are recorded along with the ability to analyze everything about how your bike is running.

And for those who already own a standard 2024 model 4-stroke GASGAS, either motocross or cross-country, you're in luck! The Connectivity Unit Offroad and GPS sensor are both available now as Technical Accesories at your local GASGAS dealer, which means you can take advantage of all the awesome features and analytics to elevate your riding. 

Revolutionize your offroad ride



On its own, the free-to-download GASGAS+ app will definitely change the way you ride for the better. After adding your GASGAS motorcycle to the VIRTUAL GARAGE, you’ll be able to download your owner’s manual, which is essential for keeping your dirt bike running sweet.

  • SUSPENSION Feature

There's also a super-handy SUSPENSION feature. This feature of the app has two main functions. The SAG ASSISTANT helps you find the correct SAG for each individual bike. To achieve this, 'Bike on Stand' and 'Bike with Rider' is asked by the app when setting the SAG. By using the SUSPENSION SETTING section, you can create multiple, personalized suspension set-ups after inputting your weight while wearing riding gear, and track type and condition. Once you've selected your skill level - Basic, Advanced, or Pro - as well as the Track Terrain - Sand, Soft, Medium, or Hard - you'll be shown recommended settings, which can be fine-tuned and saved for use at other circuits. 


  • SUPENSION Feature
  • ENGINE Feature

With the Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO), engine tuning for your beloved GASGAS Factory Edition bike is put right into the palm of your hands. Inside the ENGINE feature on the GASGAS+ app you'll find a ton of options to transform the power delivery to ensure the best on-track performance based on your riding style and riding level. 

Pre-set engine maps based on terrain and wet or dry track conditions allow you to ride in confidence knowing that your bike is dealed-in with the perfect set-up. Besided that, you can easily fine-tune the launch and traction control and the sensivity of the quickshifter. Alternatively, you can use the ADVANCED mode to create your map from scratch. The Engine Braking, Throttle Response, Traction Control Launch and the Quickshifter sensitivity for each gear can be adjusted and saved so you can activate the most suitable mapping when you arrive at each track. And the best part? The ENGINE feature is absolutely free to use on the GASGAS+ App. 


  • SUSPENSION Feature
  • ENGINE Feature
  • RIDER Feature

With the GPS sensor, analyzing your on-track performance and how your GASGAS Factory Edition is running is all available within the RIDER Feature powered by LITPro on the GASGAS+ App. Recording every aspect of how you're riding, you'll be able to see your speed, gear selection, throttle position, and so much more.

Arguably, the most exciting part of the GPS and GASGAS+ App combo is that your lap times are recorded and once downloaded, can be added to a virtual LEADERBOARD. If you're the first one to ride at a track not found on the app, you'll be the one setting the pace! However, if other riders have logged laps there before, that's when the fun really starts as you'll be entering a virtual battle for bragging rights.

Take advantage of a complimentary four-week trial of the RIDER Feature to see its benefits first-hand. Trust us, you'll be impressed. After the trial, you can continue with an annual description for just €69.99 per year.