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Pierce Brown scores highest finish of SMX World Championship season

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Visiting the birthplace of Supercross, the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team was looking for strong finishes to close out the SuperMotocross playoffs.

  • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing was a beehive of activity all day long as this is close to their home turf

  • Justin Barcia had a tough end to his ’23 campaign

  • Pierce Brown had his best race of the SMX Playoffs


Pierce Brown stepped things up for the final round of the SMX Playoff, qualifying in third position, and setting himself with a great gate pick for the night’s racing. When the gate dropped for the first moto, he rounded the first turn in 13th aboard his MC 250F Factory Edition, picked off a few spots on the first lap, and powered his way up to eighth by the checkered flag.

For the second moto, he was 11th around the first turn, and sixth by the time they finished the first lap, and fifth at the finish. That gave him seventh overall for the night, and 11th overall in the series.

Pierce Brown: “The last round of SuperMotocross is done and dusted. All around it was a pretty good day. I qualified good. In moto one I had a bad start, but I ended up eighth. In moto two I got a better start, and I ended up fifth so I was happy with that. I feel like I was riding good all day...I'm happy with it. I'm ready to take some time off and then get back to work. "


For Justin Barcia, his night was spectacular, but unfortunately, far too brief. Justin has had a string of great starts during the SMX Playoffs, and that continued in the Coliseum, as he powered his MC 450F Factory Edition into second as he rounded the first turn. He had made a pass for the lead on the first lap, but a hard crash immediately after that put an end to his night. He finished his season in seventh overall among the 450 class competitors.

Results – SuperMotocross Playoff 3

250 SuperMotocross

1. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 5-2; 2. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 4-4; 3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 2-6 … 7. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 8-5

450 SuperMotocross

1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Ken Roczen (Suzuki) 2-2; 3. Cooper Webb (Yamaha) 5-3… 23. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 21-23

Final Championship Standings

250 SuperMotocross

1. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 157 points; 2. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 152 points; 3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 122 points… 11. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 86 points

450 SuperMotocross

1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 163 points; 2. Ken Roczen (Suzuki) 146 points; 3. Chase Sexton (Honda) 120 points … 7. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 98 points

    Justin Barcia finishes sixth in Chicagoland SuperMotocross

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    The second round of the SuperMotocross Playoffs gave the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team a chance to rebound from a tough first round, and they found a very fast and flowing circuit at Chicagoland Speedway.

    • Double points meant double opportunity for the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team

    • Justin Barcia scored a 4-10 for sixth overall

    • Pierce Brown tallied a pair of 11th-place finishes for 11th overall


    Once again showing starting prowess and the power of his MC 450F Factory Edition, Justin Barcia rounded the first turn in the top three. He briefly moved to second before being passed by a pair of riders who moved him to his eventual fourth-place finishing spot. In the second moto, he once again rounded the first turn in the top two, despite starting well on the outer half of the gate. Unfortunately, a crash in the sand section dropped him to 11th, and he was only able to pick up one spot before the finish. Still, his 4-10 moto finishes were good for sixth overall, and he currently holds down the seventh spot in the 450 standings.

    Justin Barcia: “Chicagoland was a good day. I had good qualifying sessions, I was feeling good and had a good first moto. In the second moto I had a crash in the sand, and I was pretty stacked up from there, I couldn't really make any passes and struggled a little after that. That was a tough second moto. But the first moto was really good so we had a few positives this weekend and I'm looking forward to getting back to California, doing a little bit of work before the last race, and going out with a good last race at the L.A. Coliseum.”


    For Pierce Brown and his MC 250F Factory Edition, his day was all about 11th. Two 11th-place finishes resulted in an 11th overall.

    Pierce Brown: “I felt a little under the weather all day. I just didn't have what I needed, so we're just going to rest up and get ready for the last round."

    Next Event (SuperMotocross Round 3): September 23, 2023 – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, Calif.

    Results - 2023 SuperMotocross Playoff 2

    250 SuperMotocross

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 2-2; 3. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 3-3 …

    11. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 11-11;

    450 SuperMotocross

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-2; 2. Ken Roczen (Suzuki) 3-1; 3. Chase Sexton (Honda) 2-3… 6. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 4-10

    SuperMotocross Playoff Standings – After Round 2

    250 SuperMotocross

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 89 points; 2. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 86 points; 3. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 82 points… 13. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 41 points

    450 SuperMotocross

    1. Chase Sexton (Honda) 90 points; 2. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 88 points; 3. Ken Roczen (Suzuki) 80 points … 7. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 59 points

    Justin Barcia wraps up MX season with a top-five moto finish at Ironman

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    The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team wrapped up a tough injury-plagued outdoor season at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana, with a goal of building momentum for the upcoming inaugural SuperMotocross playoffs.

    • Despite missing nine races, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing’s Justin Barcia goes into the playoff races in the tenth overall spot; while Pierce Brown is the 15th ranked 250 rider after missing seven races

    • Justin Barcia had an 11-5 score at Ironman for seventh overall

    • Pierce Brown’s 17-10 moto scores gave him 13th overall for the day

    250 MX

    After qualifying just outside the top ten of the talent-laden 250 class, Pierce Brown’s first moto got off to a rough start when he went down with a cluster of riders in the second turn. After remounting his MC 250F Factory Edition, he made his way back to 17th. In moto two, he got off to a better start and was 14th at the end of the first lap. From there, he picked off four riders, making his way to tenth at the finish.

    Pierce Brown: “The first moto was a little bit rough. I got tangled up with some riders after the start which was unfortunate. I had to start from basically dead last, and was able to make it up to 17th. Not a good moto, but I was happy with my riding. In moto two it wasn't a great start or a terrible start, but I was able to make some passes and ended up tenth. So, for how the last couple motos have been I'm pretty happy with how I rode in moto two and how it went so hopefully we're building some momentum for the SuperMotocross rounds."

    450 MX

    In his third race back since returning to action, Justin Barcia qualified tenth aboard his MC 450F Factory Edition on the fast and flowing Ironman circuit. Unfortunately, a crash early in moto one dropped him deep into the 40-rider pack. He salvaged what he could for the moto by charging his way back to 11th at the finish. In moto two, a much better start had him running in the top four, and he dropped one spot to finish fifth at the checkers.

    Justin Barcia: “I had a tough first moto. I got into a little pile-up and came back to 11th. It definitely wasn't happy with that. In the second moto, I had a decent start and rode really hard. I found some decent lines, had a good flow going, and ended up fifth. I was definitely happier with the second moto considering where I was at a couple weeks ago to now. Not bad, but I definitely have a lot of work to do. I'm looking forward to SuperMotocross and getting back to my winning self.”

    Next Event (SuperMotocross Round 1): September 9, 2023 – zMax Dragway in Concord, N.C.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round 11

    250 MX

    1. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 1-1; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 2-3; 3. Tom Vialle (KTM) 3-4 … 13. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 17-10; 23. Mark Fineis (GASGAS) 21-20; 27. Gage Linville (GASGAS) 24-27

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 2-2; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 5-3… 7. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 11-5; 15. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 39-11; 20. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 40-15; 42. Raimundo Trasolini (GASGAS) 35-DNS

    Final Championship Standings

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 419 points; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 399 points; 3. Jo Shimoda (Honda) 393 points… 19. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 76 points;30. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 36. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 13 points; 45. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points; 48. Mark Fineis (GASGAS) 2 point

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 550 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 399 points; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 386 points … 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 152 points; 14. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 110 points; 17. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 90 points; 19. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 67 points; 30. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 27 points; 53. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 62. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points; 70. Jakub Teresak (GASGAS) 1 point

    Justin Barcia gets back on the gas at Budds Creek

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    The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team has been playing a bit of catch-up through the latter part of the Pro Motocross season since both Pierce Brown and Justin Barcia were injured and couldn’t put in a lot of work on bike setup before the team headed outdoors. But with a press day to experiment, and two solid motos for Justin, the weekend proved productive.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing used this round as a test session to get caught up on their setup for the remaining races in the outdoor season, as well as preparation for the upcoming SuperMotocross playoffs

    • Justin Barcia finished fifth overall with a 4-5 score

    • Pierce Brown had a tough day with crashes and finished with a 15-24 tally

    450 MX

    Considering that Justin Barcia was in only his second race back aboard his MC 450F Factory Edition since returning from injury, he put in an impressive ride in moto one. Justin was among the leaders heading into the first turn but slipped into third spot by the end of the first lap. Battling with other competitors throughout the moto, he dropped to as low as sixth place but worked back to finish fifth at the finish, hot on the rear wheel of the fourth-place finisher. In moto two, Justin was third off the line and made a great move into the second corner to nail down the second position. He stayed there for a couple of laps before slipping to third, where he remained for much of the moto as he battled other riders. With six laps to go, he was passed and moved to fourth, where he finished.

    Justin Barcia: “It was definitely a more productive day here at Budds Creek. I qualified sixth after two good practices, and we kind of used this weekend as a testing session. It's hard coming back after being unable to test and do everything you need to do to prepare for the Nationals. Everyone has a lot of races under their belts, so we used press day as a test session, and then we changed the suspension going into the first moto. It worked out well for us today. We had two good starts, and battled up front in both motos. All in all I was extremely happy with where I'm at for not being able to train or anything. This is like only my fourth 30-minute moto since I started riding again, so considering that, I'm quite happy. We'll keep plugging along and working hard. I'm looking forward to Indiana and we'll keep building for SuperMotocross.”

    250 MX

    With a deep and talented field, Pierce Brown was just outside of the top ten in the first moto aboard his MC 250F Factory Edition. But a bobble on lap two dropped him into the mid-20s for position, so the rest of the moto was spent working forwards to 15th. A tangle off the line in moto two put Pierce deep into the pack, and from there it was a battle to climb back to 24th.

    Pierce Brown: “It was a tough day for sure. I qualified decent in Q1, and in Q2 I struggled. After that I just couldn't find my flow. In moto one I got a bad start and fell a couple laps in. When I restarted, I was in a pack of guys that weren't moving forward, and I couldn't move through them so it was tough. In moto two I tangled with a rider right out of the gate and I got the worst end of the stick on that one. It's racing. We'll bounce back next week at Ironman."

    Next Event (Round 11): August 26, 2023 – Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Ind.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Ten

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 2-1; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 1-2; 3. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 7-3 … 18. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 15-24; 24. Mark Fineis (GASGAS) 20-38;42. Mitchell Harrison (GASGAS) 40-DNS

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 4-3; 3. Jason Anderson (Kawasaki) 2-5… 5. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 5-4; 18. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 22-17; 19. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 20-19; 22. Jakub Teresak (GASGAS) 25-20; 34. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 36-30; 39. Raimundo Trasolini (GASGAS) 38-35

    Championship Standings – After Ten Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 391 points; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 369 points; 3. Jo Shimoda (Yamaha) 343 points… 20. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 61 points;29. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 36. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 13 points; 45. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points; 51. Mark Fineis (GASGAS) 1 point

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 500 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 379 points; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 350 points … 12. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 142 points; 14. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 110 points; 17. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 84 points; 22. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 41 points; 29. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 27 points; 50. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 58. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points; 66. Jakub Teresak (GASGAS) 1 point

    It's back to business for Justin Barcia at Unadilla

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    After being focused solely on the 250 class since the start of the Pro Motocross series, the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team team was pumped to have entries in both classes at Unadilla.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing crew was excited to welcome back Justin Barcia at the famed Unadilla course

    • Justin had a rough return to action, with a crash-caused DNF in moto one, and a battle through the pack in moto two.

    • Pierce Brown scored another top ten 250 overall with a 12-11 day

    450 MX

    After sitting out the first eight rounds of the Pro Motocross series following an injury late in the Supercross series, it was back to business for Justin Barcia at his “home” race in Unadilla. He showed off excellent speed early in the day as he qualified in fourth position aboard his MC 450F Factory Edition.

    Unfortunately, a crash in the first turn of moto one damaged his clutch lever, and the team opted to remove it. After another crash later in the moto, Justin opted to head back to the pits.

    After starting just inside the top 20 in moto two despite another tangle on lap one, Justin methodically picked his way to 14th, making the most of his race to prep for future events.

    Justin Barcia: “The day started off really well. I was really having a good time and was going into the first moto with a lot of good vibes and good feels. Unfortunately, I got in a first-turn pile-up, and damaged my bike pretty bad. I tried to do a few laps but I ended up crashing again and had to pull her in and go back to the semi. So that was a shame for the first moto, not really the race I wanted coming back. In the second moto I had the far outside gate pick. I got off to a good jump, but pretty much had nowhere to go in the tight Unadilla first corner so I was pretty buried. I was charging through the third corner and got in another little pile-up and ended up going down. It was an extremely tough moto. That was my first 30 minute moto in a long time. So it was a tough day, but all-in-all it was very nice to be back at the races. We know we've got a lot of work to do and knew that this would be a good test for the future Supermotocross stuff. So we'll keep working and be back next week at Budds Creek.”

    250 MX

    Pierce Brown ran inside the top ten for most of the first moto aboard his MC 250F Factory Edition before a crash late in the race dropped him to 12th. In moto two, he started in the low teens before eventually moving up to 11th. Consistency paid off, with an 10th overall.

    Pierce Brown: “I had an all-right day, with tenth overall. I definitely want more. We struggled a little bit in both motos, just getting off the gate. I had to come from behind in both motos, especially the second one. In moto one I fell with a lap to go, so I lost some spots there. In moto two I had a charge. I made some pretty good passes with a couple laps to go to get myself in a better position. I'm happy, but I want more. We're going to push to build for the rest of the season."

    Next Event (Round 10): August 19, 2023 – Budds Creek Motocross Park in Mechanicsville, Md.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Nine

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 2-2; 2. Levi Kitchen (Yamaha) 1-4; 3. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 5-1 …10. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 12-11; 27. Gage Linville (GASGAS) 26-24; 37. Nicolas Israel (GASGAS) 37-31

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 7-5; 3. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 2-3… 18. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 33-13; 19. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 40-14; 20. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 17-19; 26. Jakub Teresak (GASGAS) 25-23; 35. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 35-32

    Championship Standings – After Nine Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 344 points; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 322 points; 3. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 309 points… 21. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 55 points;26. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 35. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 13 points; 44. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points

    450 MX
    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 450 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 347 points; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 312 points … 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 138 points; 13. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 110 points; 17. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 81 points; 26. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 27 points; 43. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 7 points; 50. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 58. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points

    Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing's Justin Barcia back on track for Unadilla

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    This weekend's ninth round of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Unadilla will see Justin Barcia make a welcome return to action with Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing, marking his first outdoor appearance of the 2023 season.

    • Justin Barcia will be back behind the 450MX Class gates at Unadilla
    • Final three rounds of Pro Motocross will lead into SMX Championship
    • Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS thanks 250MX fill-in Caden Braswell

    Barcia, who was recently on location at the GASGAS Spice It Up Festival in Italy to help introduce the 2024 range, will be back on track riding his MC 450F Factory Edition across the final three rounds of the outdoor season and is excited to build momentum over the course of the next three weeks.

    Justin was initially injured toward the end of April in Nashville's AMA Supercross Championship round, with complications delaying his return. Despite sitting out the final stages of the 450SX season and missing the majority of Pro Motocross, the 31-year-old currently sits 10th in the combined SuperMotocross World Championship (SMX) standings.

    Justin Barcia: "It's been a process, for sure, a lot to think about. We're past the injury now after two surgeries, lots of training and a lot of recovery, so I'm definitely excited to come back at my home race in New York for the fans and myself, just to get out there. There are no expectations set because I've been off for a lot of months, so I just want to go out there and have fun and build. Obviously, as a racer, you always want to be competitive, but I just need to get back to the races and enjoy being around the team, as well as my family and friends there. Unadilla's going to be a cool race!"

    With Barcia lining up alongside 250MX team regular Pierce Brown this Saturday at Unadilla, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing would like to thank fill-in rider Caden Braswell for his efforts throughout the opening eight rounds of the series.

    Max Lee, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team Manager: "We are very excited to have Justin Barcia back racing with us at Unadilla. It’s been longer than we all expected for him to be returning to the races, but we are as excited as ever to have him alongside Pierce Brown this weekend. Without a ton of time that Justin has had on the bike, it looks like he hasn’t skipped a beat. I’m excited to bring him back to his home MX race of the season and hopefully bring some more excitement as well! Caden will no longer be joining us at the races this season. The team is very thankful for the opportunity to work with him and for keeping us racing, since for the first six rounds, he was our only rider. We wish him the best in the next step of his career and hope he can keep improving. See you at the races!"

    Pierce Brown grabs tenth overall at Washougal MX

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    Heading into round eight of the Pro Motocross season, the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team was looking to post some solid results ahead of a two-week break.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing crew was ready to rock in the Pacific Northwest on the famed Washougal circuit

    • Pierce Brown was in his second race back and turned in his best results of the season

    • Caden Braswell has moved to 11th in the overall season standings

    250 MX

    Pierce Brown was in his second race back since returning from injury and showed improved speed on his MC 250F Factory Edition. A 12th in moto one after a crash, and an 11th in moto two resulted in a tenth overall for the day.

    Pierce Brown: “Not the best day, but we ran the pace for a little bit with the guys in the first moto. While in eighth or ninth I was behind Shimoda trying to match his laps and made a mistake jumping into the sand. I ended up crashing pretty hard and I ended up 12th. In moto two I think I ran in sixth for about half the moto. The track was gnarly today and it kind of beat me up. I was still shaken from the crash and ended up fading. I don't know what place I got, but I ended up tenth overall. Better than last weekend, but we definitely want more."

    For Caden Braswell, a 15-13 afternoon was good for 12th overall, and he boosted up a spot in the overall 250 series standings to 11th place.

    Caden Braswell: “Washougal was better than last weekend but not where I want to be. Strengths were the end of the motos; I felt strong and my fitness was there. Overall, I just need to improve my qualifying and sprint speed. As always, thanks to the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team."

    Next Event (Round 9): August 12, 2023 – Unadilla MX in New Berlin, N.Y.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Eight

    250 MX

    1. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 1-1; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 3-2; 3. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 2-4 … 10. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 12-11; 12. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 15-13; 22. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 19-24

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 2-2; 3. Jason Anderson (Kawasaki) 4-4… 12. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 12-13; 16. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 16-18

    Championship Standings – After Eight Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 300 points; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 297 points; 3. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 281 points… 11. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 102 points; 21. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 36 points; 26. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 34. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 13 points; 43. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 400 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 305 points; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 280 points … 10. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 132 points; 12. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 110 points; 17. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 73 points; 24. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 27 points; 46. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 53. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points  


    Pierce Brown returns to action at Spring Creek MX

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    It’s been a lonely summer for Caden Braswell for much of the Pro Motocross season, as the Floridian has been the lone healthy GASGAS Factory rider for much of the season. But the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team was at double-strength for Spring Creek MX, with the return of Pierce Brown to the lineup.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing was ready to take on the challenge of the sand whoops and hills on the Spring Creek course

    • Pierce Brown made Spring Creek his debut race of the Pro Motocross season after returning from injury

    • Caden Braswell was excited to not be the lone rider in the rig this weekend

    250 MX

    For his first race of the outdoor season, Pierce Brown picked a tough one. He was 11th off the line aboard his MC 250F Factory Edition, and he climbed to ninth at the finish. In moto two, he came off the gate well and was up to seventh place, before a crash and technical issue caused him to slip to 16th at the finish, leaving him 12th overall for his return to action.

    Pierce Brown: “For the first race back at Millville the first race back I had some fun. I'm finally out here racing with the boys and the first moto was quiet but solid with a ninth. The second moto started a little better. That uphill triple is big. I tried it one time, cased it, and came to a stop. After that, I got to the top of the hill, tucked the front end, and fell. But after that, I got up and felt like I was riding really good. I caught back up to the pack that passed me. But overall, for the first race back it was a fun one. I get to go to Washougal next week, which is one of my favorite tracks on the circuit, so I'm excited for that one."

    For moto one, Caden was 13th off the line, and while he climbed as high as 11th during the moto in the highly competitive class, he eventually returned to 13th at the finish. During the second moto he battled inside the top 15, but a crash dropped him to 23rd in the moto, and 17th overall for the day.

    Caden Braswell: “Out here at Spring Creek it was a beautiful day. God gave us some great weather this weekend. We had an awesome track, and the team did a great job. We had two bikes (on track) this weekend, which was awesome. It was nice to have a teammate. These were not the results I was wanting, but we'll come out swinging in Washougal."

    Next Event (Round Eight): July 22, 2023 – Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Wash.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Seven

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 1-2; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 4-1; 3. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 2-3… 12. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 9-16; 17. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 13-23; 24. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 23-21; 33. Charles Tolleson (GASGAS) 32-32

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 2-2; 3. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 5-3… 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 15-10; 19. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 40-15; 42. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 37-DNS

    Championship Standings – After Seven Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 260 points; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 247 points; 3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 240 points… 12. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 88 points; 25. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 27. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 17 points; 33. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 11 points; 41. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 350 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 269 points; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 246 points … 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 115 points; 12. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 110 points; 17. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 65 points; 24. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 27 points; 43. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 49. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points 

    Braswell breaks into the top ten at Southwick

    Ver Perfil

    The rough and sandy track in Southwick, Massachusets, is always a challenge for both man and machine, which makes it perfect for the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing hit the hallway point of the Pro Motocross season at the toughest track of the year

    • Caden Braswell showed continued improvement his best pro finishes to date

    • Good news! The team is expecting Pierce Brown to be back in action next week

    250 MX

    Caden Braswell  and his MC 250F Factory Edition came into Southwick looking to continue the upward trajectory of his rookie season. When the gate dropped for moto one, he was in 16th position at the end of lap one, and he steadily worked his way steadily, finishing ninth by moto’s end. He backed that up with a 12th in moto two, giving him a solid tenth overall for the day, the first time he’d cracked the top ten overall.

    Caden Braswell: “Out here at Southwick it was a fun one. I got to do some sand surfing and had a blast with the team. We got our best result of the season so far. I'm happy to be putting the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS machine in the top ten, but I'm hungry for more and super-grateful for the opportunity."

    Next Event (Round 7): July 15, 2023 – Spring Creek Motocross in Millville, Minn.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Six

    250 MX

    1. Tom Vialle (KTM) 1-3; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 2-2; 3. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki) 6-1 … 10. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 9-11; 23. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 27-20; 24. Josh Toth (GASGAS) 22-21

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 2-2; 3. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 3-3… 6. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 9-6; 7. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 8-7; 15. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 17-13; 21. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 23-19; 29. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 25-33 

    Championship Standings – After Six Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 218 points; 2. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 213 points; 3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 203 points… 12. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 80 points; 24. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 30. Jorgen Talviku (GASGAS) 12; 31. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 11 points; 39. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 300 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 233 points; 3. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 210 points … 10. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 110 points; 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 98 points; 15. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 59 points; 24. Chris Canning (GASGAS) 27 points; 39. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 44. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points

    GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3 to hit the hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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    MotoGP™ will rip around one of the largest and most prestigious annual motorsport ‘meets’ from July 13th to 16th with a hefty presence at the ‘Festival of Speed’ near the southern coast of England, and GASGAS have never turned down the chance to get lively with a throttle. For star rider Pol Espargaro the event will mean a ‘reunion’ with the #44 GASGAS RC16.

    Double podium joy for the Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing team

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    The Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing team ventured to an all-new venue in Lombok, Indonesia, for today's round of the 2023 FIM Motocross World Championship. The man-made facility marked the conclusion of the Asian excursion and another successful race for the GASGAS duo; Jorge Prado and Simon Längenfelder got on the gas to gain trophies in their respective classes.

    • Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing finish the Asian adventure.
    • Jorge Prado extends his gap in the championship standings.
    • Simon Längenfelder climbs back on the MX2 overall podium. 

    Jorge Prado took full advantage of the Grand Prix of Lombok-Indonesia and added another two points to his championship advantage. Prado won the qualification heat, which has become a specialty of his, before really shining in the first moto today. '61' started third in the heat and put on quite a charge to claim the lead with just two laps remaining! It was a brilliant showing and backed up with a second in the final stint, which placed him second in the event's overall classification. Prado is one hundred and three points clear in the championship standings – eight rounds remain now that the eleventh fixture is complete.

    Jorge Prado: "It has been a good weekend. We extended our championship lead as well, but the most important thing is that we are riding well. We won the qualification heat and moto one – it is always good to do that. I am really looking forward to the next two rounds that are coming up. I won Loket in 2021 and always enjoy Lommel."

    Still less than two months on from the arm injury that he sustained in May, Simon Längenfelder impressed at the Grand Prix of Lombok-Indonesia. '516' pushed into fifth in moto one, despite a mistake, and shined in the second stint. Ending lap one in fourth, he charged up to second and was just seven seconds shy of the winner when the checkered flag flew. 5-2 scores put him third in the overall classification and helped him maintain eighth in the championship standings.

    Simon Längenfelder: "It is so good to be back on the podium. Not many people expected this, including me! I was fifth in the first race and did not think about the podium after that. I was happy to stay consistent in the second race. Now we will work on the weekend off and keep getting stronger."

    Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing will make the long trip back to their base in Europe now, before resetting and tackling round twelve of the 2023 FIM Motocross World Championship in Czechia.

    Download high-res images of our racers in action at the Grand Prix of Lombok-Indonesia here.

    Results – 2023 FIM Motocross World Championship, Round Eleven

    MXGP – Overall
    1. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) 47pts
    2. Jorge Prado (GASGAS) 47pts
    3. Glenn Coldenhoff (Yamaha) 40pts

    MXGP – Moto One
    1. Jorge Prado (GASGAS)

    2. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki)
    3. Glenn Coldenhoff (Yamaha)

    MXGP – Moto Two
    1. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki)
    2. Jorge Prado (GASGAS)
    3. Glenn Coldenhoff (Yamaha)

    MXGP – Standings
    1. Jorge Prado (GASGAS) 562pts

    2. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) 459pts
    3. Ruben Fernandez (Honda) 415pts

    MX2 – Overall
    1. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 50pts
    2. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 42pts
    3. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 38pts

    MX2 – Moto One
    1. Jago Geerts (Yamaha)
    2. Andrea Adamo (KTM)
    3. Roan van de Moosdijk (Husqvarna)
    5. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS)

    MX2 – Moto Two
    1. Jago Geerts (Yamaha)
    2. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS)
    3. Andrea Adamo (GASGAS)

    MX2 – Standings
    1. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 488pts
    2. Thibault Benistant (Yamaha) 462pts
    3. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) 452pts
    8. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 341pts


    Ver Perfil

    One-size fits-all cruiser for maxing out the fun, unveiled at Eurobike 2023

    High energy, vibrant, and pure fun! The GASGAS MOTO is a play bike that will inject excitement and thrills into your daily ride. 

    •  GASGAS announces MOTO urban cruiser at Eurobike 2023
    •  A one-size fits all cruiser for maximum fun on daily rides
    •  Legend Troy Lee to perform live GASGAS MOTO paint session at the GASGAS booth

    Inspired by the iconic California beach cruiser-styled bicycles, GASGAS has taken the much-loved concept and raised the bar. By adding our own touches, the MOTO is bold, daring, beautiful and unique.

    Braswell brings home season-best results at Thunder Valley

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    Gravity has been extremely tough on the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing team through the latter part of the Supercross season and during the start of the Pro Motocross tour, with the 250 duo of Michael Mosiman and Pierce Brown still on the mend. On the 450 side, Justin Barcia had intended on trying to return to action, but a setback with a cracked collarbone plate put him back on the sidelines. That left 250 rookie Caden Braswell as the lone team rider heading into Thunder Valley.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing was extra-lean, with a single 250 riders lining up
    • Caden Braswell scored his season-best by every measure…qualifying, moto finishes, and overall
    • Mastering the tough, extremely rutted track proved to be a good confidence booster for Braswell

    250 MX

    With Michael Mosiman still sidelined after a tough crash at Hangtown, and Pierce Brown still on the mend, it was up to Caden Braswell to hold it down for the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing team. Despite the extreme challenges provided by the Thunder Valley course, Braswell turned in his best results of the season. He bettered his previous best qualifying position on his MC 250F Factory Edition by six spots. He also improved his finish in each moto by several spots, scoring a solid 12-12 day for 12thoverall. In moto one he ran inside the top ten for nearly half the moto, giving him a better look at the pace of the front-runners.

    " I wasn't really happy with the results from Hangtown, so we worked hard this week and rode with some more confidence. I felt a lot more loose and free on the bike, and enjoyed the longer ruts here at Thunder Valley,” said Braswell. “I'm looking forward to some more good starts, more long ruts, and some good dirt at High Point."

    Next Event (Round 4): June 17, 2023 – High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Penn.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round Three

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 2-1; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 1-4; 3. Levi Kitchen (Yamaha) 5-2 … 12. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 12-12; 20. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 21-18; 34. Charles Tolleson (GASGAS) 36-36-30; 44. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 40-DNS

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 4-2; 3. Cooper Webb (KTM) 2-5… 10. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 12-9; 13. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 14-13; 21. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 21-17; 34. Josh Mosiman (GASGAS) 31-34; 38. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 37-36; 41. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 40-DNS

    Championship Standings – After Three Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 137 points; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 121 points; 3. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 110 points… 15. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 29 points; 18. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 29. Joel Rizzi (GASGAS) 3 points

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 150 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 116 points; 3. Cooper Webb (KTM) 112 points … 6. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 67 points; 11. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 49 points; 15. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 38 points; 29. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 32. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points

    Hangtown tough on the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team

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    The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team headed to California's Gold Country hoping to turn around their recent racing fortunes.

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing was running lean and mean again in Northern California with a 250-only roster

    • Michael Mosiman had a 14-40 day after a tough crash in moto two
    • Caden Braswell continued his four-race fill-in roll with the team

    250 MX

    Michael Mosiman was on home turf at Hangtown and he was looking for a solid result aboard his MC 250F Factory Edition. Unfortunately, a 14th-place finish in moto one proved to be the high water mark for him and the team, as a tough crash in moto two ended his day. Updates on his status for future events will be provided after he gets checked out by his doctors.

    The team’s other rider, Caden Braswell, tallied a 27-16 day for 19th overall. That matched his result from round one at Pala.

    "Out here at Hangtown, we had a progressive day,” said Braswell. “We've got some things to look back on, and also some good things to take away. My confidence is growing on the bike and with the team. I'm surrounded by great people and I'm looking forward to the third round in Colorado with a big old fire in my belly."

    Next Event (Round 3): June 10, 2023 – Thunder Valley Motocross in Lakewood, Colo.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round 2

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 3-1; 2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 2-2; 3. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 1-4 … 17. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 14-40; 19. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 27-16; 26. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 29-23

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 2-3; 3. Cooper Webb (KTM) 4-2… 9. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 9-11; 10. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 16-5; 13. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 14-10; 19. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 29-17; 21. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 36-18; 30. Ezra Lewis (GASGAS) 30-22; 36. Giacomo Redondi 29-38; 40. Colby Copp (GASGAS) 35-40

    Championship Standings – After 2 Rounds

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 90 points; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 80 points; 3. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) 78 points… 15. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 20 points; 20. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 11 points

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 100 points; 2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 82 points; 3. Cooper Webb 74 points … 6. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 46 points; 7. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 45 points; 16. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 23 points; 25. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 4 points; 28. Cody Groves (GASGAS) 3 points

    Michael Mosiman returns to action at Pro Motocross season opener

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    The 2023 AMA Supercross season proved rough on the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team rider roster, so it was a two-rider all-250 effort that lined up for the opening round of the Pro Motocross Championship in Pala, California.

    • Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing 450MX regulars Justin Barcia and Pierce Brown continue to recover from injuries sustained late in the AMA Supercross Championship.

    • Michael Mosiman returned to action after sitting out much of the 250 East Supercross season
    • After previous success with the GASGAS amateur program, Caden Braswell joined the team for the first four rounds

    250 MX

    After injuries earlier in the season, Michael Mosiman was back in the saddle of his MC 250F Factory Edition, but still in rebuilding mode. He scored a 19th in moto one and made some adjustments for moto two and came home with a tenth-place finish.

    Michael Mosiman: “This was the first round for me after quite a long time off. It's been a lot of hard work to build back, and today was just another step in that process. I would have liked to finish better but there are some building steps and some things that we improved. We made big improvements to the bike in the second moto and I felt a lot more comfortable. That allowed me to put together clean laps. I'm excited for the future and to head to Hangtown and get after it.”

    Caden’s first crack at the Pro Motocross series resulted in a pair of 18th-place moto finishes in an extremely stacked field.

    Caden Braswell: "I'm super grateful for the opportunity. Pala was an amazing experience for my first Pro Motocross National. I'm absolutely thrilled to have done it with the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS team. The team was amazing...super-hard working and encouraging. I'm disappointed in my results because I know the bike and I are capable of so much more. I'm going to keep my head up pulling into Hangtown and strive to do better."

    Next Event (Round 2): June 3, 2023 – Prairie City SVRA in Rancho Cordova, Calif.

    Results – 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Round 1

    250 MX 

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 3-1; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 6-2; 3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 1-11… 15. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 19-10; 19. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 18-18;  28. Tyson Johnson (GASGAS) 26-28

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 1-1; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 2-2; 3. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 3-3… 8. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 10-8; 9. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 7-11; 19. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 23-16; 28. Jacob Runkles (GASGAS) 27-29; 36. Giacomo Redondi 29-38

    Championship Standings – After 1 Round

    250 MX

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 45 points; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 37 points; 3. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 35 points … 15. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 13 points; 19. Caden Braswell (GASGAS) 6 points

    450 MX

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 50 points; 2. Chase Sexton (Honda) 44 points; 3. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) 40 … 8. Jose Butron (GASGAS) 24 points; 9. Lorenzo Locurcio (GASGAS) 24 points; 19. Romain Pape (GASGAS) 24 points

    More championship points for Fernandez as MotoGP™ hangs it out at Jerez

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    Augusto Fernandez aced MotoGP points again as the rookie captured 13th position at a warm but cloudy Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto for the Gran Premio MotoGP™ Guru by Gryfyn de España. GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3 watched their rookie continue his rapid spell of learning and adaptation and exceed expectations. Team Jonas Folger classified 17th.

    Barcia masters the mud in East Rutherford Supercross

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    The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team had to wait out a lightning delay and deal with a downpour, but the results were worth it as Justin Barcia took the 450 main event win in extremely muddy conditions.

    • Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team records its first main event win of the 2023 AMA Supercross season

    • Justin Barcia was fast in his home race, whether in wet or dry conditions

    • Pierce Brown finished 11th in the 250 East/West Showdown


    Judging by the third place and second-place finishes at the previous rounds in Glendale and Atlanta, Justin and the team had high hopes heading into East Rutherford, NJ, located just outside New York City. Thunderstorms caused a delay for the scheduled start of the main events, and a steady downpour made a quagmire of the track. But after getting a strong start out of the gate, and sizing up the leader for the first six laps, Justin Barcia and his MC 450F Factory Edition took over the lead and stretched it to a 14-second advantage at the finish.

    Justin Barcia: "I don't remember practice. I don't remember the heat race. But I remember that main event! I got out there and was battling with the boys, took the lead, rode away, and took the win. It was very special. The team crushed it, mud-prepped quick, and it was an awesome race. I don't really know what else to say because I'm very happy!”

    250SX East/West

    For Pierce Brown and his MC 250F Factory Edition, the night was a bit more challenging. After qualifying fifth, and finishing fourth in his 250 West heat race in the dry conditions, things were looking good. Unfortunately, a midpack start, followed by a crash, resulted in an 11th-place finish.

    Pierce Brown: “It wasn't an ideal night in New York. I did all right in the heat, with a fourth-place finish. We had a couple of hour delay before the main event. It rained hard, so the track was pretty wet when we got out there. I got off to an okay start...midpack. I was trying to go through the pack and collided with a rider about three or four laps into the race and fell. That set me back pretty far. I think I got up in last or second-to-last. After that I put a charge on and did all I could do and ended up 11th.”

    Next Event (Round 15): April 29, 2023 – Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn.

    Results – 2023 AMA Supercross Championship, Round 14

    250SX East/West Showdown – Main Event Results

    1. Max Anstie (Honda) 14 laps; 2. Jett Lawrence (Honda) +10.091; 3. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) +10.824… 11. Pierce Brown (GASGAS)

    450SX – Main Event Results

    1. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 18 laps; 2. Eli Tomac (Yamaha) +14.742; 3. Ken Roczen (Suzuki) +25.396… 14. Justin Starling (GASGAS); 20. Tristan Lane (GASGAS)

    Championship Standings – After 14 Rounds

    250SX East

    1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda) 198 points; 2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) 149 points;  3. Max Anstie (Honda) 148 points … 16. Michael Mosiman (GASGAS) 51

    250SX West

    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda) 176 points; 2. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) 137 points;  3. Enzo Lopes (Yamaha) 118 points … 8. Pierce Brown (GASGAS) 98


    1. Eli Tomac (Yamaha) 315 points; 2. Cooper Webb 304; 3. Chase Sexton (Honda) 294 … 4. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) 265; 23. Justin Starling (GASGAS) 54; 32. Tristan Lane (GASGAS)


    Ver Perfil

    The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team came to the AMA Supercross Championship season opener with their usual high hopes, a full off-season of preparation, and of course, Troy’s artistic touches for the rider’s helmets, bikes and gear. Racing aboard the all-new 2023 MC 450F and MC 250F Factory Edition bikes for the first time, both Justin Barcia and Pierce Brown came away with their fair share of ups and downs in Anaheim, California. 

    • The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team came in hot for the start of the 2023 season!
    • Barcia brings the speed with an amazing holeshot in the 450 main
    • Brown unfortunately suffered a race-ending crash in the 250SX West heat race

    Justin Barcia and Anaheim 1 are generally a solid match, and he’s had plenty of success (including wins and podiums) in previous years at the season opener. Another win looked like a definite possibility once again, as he quickly grabbed the holeshot aboard his GASGAS MC 450F Factory Edition and jumped into the early lead. Unfortunately, after leading the first three laps ahead of last year’s champ, he had an off-track excursion that dropped him to the 11th spot.

    Justin Barcia: "A1 is a wrap. The day started off pretty well. I felt good in the first practice but I struggled a little bit in the next two, just with feeling comfortable with the track, because it was very tricky with a lot of square edges and things like that. I made a big change before the heat race and unfortunately went in the wrong direction. So I went back to my base setting for the main event. Pretty much ripped the holeshot, led a few laps, made a huge mistake, and had a crash. I worked my way back up to like seventh and had another crash. So it was a difficult main event. We'll take a few positives from the day. We had a good start, and we had speed, we just need to keep it on two wheels and keep it simple and we'll be good. But the speed is there, the fitness is there, and the bike's there, so I'm happy with that and definitely put this result behind us and move forward."

    250SX West
    Pierce Brown started off the day on the gas, qualifying in the third position. But a hard crash in his heat race proved to be the end of his evening. After being seen by the Alpinestars Mobile Medical crew, he was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. The good news is that he’s already been released, and is headed home.

    Next Event (Round 2): 1/14/23 – RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland, California

    Results – 2022 AMA Supercross Championship, Round 1

    450SX – Main Event
    1. Eli Tomac (Yamaha); 2. Cooper Webb (KTM) +02.778; 3. Chase Sexton (Honda) +04.350 … 11. Justin Barcia (GASGAS) +42.507; 18. Justin Starling (GASGAS)

    250SX West – Main Event
    1. Jett Lawrence (Honda); 2. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna) +05.259; 3. Cameron Mcadoo (Kawasaki) +10.671 … 18. Jerry Robin (GASGAS)

    Championship Standings – After Round 1

    1. Eli Tomac 26 pts; 2. Cooper Webb 23; 3. Chase Sexton 21 … 11. Justin Barcia 12

    250SX West

    1. Jett Lawrence 26 pts; 2. RJ Hampshire 23; 3. Cameron Mcadoo 21 

    2023 MotoGP™ is a go! GASGAS on track with Valencia test

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    Tech3 GASGAS Factory Racing rolled out of a MotoGP pitbox for the very first time today with a busy, sunny and fascinating first ‘look ahead’ test towards the 2023 world championship! Valencia’s blue skies were the perfect ceiling for Pol Espargaro and Augusto Fernandez debut ‘Get on the Gas’ experience.

    GASGAS Guevara rules the world in 2022!

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    Izan Guevara travelled to the other side of the globe to sit on top of the world when the 18-year-old from Majorca wrapped his – and GASGAS Motorcycles – first FIM Grand Prix world championship in road racing.

    Izan Guevara is the 2022 Moto3™ World Champion!

    Ver Perfil
    GASGAS on the podium in Moto3 and Moto2 in Australia, and a Moto3 championship title in the bag; does it get any better than this? Izan Guevara wins and secures the riders’ title while Sergio García finishes 3rd. In Moto2 Jake Dixon takes a cool fifth podium of the year.

    Peerless Guevara dominates Aragón Grand Prix for GASGAS

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    The Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón illustrated the true highs and lows of motorcycle racing for GASGAS - with Izan Guevara putting on a vintage performance to take his fourth win of the season, while Sergio Garcia finished 13th. In Moto2 both Jake Dixon and Albert Arenas couldn’t reach the checkered flag.

    Get on the Gas! GASGAS set for 2023 MotoGP™

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    GASGAS have always been keen to get on the gas for fun but now the throttle grip feels different, the pace faster and the stakes higher. From 2023 Spain’s iconic motorcycle brand will join the rush of MotoGP for the first time in deal that sees the Tech3 Factory Team turn a full crimson red.

    Winning masterclass from GASGAS Aspar in Germany

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    Izan Guevara scores a dominant Moto3™ lights to flag victory while teammate Sergio Garcia races into third position. In Moto2™ Albert Arenas slides into the top six and Jake Dixon finishes 11th at the Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland.

    Tropical highs and lows for GASGAS at Indonesia Grand Prix thriller

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    The inaugural Indonesian Grand Prix at Mandalika saw GASGAS score points and a podium with Guevara and Garcia in Moto3, while Moto2 treated fans to high drama with a shortened race, with Albert Arenas finishing 10th and Jake Dixon retiring on lap five.

    • Izan Guevara secures second place at the 2022 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia, his second ever podium in Moto3, while Sergio Garcia finishes 4th.
    • Jake Dixon takes pole position in Moto2 but falls from the race while Albert Arenas takes 10th position
    • GASGAS Aspar Team riders bag points and podiums in Moto2 and Moto3 at the inaugural Indonesian Grand Prix at the Mandalika Circuit

    Following in the wheel tracks of a breathless season opener in Qatar, the heat and intensity of the 2022 season continued full-gas with a visit to the new Mandalika Circuit. Set alongside the tropical coastline in Central Indonesia; it is the first time that the venue has hosted the MotoGP paddock.

    Come race day searing yet ultra-humid temperatures, combined with tough physical racing, characterized the action across all classes. The 17-turn, 4.3 km (2.6 mi) layout boasts a deceptively technical smooth but grimy ribbon of asphalt alongside the crystal clear waters of Lombok; setting the scene for some high-paced action on a new-school track. In Moto3 the battle for the podium with Izan Guevara and Sergio Garcia raged from lights to flag.

    Qualifying in 7th (Garcia) and 8th (Guevara) respectively, the Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team duo featured at the head of a wild 23-lap race. Taking advantage of the first real dry running of the weekend - with Moto3 having weathered on-off showers for all of its scheduled sessions through Friday and Saturday. Izan Guevara put it all on the line and proved once again that he has a bright future ahead of him on the world Grand Prix stage.

    Guevara made a lightning start, jumping from 8th to 4th to 1st in the first two laps alone. Closely followed by teammate Garcia, the GASGAS powered duo were relentless, taking on all rivals over the full race distance. By the final flag Guevara secured second place - and his second ever podium in the class - in the wake of a runaway Dennis Foggia. Sergio Garcia narrowly missed out on final podium place, after taking hits from Andrea Migno and Carlos Tatay in the closing laps - finishing fourth by just one tenth of a second. The Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team now lead the Team championship standings by 61 points.

    In Moto2 Jake Dixon led the Inde GASGAS Aspar Team effort by posting a blistering pole position securing lap during a sensational qualifying session on Saturday. Teammate Albert Arenas lined up on the second row in 6th place. A late curveball before the start saw the race shortened from 25 to 16 laps; meaning nothing short of maximum attack from lap one was the required strategy.

    As the dark clouds rolled in however - bringing spots of rain - Dixon slipped down to 3rd place off the start fighting with rival Sam Lowes. Unfortunately on lap five, Dixon fell foul to the dwindling grip levels, dropping his machine in turn 10 and retiring from the race. Team mate Albert Arenas negotiated a solid outing, converting his 6th place grid slot into a top ten finish.

    #11 - Sergio Garcia: “It was a positive day and a good race, where we pushed for the podium all the way. I felt strong on track but we were missing acceleration out of the corners, so I had to give everything I had to finish in fourth position. Anyway, these are important points for the championship and I’m happy.”

    #28 - Izan Guevara: “I'm really happy for my first podium this year. Thanks to the team for all their work here at Mandalika in tough conditions. The pace was incredible as well as the battles in the group. In the last two laps I pushed and made it to P2.”

    #75 - Albert Arenas: “Another race in the books, another near the top ten and more learning experience. The balance of the bike was good but I couldn’t get that comfortable on track and couldn’t push more. Tough conditions out there with the track and in certain corners but at least we had the race. Anyway we improved and can look ahead to Argentina to try and be better. We have potential.”

    #96 - Jake Dixon: “I had a tricky start, and caught up to Sam [Lowes], and then passed him. Then I re-focused to try and chase down  [Somkiat] Chantra. I felt I had the pace to do that. When I got to turn ten, I braked in the same place I did every lap - even on the data I did everything identical to the lap before, but for some reason I lost the front. I’m incredibly annoyed at myself - I want to say sorry first of all to the team, they gave me the bike to win the race today and I wasn't able to back that up!”


    Results - 2022 Moto3 FIM World Championship, Round 2:

    1. Dennis Foggia (Honda) 23 Laps; 2. Izan Guevara (GASGAS) +2.612, 3. Carlos Tatay (CFMOTO) +3.639, 4. Sergio García (GASGAS) +3.759,

    Championship Standings - After Round 2:

    Dennis Foggia (Honda) 34pts; 2. Sergio García (GASGAS) 33pts; 3. Izan Guevara (GASGAS) 28pts

    Results - 2022 Moto2 FIM World Championship, Round 2:

    1. Somkiat Chantra (Kalex) 16 Laps; 2. Celestino Vietti (Kalex) +3.230, 3. Aron Canet (Kalex) +4.366, 10. Albert Arenas (GASGAS/Kalex) +18.327, DNF. Jake Dixon (GASGAS / Kalex) 4 laps,

    Championship Standings - After Round 2:

    1. Celestino Vietti (Kalex) 45pts; 2. Aron Canet (Kalex) 36pts, 3. Sam Lowes (Kalex) 29pts, 13. Albert Arenas (GASGAS/Kalex) 9pts, 15. Jake Dixon (GASGAS / Kalex) 5pts,

    Holgado brings it home! GASGAS lifts FIM Moto3™ Junior World Championship in Valencia

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    The GASGAS Aspar Junior team win the coveted ‘feeder’ championship to Grand Prix racing after Daniel Holgado ran to a safe 9th position in the first outing at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia last weekend.

    • Holgado locks the 2021 FIM Moto3 Junior world title in Valencia
    • The 16-year-old makes the grade after 5 wins and 8 podiums from 12 races
    • Success story for GASGAS with the Aspar team and Moto3 machinery this season

    Riding the RC 250 GP machine taken to victory in Moto3 Grand Prix in 2021, Holgado showed he’s the next hotshot on the block by grabbing the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship ‘bull’ by the horns. The teenager fronted the pack with four wins in the first five rounds to stake his claim to the crown. The Spaniard added another three trophies in the competition that circled Grand Prix venues on the Iberian Peninsula like the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto and MotorLand Aragon.

    The contest (along with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup) has ritually been the brightest proving ground for youngsters aiming for the heights of MotoGP™. 2020 champion, Izan Guevara, made the step to the GASGAS Aspar Grand Prix squad and clinched a race win in his first season in 2021. Holgado kept the Aspar streak running on Saturday in Valencia when main title rival David Muñoz was forced to start from pitlane and failed to score any points. In the second race on Sunday Holgado swept to his fifth chequered flag, stamping his authority one more time.

    Along with the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship, GASGAS also aced four Moto3 Grands Prix (France, Catalunya, Austria and the USA) and totalled seven podium appearances this year.

    Daniel Holgado: “I want to thank everyone who came to see me today, I owe all this to them because I really felt that support and it helped push me through those final few laps. I also want to thank all of my incredible team; I’ll really miss them next year and hope we can find each other again in the future. I’d like to congratulate David Muñoz and Iván Ortolá because they made a great season and were really strong rivals. It’s thanks to them that I was able to improve as a rider and also as a person by working hard day after day.”


    GASGAS ready to throttle hard in 2022 with Moto3™ and Moto2™ attack!

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    More red! More Gas! The GASGAS Aspar Team will carry the brand into both 2022 Moto3 and Moto2 with four exciting racers all pushing for silverware next season. Sergio Garcia and Izan Guevara continue their competitive double act with the RC 250 GP in Moto3 while GASGAS’ first Moto2 riders will be former Moto3 world champion Albert Arenas and the UK’s leading Grand Prix name, Jake Dixon.

    GASGAS Trail Cross 9.0 v Enduro Cross 11.0 - The Key Differences

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    Mountain biking is a personal thing. Some love to tear down super steep, rough, rowdy tracks, while others like to conquer wild, open mountain trails that mix epic descents with climbs. And that’s why our full-suspension eMTB line up reflects that with Enduro Cross and Trail Cross models to choose from.

    Dutch Moto3™ podium delight for Sergio Garcia and the Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team

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    Sergio Garcia romped to a blistering second place podium finish after a thrilling 22 lap race at the 2021 Motul TT of Assen

    The legendary Dutch circuit of Assen provided the perfect venue for Sergio Garcia and the Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team to showcase just why they are fighting for the top spots in the Moto3™ World Championship. Second place, and a haul of 20 points - cementing 2nd in the riders standings - went Garcia’s way after a breathless 22 laps.

    • Sergio Garcia races to his 3rd podium of the season, finishing 2nd at the 2021 Motul TT of Assen
    • Izan Guevara qualifies 13th and finishes 12th
    • Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team places second in the team championship standings after nine rounds of the 2021 Moto3 World Championship

    There is almost no better feeling on a Grand Prix bike than going flat out on a bright and sunny day around one of the fastest, and the oldest venues of the MotoGP calendar. The legendary and sweeping Dutch TT circuit, known to fans as the Cathedral of Speed is a firm favourite for many riders, and the perfect venue to score points and experience some awesome racing. Sergio Garcia knows this - and showed fans exactly why he is destined for big things in the future - by racing to his third podium of the season so far.  

    The 18 year old Spanish young gun lined up in 4th position aboard his GASGAS RC 250 GP machine, and made short work of his rivals during the opening laps of the Dutch race. In what proved to be one of the overall fastest Grand Prix of the year so far - where lap records tumbled on multiple occasions - Garcia set the white hot pace amongst the leaders.

    Despite the speed of eventual winner Dennis Foggia, Garcia frequently nosed into first place throughout the race, and used his incredible late-braking skill to close down any gaps that his rival had pulled on the straights

    In the closing laps, Garcia kept the gap to less than two-tenths of a second. In fact, as Garcia rocketed through the final turns on the last lap, the 18 year old very nearly snatched the win from Foggia. He crossed the line just 0.078 behind the Italian.

    Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team rider Izan Guevara recorded a solid top 12 finish, after a challenging race. The former Junior Moto3 World Champion, who turns 17 years old on the Monday after the Dutch Grand Prix, worked hard to find a consistent rhythm. Qualifying on 13th place on the grid, Guevara battled hard in the mid pack, and despite slipping outside the top fifteen on lap six, fought back into the points by the second half of the sprint.

    The Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team and the Moto3 paddock now enjoy a much deserved month-long summer break, after which they head for Austria, and the Michelin Grand Prix of Styria on the 8th August.

    #11 - Sergio Garcia: “I really enjoyed this race a lot today. I think this was potentially the fastest race we have had in the Moto3 World Championship all year so far. I was pushing as hard as I could, right until the finish. I was leading at times during the race, but the positions were changing so much between me and the other riders in the leading group. I had a small moment on lap 17 or 18 when I dropped back to 5th, but then I fought back. To fi