There’s so much to love about the simplicity of cross country racing! From the first turn bar banging to gnarly trails and wide-open thrills, it’s about beating your buddies and pushing the limits. That’s why our cross country bikes offer playful, energetic performance. Designed to be distinctive and meet the needs of all woods racers, they offer proven performance for a whole lot of fun! And for 2022 we’ve added a new cross country model – the EX 250!

    3224_EX 350 F front ri_MY2021

    3226_EX 350 F rear ri_MY2021

    LIGHT & COMPACT Motors

    Everyone knows that size matters, and so do we! But bigger isn’t always better, which is why all our cross country motors are super compact. Still pumping out all the power riders need (smooth and strong is the way we like it) by designing and building super-compact motors we can ensure the very best bike handling too. With all moving parts as close to as possible to the bikes’ center of gravity, all cross country models are super agile, and lightweight.


    Our cross country bikes rip! Be it one of our 2-stroke or 4-stroke models, in the hands of an expert racer they’re out-and-out podium contenders. With true cross country specific transmissions, powerful, lightweight motors, agile frames, and WP XACT suspension, chasing down your friends, and a podium result, is anything but difficult. 


    3223_EX 350 F front_le_MY2021

    3225_EX 350 F rear le_MY2021


    Crisp clean lines for a striking look, that’s all GASGAS! There was no way our bikes were going to be any other color than red – they’re eye catching, loud and stands out from the crowd. A direct expression of our Spanish personality, each cross country model features considered ergonomics for unrestricted rider movement. 


    Feet-up and as smooth as silk, or sat down, feet out and heavy on the throttle! We know that everyone has their own way of riding, which is why we build our cross country bikes to be as light as possible, so they help everyone. Stood up or sat down, less weight, and a lower center of gravity, makes for better handling, better turning, and no matter what your style, makes it easier to get on the gas and stay on the gas!


    11402_2021-02-17 GasGas Castelloli-593

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