United in Dirt - GASGAS Tour Spain

One down, five to go.

Experience GASGAS first hand! Join us, get to know us, and try out our awesome range of bikes.


A few weeks back we loaded up, hit the road, headed to Spain and hosted the first ever United In Dirt GASGAS Tour event. With one simple goal – to get our bikes out there, to meet and great and allow people to get to know us and our awesome range of bikes – we had an amazing day. So much so we wanted to share it with you!

14360_2021-05-08 GasGas Dirt-391

13668_2021-05-06 GasGas Dirt-1444

14178_2021-05-07 GASGAS Dirt-255

14192_2021-05-08 GasGas Dirt-1092

13443_2021-05-06 GasGas Dirt-1497

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Get to know the brand

We want you to experience who we are, where are we coming from and where are we going!

14241_2021-05-08 GasGas Dirt-146

13590_2021-05-06 GasGas Dirt-719

14281_2021-05-08 GasGas Dirt-198

13629_2021-05-06 GasGas Dirt-907

Enjoy the dirt!

Super-relaxed atmosphere, one where you can take any of our motocross, enduro, or trial models for a ride – no stress, no pressure. Plus, we’ll also have our exciting all-new line-up of pedal-assist MTBs to try.

13810_2021-05-07 GASGAS Dirt-323

14287_2021-05-08 GasGas Dirt-2049

13818_2021-05-07 GASGAS Dirt-330

13803_2021-05-07 GASGAS Dirt-317

Brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassador and GASGAS Riders will join to offer advice to help you conquer a climb, get over a rock, or improve your general riding skills and to show you the super-fast way around the track!


14277_2021-05-08 GasGas Dirt-1877

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