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    We might be young at heart but we’re 100% focused on performance offroad motorcycles for those who love to ride! 

    Re-connecting GASGAS with fans across the world, getting back out there and celebrating our proud dirt bike heritage, proving our no-nonsense approach to performance while being loud, energetic, and very, very red… we’ve had a blast since we launched our 2021 bikes. More importantly, we learned a lot too.

    We learned that by and large, our motocross, enduro, trial and cross country line-ups hit the mark. From Europe to the States to Australia and every place in between, we received a lot of positive feedback during the last 9 months. So, we decided to keep our bikes just the way they are. After all, If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it, right? 

    Inspired by the newcomers, the thrill seekers, and energized by the never give up attitudes and dogged performances of our factory racers, we’re more motivated than ever to keep on delivering inclusive and inviting dirt bikes that allow all riders to get out there and enjoy their passion. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Getting out there and enjoying good times with your buddies. 



    We’ve added new models! For 2022 our awesome dirt bike line-up is bigger, better, and more complete than ever. In fact, our 26-bike strong 2022 line-up is the most complete range of motocross, enduro, trial and cross country models of any manufacturer. But let’s keep that as our little secret! What we want is for every rider to find their perfect GASGAS bike. So, in addition to our trial and eMTB ranges, we’ve added exciting, new motocross, enduro and cross country models for 2022. 

    WHATS NEW FOR 2022 

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    NEW MC 85 17/14

    Starting with our new MC 85 small wheel, mini racers can now keep it red when they progress through the junior classes. With its compact, 2-stroke motor and 6-speed gearbox, the MC 85 delivers big when it comes to useable, holeshot ripping power. And thanks to its proven, lightweight frame and WP XACT suspension, riders of all abilities can feel confident when pushing the limits. But it’s not all about performance, right? We’ve also made sure the bike not only performs incredibly, but that it looks great too! From our MC 65 to our MC 85, and on to our MC 125, we’re committed to junior rider development and supporting tomorrow’s champions every step of the way.

    NEW MC 250

    The new MC 250 is for the 2-stroke lovers! Super light, super agile and with a motor than produces a ton of torquey, bottom-end grunt and plenty of top-end power, it’s a bike that mixes simplicity with performance. Offering more smiles per mile than just about any other motocrosser, no matter how hard or fast a rider hits jumps or rough, whooped-out straights, the WP XACT Suspension soaks up everything. Unbelievably competitive in the hands of serious racers, everyone will enjoy an incredible riding experience on the MC 250. 



    NEW MC 350F 

    In introducing the MC 350F, GASGAS now offers three 4-stroke motocross models, so we’ve got everything you need. Sandwiched between our ‘little’ 4-stroke, the super fun MC 250F, and the awesome MC 450F, the new MC 350F is the bike that does it all. Super agile with great handling, the 349cc motor (we can’t lie, it’s not quite a 350!) pumps out seriously impressive performance, which makes it the little-big bike that isn’t afraid to take it to the 450s. Featuring more proven technology than just about any other bike, on the outside we’ve ensured that well-thought-out ergonomics and super stylish shrouds, number boards and fenders allow riders unrestricted movement for complete comfort. The MC 350F is finished in a whole lot of red… just the way we like it!

    NEW EX 250

    For the US market we’ve also launched the EX 250 – a little brother for our hugely popular EX 300. With 50cc being the only difference between the two models, out on the trails that little difference equates to a notably different riding experience. A little livelier, a little more revvy, the EX 250 loves to be ridden hard. Cross country fans will love the bike's 2-stroke simplicity with the innovative electronic fuel injection system that allows for true gas-and-go riding simplicity. With a tough yet lightweight, laser-cut steel frame that’s engineered to work perfectly with the WP XACT suspension, the EX 250 delivers playful handling and incredible stability, perfect for getting on the gas with confidence. The new EX 250 sits next to its slightly bigger brother, the EX 300, and three awesome 4-stroke cross country models.

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    Discover SEgments line up

    Technical Accessories & Apparel

    To get the most from of our exciting line-up of offroad bikes, we also offer a full range of GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. For those looking to protect, improve and customize their MC, EC, or EX machines, our extensive catalogue of Technical Accessories includes just about everything needed, from wheels to exhaust systems, triple clamps to hand guards. Our collection of riding apparel delivers protection and comfort with style, and features clothing designed specifically for motocross, enduro, and cross country with head-to-toe solutions for both kids and adults!  

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    Technical Accessories