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  • GASGAS offers riders a range of performance motorcycles and e-bicycles that excite and invite. 


    A distinct combination of the brand’s origins in trial, Spanish heroism and personality, and the added value, expertise, and credentials that our technical platforms deliver. A brand experience that rests on four pillars – our core values: DARING, CAPABLE, VIBRANT, INVITING.

    Like the world’s best racers, GASGAS is all about being fun and approachable. Sure, we’re serious about building the best products, delivering the best service, and using our technical expertise to ensure all of our bikes stand up to the most punishing terrain, but when all is said and done, this is all about having fun, right? Doing whatever we can to help get more people involved in riding offroad is super important to us. Supporting and growing our community, enabling the experienced to help the inexperienced, and generally championship everyone who gets involved, that’s what we’re all about. 

    BEHAVIOR: The courage and enthusiasm to face whatever comes your way


    GROUP ROLE: Many years of proven high-performance expertise, harnessed for your enjoyment


    STYLE: Distinct, loud, unmistakable, and energetic - it is bursting with energy and excitement


    PACKAGE: High-Performance that´s packaged to allow more riders to join in on the action