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Base Price: 7,410.00 EUR*
Base Price: 7,410.00 EUR*
The GASGAS TXT RACING 125 is the perfect bike for riders to develop their skills. With a lightweight construction and easy to manage character, our smallest 2-stroke trial bike allows youngsters to have fun while building their confidence. Featuring smooth, revvy power the 125cc motor has a flat and continuous torque curve, ideal for helping riders find grip while pushing deeper into the exciting world of trial riding. With class leading suspension, selectable engine maps and Braktec hydraulic clutch and brakes, the TXT RACING 125 features a collection of top components that ensure quality and reliability.
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Minimalist. Lightweight. Durable. As well as giving our bikes a distinctive, modern and super-slim look the bodywork of all GASGAS trial bikes ensures riders feel comfortable and confident during every ride. And because no rider goes more than a few weekends without a fall, we use Polypropylene when injection molding our plastics, which doesn't mark when bent more than 90 degrees. All front mudguards feature an integrated fork brace.


Our airbox has a patented design! Much more than just the place Twin Air filters live, it also provides structural benefits allowing all our trial bikes to be super slim. Maximum airflow ensures all motors deliver instant power whenever needed.


Strong, lightweight tapered handlebars made from high-quality aluminum and fitted with Renthal grips are standard to all of our trial bikes. Connected to CNC machined triple clamps via forged aluminum handlebar clamps, the bars ensure stability and complete rider control.


Fully integrated into both the frame and bodywork, our 2.3-liter fuel tank is so compact it almost doesn't exist! Featuring a simple removal system, it feeds the Keihin PWK 28mm carburetor that in turn ensures all 2-stroke motors receive the fuel they need to deliver a wide spread of smooth, strong power.

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We like to build our frames strong, out of chrome-moly steel. Tubular, 1.5mm 25CrMo4 chrome-moly steel to be exact! Robot cut and laser welded to ensure precision, toughness and long-lasting durability, they provide precise rider feedback and importantly highly effective energy absorption, too. Weighing just 6kg, all frames are finished with a tough red powder coating.


They look great and they're light! And they ensure front-end stability and guarantee precise handling. Our 35mm offset, black anodized CNC machined triple clamps deliver the highest-quality and a factory look.


Smooth and progressive to ensure our entire trial range offers the very best handling. The 39mm low friction TECH dampers fitted to all of our trial bikes feature a left side fork that has an adjustable spring together with an End Stroke adjustment function to avoid bottoming. The right-side fork takes care of the rebound adjustment while a 160g aluminum front wheel axle ensures maximum front wheel confidence at all times.


Previously only found on our top specification TXT GP models, REIGER rear shock technology is now also fitted as standard to the TXT RACING line-up in Europe. The well-known Dutch company ensures the highest levels of performance, comfort and, most importantly, maximum rear wheel traction. With adjustable damping riders can change the behavior of the shock to suit their taste.


Ready to take those big rear wheel hits, our hollow, one-piece cast aluminum swingarms are both slim but also super solid. Developed together with our vastly experienced manufacturing partner, we've increased the already proven rigidity to ensure additional stiffness, reliability and perfect flex behavior.

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The TXT RACING 125 motor is powerful, light and as compact as it can be, and the most competitive in its class. Over many years we've constantly improved the 125cc 2-stroke (124.8cc to be exact), squeezing out ever more user-friendly performance while ensuring maintenance costs remain low. Sharing much of the same architecture as the larger capacity GASGAS trial bikes, the motor's design not only gives riders smooth power, but the design also aids handling.


The internal shape of the cast aluminum cylinder head has been specifically calculated and improved to ensure the very best clean running engine performance, as well as featuring cooling ducts that keep the motor at a constant temperature.


The little TXT RACING 125 cylinder has specifically designed intake and exhaust ports, which, when used with the high-performance forged piston, ensures the motor is the best in its class, producing impressive torque and a smooth power delivery across the full rev range. A low weight, aluminum cylinder bracket is used to reduce engine vibrations while also assisting with chassis stiffness.


Equipped with a Keihin PWK 28mm carburetor that ensures the motors receive the fuel they need to deliver a wide spread of smooth and strong power.


The lightest transmission in any trial bike on the market and another patented GASGAS part! The 4/6 system allows riders to select from 6 gears when there are only 4 gears on the internal transmission shaft. Ensuring all TXT RACING bikes are technologically advanced, they reduce weight and allow for super compact crankcases.


The magic at the center of the TXT RACING 125 motor! Our engineers perfectly balance each and every crankshaft to ensure maximum inertia and deliver a 54.5mm stroke, allowing the motor to run freely and deliver instant power. To increase durability, we use a closed main bearing made by SKF. Due to its specific positioning with the motor the crankshaft also contributes to the bike's awesome handling. A strong, lightweight connecting rod completes the crankshaft, which also drives the water pump impeller.


We save weight wherever we can to ensure the TXT RACING 125 remains the most competitive bike in its class. That's why the bike's super-compact crankcases are made using a high-pressure casting process, which guarantees incredible strength and durability and keeps weight down. The super-compact design puts all major moving parts close to the bike's center of gravity for incredible handling. Making things even more compact, the bike's hydraulic clutch master cylinder is built into the clutch cover.


The stainless front pipe and rear silencer are essential for maximizing the performance of our 2-stroke trial motors. Additionally, they also reduce overall weight to ensure the very best handling as well as slim ergonomics. The rear silencer uses high-quality fiber packing, key to delivering maximum torque and power delivery. The removable plastic endcap means the packing can easily be changed.


One-finger is all it takes to control the power of our trial bikes, thanks to the compact hydraulic clutch. Allowing riders to build revs and deliver exact amounts of power to the rear wheel, the reliable, high-quality system also guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation and perfect action on every ride and in all weathers. Consisting of 3 Kevlar friction plates, 2 steel plates and a Belleville spring system it guarantees perfect operation each and every time.

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High-performance Braktec braking systems that are specifically designed and built for trial use ensure our bikes have more than enough stopping power. Giving riders a controlled action for complete confidence, a front monoblock 4-piston caliper with a 185mm NG waved disc is used together with a 2-piston Braktec system and a 150mm NG waved disk. The rear brake system features patented magnetic brake pads, which stay open when the wheel is removed. Pretty neat, right!


We squeeze a lot of cooling technology into a very small space on our trial bikes, essential for ensuring our motor's stay cool and riders get the very best 2-stroke performance. Using an aluminum radiator together with a waterproof electric 115mm fan, a thermostat then ensures a stable and constant coolant temperature.


Key to keeping weight down on all of our trial bikes is an ignition and electrical system that needs no battery. Also fitting all of our bikes with a map switch as standard, riders can select between 2 ignition curves based on weather, terrain type and rider preference. Both the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and ignition coil are specifically positioned to be well protected and out of sight.


We use a simple but effective recipe when making our trial wheels. Mix CNC machined hubs with lightweight spokes and zinc plated steel nipples and connect them to high-strength aluminum rims by Morad! The result is super strong wheels that ensure an ultimate combination of strength, performance and reliability. The lightweight aluminum front axle combines strength and minimum weight, improving the lightweight feel of the front end.


Michelin's super-light X11 tires connect all of our TXT RACING bikes to the rocks, mud and obstacles beneath them. The best in the business, they feature super-pliable knobbles that together with low pressures offer exceptional grip.

Technical Details


  • Transmission 6-speed
  • Starter Kickstarter
  • Stroke 54.5 mm
  • Bore 54 mm
  • Displacement 124.8 cm³
  • Design 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine


  • Weight (without fuel) 66.7 kg
  • Tank capacity (approx.) 2.4 l
  • Front brake disc diameter 185 mm
  • Rear brake disc diameter 150 mm
  • Front brake Monoblock 4 pistons BRAKTEC caliper, NG WAVE floating
  • Rear brake 2 pistons BRAKTEC caliper, autostand system, NG WAVE
  • Chain 520
  • Frame design Chrome-moly tubular space frame, powder-coated
  • Front suspension TECH aluminium bar Ø 39
  • Ground clearance 325 mm
  • Rear suspension REIGER hydraulic shock absorber with linkage
  • Seat height 630 mm
  • Steering head angle 23 °
  • Suspension travel (front) 167 mm
  • Suspension travel (rear) 174 mm