• Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!! 

    This was the inspiration for the brand’s name. Yet, it’s a typical scene, played out every weekend on tracks, trails, and riding areas around the world. GASGAS brings a fun, welcoming, sociable, younger, and fresh approach to the scene. An approach that is enthusiastic, exciting, encouraging, and celebrates the joy of riding.

    At GASGAS, we love to be part of the action and celebrate each other’s successes, while encouraging one another to overcome obstacles, and accept failures as a step towards eventual triumph and shared celebration.

    GASGAS is intended to be more like a lifestyle. If we take any major manufacturer, we find that all brands are named after a specific geographic location or a person, however GASGAS was proudly named after something that unites us all in offroad - the action of getting on the gas!


    Offroad motorcycling and cycling has a strong social element at its center, which GASGAS embraces. These global tribes of dirt bike and bicycle fanatics appreciate the same core skills and abilities, connecting young and old, male and female, pros and beginners as they all play together in the dirt. This camaraderie is intensified by a sense of lighthearted competition, a desire to push themselves even further, and to help each other improve while celebrating small victories together.

    This is the reactivation of the GASGAS brand. It serves to celebrate offroad riding and to encourage riders of all types to come and get dirty and join in the action. To differentiate GASGAS from other offroad brands, our focus is on returning a sense of fun and sociability back to riding with an inviting range of models, each serving as reminders to not to take life too seriously.

    GASGAS recognizes why people choose to ride – because it’s fun. We want to keep them excited, motivated and coming back for more.


    The typical GASGAS rider chooses offroad riding as their hobby, their passion, their life! For them a dirt bike is more than simply just a tool for enjoyment and maximizing leisure time with like-minded riding buddies. It’s their everything. They are proud to be a part of a unique global tribe that unashamedly celebrates their beautifully dirty, loud and exciting hobby. This band of men, women and kids align to share a united love for two wheels, competition, and adventure. They live for the weekends when they can head out of town and unload their bikes, gear up, and shred the dirt in search of their next adrenalin fix.