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Purpose-built specifically for international rally racing, the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA means business! Rally winning machine, this limited-edition rally bike is the real deal. Looking to take your rally racing career to the next level? Then this bike's for you!
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Features & Benefits




Using feedback from Sam Sunderland during the design process, we’ve created bodywork fit for a champ! Slim, and with ergonomics that ensure complete freedom of movement for reduced fatigue, essential rider-bike contact points are in all the right places allowing all riders to grip the bike with minimal effort. And as the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA is designed specifically for racing, there’s a super-light carbon fiber navigation tower behind the front fairing, to help reduce neck strain at high speeds.


Cleverly designed and perfectly positioned for unrestricted performance, the airbox channels a direct flow of clean air straight into the motor for instant throttle response. Inside, a large Twin Air air filter protects the intake from dirt and dust particles while the smart design of the airbox allows for electrical components to be routed and housed completely out of harm’s way.


Ride freely in total comfort and control with the tapered NEKEN handlebars. Made from high-strength aluminum and designed with a specific bend to reduce pressure on your hands, they’re perfect for long, tough days on the bike!


Allowing you to eat up big distances with ease as you blast towards the all-important finish line, the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA is equipped with three separate tanks capable of carrying 34 liters of fuel. With such a large volume available, you can be confident of completing the longest of stages without running dry.


The GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA wouldn’t be a complete race bike without a rally-specific seat, would it? Comfortable and with a grippy cover, it’s perfect for those long, grueling days of racing!

Features & Benefits




High-tech, lightweight, and finished with an electronic red powder coating! Our steel-trellis frame is as good as it gets. Beautifully crafted from the best materials available - that's chromium molybdenum steel FYI - it offers a calculated amount of flex without sacrificing strength. Put simply, this frame does it all. Agile in the technical stuff and super stable at high speeds. It's confidence-inspiring to say the least!


Attached to the rear of the frame you'll find what can only be described as an engineering masterpiece - a subframe that doubles up as a 16-liter fuel tank!


Not just super-cool looking with a red anodized finish, these X-TRIG triple clamps offer so much more. Low in weight, high on performance, and offering multiple handlebar fitting positions for a customized set-up, the 22mm offset triple clamps enhance the already superior handling and stability of the GASGAS RX 450F.


We've fitted the best performing suspension that money can buy to the new GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA - WP XACT PRO COMPONENTS. Up front, the fork action from the XACT PRO Fork is super dependable. With no shim stacks required thanks to the unique cone-shaped valve, consistent, predictable damping is delivered throughout the entire stroke.


Designed to keep the rear wheel connected to the terrain and to keep you moving forwards with complete confidence, the WP XACT PRO 7750 Shock is as innovative as it gets when it comes to rear shocks. The integrated TRAX system knows when the rear wheel loses touch with the ground on rough terrain and opens an oil bypass to rebound faster and push the rear tire into the terrain. The result? Maximum traction!


Engineered to flex just the right amount, the ultra-light and strong cast-aluminum swingarm works as one with the WP XACT PRO 7750 Shock for smooth suspension action and maximum traction! Connected to a linkage with the rising rate optimized, the whole rear end set-up resists bottoming for stable handling, especially at high speeds.

Features & Benefits




Based on the powerhouse 4-stroke motor from our MC 450F motocross bike, the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA is definitely not short on performance! It's light, powerful, and reliable and with a little mapping change, rally specific power is delivered on tap! Inside the motor things are pretty special too. Knowing just how demanding rally racing is, we've strengthened the clutch and gearbox while the Pankl con-rod and piston combo delivers performance and unquestioned durability.


Taken straight from the MC 450F motor, the SOHC cylinder head has had the ports massaged to further improve performance. The single overhead camshaft activates four ultra-lightweight titanium valves via super strong rocker arms and for maximum durability, the intake rocker arm is finished with a low-friction Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating.


At the beating heart of the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA is the CP bridged-box-type piston. Housed inside a lightweight aluminum cylinder, strong power is produced with minimal vibration. Just what you need when racing through soft, rolling sand dunes!


Without question, a six-speed transmission with rally-specific gear ratios is one of the most important components in building a high-performance rally bike. Strengthened to handle the rigors of racing, the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA even has the very same gear ratios that Sam Sunderland used to win the Dakar Rally, so you know it's the real deal. A revised shifting mechanism ensures accurate gear changes up and down the box, which is made from high quality steel for guaranteed durability.


At the beating heart of the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA is the super strong and durable crankshaft. Not just helping to deliver incredible power when you need it most, but the design allows for extended service intervals of 100 hours! The crankshaft is complete with a plain big end bearing comprising of two force-fitted bearing shells for maximized reliability.


Strong, reliable, and lightweight. Our crankcases are made using a high-pressure die-cast production process to make them as robust as possible. They're also designed to position the internal components in such a way that handling is improved. Pretty clever, right?


Rally-specific and designed to maximize performance from the motor, the Akrapovič exhaust system is fitted low on the bike for high-speed stability and nimble handling while navigating through slower, technical terrain. Made from high-grade titanium and short in length, overall weight is at an absolute minimum.


Long days on the bike call for a strong clutch that's up to the rigors of rally racing. Housed inside a robust CNC-machined steel basket is a Dampened Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch, which does away with traditional coil springs and instead, a single diaphragm steel pressure plate is used. There's also an integrated damping system that improves both traction and durability. Finishing off the entire assembly is a component straight from GASGAS Factory Racing - a Hinson clutch cover. It not only looks cool, but it's CNC-machined from aircraft-quality aluminum then hard-coated black to prevent wear from your boot.

Features & Benefits




Sometimes you'll need to slow down in a hurry and the Brembo brakes fitted to the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA are the best in the business. Up front is a 300mm disc with a 240mm disc at the rear - both offer superior, controllable stopping power. This high-performance braking set-up instils confidence and allows you to push the pace through every stage.


No matter if it's hot or cold, the Brembo hydraulic clutch works without fail. Designed to self-adjust free play, and needing little to no maintenance, not to forget it's exactly the same as Sam Sunderland uses, this system is hands down the best in the business.


Keeping the bike cool and running at the perfect temperature is essential in rally. This is precisely why the cooling system on the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA flows coolant through the radiators and around the engine in the most efficient way possible, which allows you to get on the gas and attack those dunes with full confidence!


Strong wheels are essential when building a true rally racing bike. Capable of clocking up countless miles across rugged, desert terrain, this wheel set is as good as it gets. From the inside out, CNC-machined aluminum hubs are connected to black anodized, high-strength EXCEL rims with strong and light spokes and steel nipples for added durability. Without a doubt, the way these wheels are built is the most reliable construction going.


As rally races often use public roads for liaisons, we've specced the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA with Continental TKC 80 tires. Road legal and strong performers in the dirt, this tire combo is perfect for high-level rally racing.

Features & Benefits




One of the key components that really makes the GASGAS RX 450F REPLICA so awesome is the Engine Management System (EMS). One of its clever features is that it activates a tailored engine map for each gear, which means maximum power is transferred to the rear wheel in higher gears, while in low speed, low gear situations, a broader spread of power is delivered for total control when things get technical.


Sending a perfect mix of air and fuel into the motor is a 44mm Keihin throttle body, which creates an instant connectivity between the throttle and the rear wheel. This is achieved by the injector that is perfectly positioned to ensure the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber, and partly down to the throttle cable, which is mounted directly onto the throttle body. In short, power is at hand for when you need it most.


Super cold, early morning starts are common in rally, as are small crashes in deep sand dunes, but whatever the situation, our reliable electric starter is there to get you going in no time!

Technical Details


  • Transmission 6-speed
  • Cooling Liquid cooled
  • Starter Electric starter
  • Stroke 63.4 mm
  • Bore 95 mm
  • Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch, hydraulically actuated
  • Compression ratio 12.6
  • Displacement 449.3 cm³
  • EMS Keihin EMS
  • Design 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
  • Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with 2 oil pumps


  • Weight (without fuel) 137 kg
  • Wheelbase 1520 mm
  • Front brake disc diameter 300 mm
  • Rear brake disc diameter 240 mm
  • Chain 5/8 x 1/4"
  • dry weight 139 kg
  • Frame design Chrome-moly tubular space frame, powder-coated
  • Ground clearance 312 mm
  • Steering head angle 62.5 °
  • Rear subframe design Self-supporting plastic tank
  • Suspension travel (front) 305 mm
  • Suspension travel (rear) 300 mm