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EC 300

EC 300

Base Price: 17,660.00 AUD*
Base Price: 17,660.00 AUD*

**Ride Away

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Prefer hard enduro over racing between the tapes? If so, then the EC 300 is definitely for you! Built to be light, powerful, and capable of scaling anything in its path, this bike is an ultra-modern enduro steed that makes light work of the gnarliest offroad terrain. With tons of torque down low and supple and easy-to-adjust WP suspension, those long, gruelling days on the bike are made much more enjoyable aboard the EC 300. Where would you take yours?
Features & Benefits




All red and all-new! Fully redesigned from front to back, the sleek bodywork is incredibly ergonomic with larger contact surfaces and an improved rider triangle further enhancing control. The rad shrouds are shaped to help better grip the bike as you get on the gas. There's also a super grippy seat cover keeping you sat exactly where you need to be.


Delivering enduro specific power as well as being competition-compliant, all our exhausts are designed and built to meet FIM sound regulations! Our 2-stroke header pipes are super strong and offer optimal geometry, performance, and ground clearance, making them less susceptible to damage. The 2-stroke mufflers also feature an advanced internal construction for excellent noise damping and weight saving.


Less time working on bikes means more time riding bikes, which is precisely why you'll love the straightforward, no tools and no nonsense filter mounting system. Allowing quick and easy filter changes, the airbox is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts to direct the flow of air towards the Twin Air filter, which helps create maximum horsepower.


Get on the gas and hold on tight! Not too tight though as nobody likes arm pump... But to make sure the riding is comfortable, Neken handlebars are clamped into redesigned bar mounts (they're less resistant to twisting if you should hit the deck), with lock-on style, medium compound ODI grips fitted to create a comfy set-up to suit all riders. There's also a new, stronger throttle housing that's more impact resistant for improved durability.


The all-new tank holds nine liters of fuel but it remains just as slim as the old one. Made from transparent polythene, riders can easily see how much fuel is inside the tank with a threaded filler cap providing a secure and reliable seal. With an integrated fuel pump allowing the tank to be emptied further before refuelling is needed, extended rides are not a problem for this GASGAS!


Bigger is better when it comes to footpegs, which is why on the new models there's a bigger platform for better control. Plus, thanks to a new mounting design, they're placed further inward on the frame, which makes them less prone to catching the edge of deep ruts and a like.

Features & Benefits




A new generation enduro bike is nothing without a new frame, right? Playful handling continues for 2024 as the best traits from the old frame - the razor-sharp cornering and confidence-inspiring straight line stability - are retained. But somehow, our engineering wizards have made this bike handle even better! They've done this by improving the anti-squat behavior for maximum traction when exiting corners and throughout the frame, the wall thickness has been revised in certain areas to enhance rider feedback and energy absorption. The frame is finished with a durable red powder coating and guards to prevent wear, which also offer a little extra grip for your boots too.


The all-aluminium subframe is light, strong, and works as one with the new frame by helping to centralize mass and contributing massively to the bike's outstanding handling characteristics.


New, forged aluminum triple clamps offer just the right amount of calculated flex thanks to a revised steering stem. The triple clamps align the fork tubes perfectly for a smoother action, which improves front wheel feedback and leads to predictable handling acrosss any terrain. There are also new, adjustable bar mounts with a slightly larger contact area against the handlebars so if you do crash, there's less chance of the bars twisting. A glass bead blasted finish means the triple clamps always look as good as new.


The tried and tested WP XPLOR Open Cartridge forks remain but for 2024 they've been updated with new settings to further improve performance. There are longer fork legs too, which balances the bike out a little more. The rebound and compression clickers easily adjustable by hand.


Soaking up the bumps with ease, the new WP XACT rear shock is shorter and lighter than the old version but still offers 300mm of travel. Inside, there's been some technical changes with a new piston improving initial comfort and helping the shock stay up a little higher in the stroke, especially when under hard acceleration. And just like the WP forks, the WP shock is adjustable by hand so it's quick and easy to dial things in whenever you need to.


Cast from one piece of aluminum, lower in weight than the old one, and slightly stiffer, the new swingarm on this GASGAS is as good as it gets! There's also a much more durable chain slider and the guide is more rounded to help prevent the bike from catching the ground as you negotiate your way through gnarly ruts! The swingarm is complete with a new 22mm rear wheel axle to complement the refined flex characteristics of the entire chassis. Finally, clear chain adjustment markings ensure quick and easy maintenance.

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The new EC 300 motor sets the benchmark for unrivalled torque and peak power. For 2024, multiple revisions throughout the motor means it's even lighter, yet no less powerful! Built for the extreme with a close ratio 6-speed transmission, throttle-body injection, and a vibration reducing balancer shaft, the EC 300 is without question a highly capable woods weapon in the hands of any rider.


All-new, Throttle Body Injection means the cylinder now features an electronic exhaust control system, which opens the lateral exhaust ports before the main exhaust port opens. The result? A smoother and stronger power delivery with a better connection between the throttle and rear wheel.


The EC 300 motor houses a laterally mounted counter balancer shaft to significantly reduce vibration. The result? More comfort, which you'll definitly beneft from during longer and more technical rides.


Low in weight and super-strong, the new crankcases have a thin-wall design, which is made possible by using a high-pressure die cast production process. Within the crankcases, all moving parts are positioned to centralize mass. This plays a big role in making the bike a blast to ride!


Engineered to be just the right weight to create a lively response from the motor without sacrificing torque, the EC 300 crankshaft is perfectly balanced. This means less vibration from the motor, which is reduced even further thanks to the counter balancer shaft. The end result is less fatigue and therefore, more comfort, allowing you to ride for longer!. Just what you want when it comes to enduro.


To ensure a consistent clutch action and a super light feel at the lever, the GASGAS EC 300 if fitted with a Damped Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch and a Braktec hydraulic clutch system. Using a single diaphragm spring instead of using the more common coil springs, the design also incorporates a damping system, which increases both traction and durability. Additionally, the robust basket and inner hub guarantee optimal oil supply and cooling to the clutch. It's almost maintenance free, too!


A new, enduro-specific, 6-speed wide-ratio Pankl Racing Systems transmission is super durable and reliable, and allows you to take on both the slowest and fastest types of terrain in total confidence. The transmission is now even easier to shift thanks to a few refinements to the shifting mechanism while a new gear lever prevents dirt from building up.

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No need for premixing here! Running at an average fuel-to-oil ratio of 60:1 means one tank of oil is enough for hours and hours of riding. Controlled by the Engine Management System, an electronic oil pump feeds oil into the throttle body based on how hard the motor is working so you can be confident that no matter how hard this thing's revving, the motor is always perfectly lubricated. Additionally, when the oil level is getting low, a warning light illuminates so you'll know exactly when it's time to add a little more oil.


Fast is fun but quite often in enduro, you'll need to slow down in a real hurry! This is precisely why all GASGAS enduro bikes are fitted with the latest high quality BRAKTEC brake calipers and controls. With a 260mm disk up front and a 220mm disk at the rear, braking performance is seriously impressive, which inspires riders to push harder, ride faster, and brake later.


The Braktec hydraulic clutch system we fit to all GASGAS enduro bikes provides even wear, near maintenance-free operation, and perfect action - even in the toughest of enduro conditions. It's also extremely light, which means less fatigue, especially through technical sections. Free play is constantly adjusted to ensure the biting point never changes and for 2024, there's a redesigned lever for a little bit more comfort.


A cool running motor is a well performing motor, which is why all GASGAS enduro bikes feature a cooling system designed for maximum efficiency. It also eliminates the need for additional hoses while the slim design of the radiators ensures a narrower bike with class-leading ergonomics. Expertly crafted using high strength aluminum, the radiators are mounted close to the center of gravity for the best possible handling.


Built to take a beating, our wheels are ready to play rough. No matter how heavy the landing or how rough the track is, the silver, CNC machined hubs, lightweight spokes, and high-strength EXCEL rims deliver maximum strength and durability for complete peace of mind.


One of the only components carried over from the outgoing generation of GASGAS enduro bikes are the Maxxis MaxxEnduro tires. Need to know why? Because they work so well on a wide variety of terrain and they're super-durable too. After all, who likes changing tires?

Features & Benefits




Rounding out the changes to the updated bodywork is the all-new LED headlight. Brighter by almost 3 times, it really lights the way when day turns to night. And should either the mask or light get damaged, the new two-piece design lets you replace only what's broken.


All GASGAS EC 2-stroke models feature the most advanced Engine Management System (EMS) of any 2-stroke enduro bike out there, which means riders can fully focus on the trails ahead. The brain of the system is the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which engages a different map for each gear to give the very best performance as well as a Rollover Sensor which stops the motor in the event of a heavy fall. Put simply, by controlling the ignition timing and the amount of fuel injected, using sensor data such as intake air pressure, throttle position, and coolant temperature, the EMS takes care of everything related to fuel, air, and oil.


Sometimes in enduro, you'll want a different style of power delivery depending on the terrain or situation. This is where our redesigned Map Select Switch, which is available from your local GASGAS dealer, steps in. Easy to fit and offering two maps, Map 1 is super mellow and perfect for slow, technical sections. But when it comes to deep mud and softer track conditions where you need direct response, engage Map 2 and thank us later!


For 2024, our 2-stroke motors are fuelled using Throttle Body Injection - a 39mm Keihin throttle body, to be precise - which works together with the ECU to deliver the perfect mix of fuel and air. The end result? Crisp, clean running motors that create smooth, strong power.


The best invention since the wheel! With an electric starter fitted, this GASGAS starts super easily every single time you hit that start button. Using a Li-Ion battery, which weighs approx. 1kg less than a conventional lead battery, we can offer the convenience of electric starting while also keeping overall bike weight to a minimum. It's a win, win for everyone!

Technical Details


  • Transmission 6-speed
  • Battery capacity 2 Ah
  • Cooling Liquid cooled
  • Stroke 72 mm
  • Bore 72 mm
  • Clutch DDS wet multi-disc clutch, Braktec hydraulics
  • Displacement 293.2 cm³
  • EMS Vitesco Technologies EMS
  • Design 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
  • Fuel-mixture generation Keihin EFI, throttle body 39 mm


  • Weight (without fuel) 107.6 kg
  • Tank capacity (approx.) 9.0 l
  • Wheelbase 1489 mm
  • Front brake disc diameter 260 mm
  • Rear brake disc diameter 220 mm
  • Front brake Disc brake
  • Rear brake Disc brake
  • Chain 520 X-Ring
  • Frame design Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
  • Front suspension WP XPLOR-USD, Ø 48 mm
  • Ground clearance 354 mm
  • Handlebar Neken, aluminium Ø 28/22 mm
  • Rear suspension WP XACT Monoshock with linkage
  • Seat height 956 mm
  • Silencer Aluminium
  • Steering head angle 63.9 °
  • Rear subframe design Aluminium
  • Suspension travel (front) 300 mm
  • Suspension travel (rear) 300 mm
  • Wheels Spoked wheels with aluminium rims