Invitations to compete at the X Games, arguably the biggest stage in global action sports, aren’t easy to come by. So we’re absolutely stoked that GASGAS brand ambassador Navas Petit has made the cut! Already out in California and hyped for showtime on Thursday, the fun-loving Spaniard will be giving everything he’s got in his bid to bring home some prestigious medals. Go get ‘em Navas!

  • Navas Petit set to compete at the 2022 Summer X Games
  • GASGAS brand ambassador takes on the world’s best freeriders
  • Watch episode two of Bala Perdida and get inspired

WATCH: Bala Perdida Ep. 2

Since joining GASGAS early in 2021 as a brand ambassador, Navas Petit’s freeriding game has gone to the next level. With access to a variety of our bikes and technical support, the 25-year-old Spaniard has been able to focus on his craft and really turn things up a notch or two. And it’s not gone unnoticed. Navas recently received an exclusive invite to show what he can do against the world’s best freeriders at this year’s Summer X Games.

But just before he jetted off to California, and perfectly timed to build up the hype around what’s going to be an epic experience, we’ve released episode two of his super-cool video series, Bala Perdida. In this edition, Navas fires up his MC 250, shreds around an epic moto track, then heads to his beloved Lleides Park in Spain to get all kinds of sideways before sundown.

Check it out, get hyped, and tune in later this week to see how Navas fares at the 2022 Summer X Games.

And if you’re a little unfamiliar with who Navas is, check this out.