Big-bore 2-stroke fun!

MC 300

MC 300

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We're super excited about our new MC 300! As a big-bore 2-stroke, it's big on fun but it's also dreamy to ride. Those who like to short shift and get up through the 5-speed gearbox will be rewarded with a riding experience like nothing else. As modern as it gets, the MC 300 is fully loaded with the best in dirt bike tech. E-start, electronic fuel injection, and an electronical exhaust control make our new bike super easy to start and to ride. Rounding out the build is a frame designed to deliver stability and razor-sharp handling, WP suspension, Braktec brakes, and all-red bodywork from front to back. Looks pretty good, doesn't it?
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Features & Benefits




All-new graphics spice things up for 2025 with the GASGAS logo emblazoned in black rather than white for a fresh twist. Still red, still durable, and still eye-catching, the distinctive design is applied using IML technology. This means they're applied within the bodywork so your GASGAS will stay looking super fresh for a long, long time, even if you ride in gnarly conditions week after week.


All red, front to back! Incredibly ergonomic with large contact surfaces to help you grip the bike with your legs, the smooth profile bodywork encourages riders to effortlessly move around on the bike and ride with a perfect technique. There's also a super grippy seat cover, in red of course, to keep you sat exactly where you need to be when you get on the gas!


Get on the gas and hold on tight! Not too tight though as nobody likes arm pump... But to make sure the ride is comfortable, NEKEN handlebars are clamped into redesigned bar mounts (they're more resistant to twisting if you should hit the deck), with lock-on style, medium compound ODI grips fitted to create a comfy set-up to suit all riders.


Less time working on bikes means more time riding bikes, which is precisely why you'll love the straightforward, no tools and no-nonsense filter mounting system. With a stronger one-piece design for the air intake in 2025, maximum airflow is guaranteed, and you know what that means... maximum power! Like before, accessing the air filter to inspect or replace it couldn't be easier. Simply pop the left side panel off and you'll be inside the airbox in no time.


The fuel tank sits neatly inside the vibrant red bodywork and for 2025 a beefier rubber tank support underneath helps hold it firmly in place while protecting the frame from wear. With an integrated fuel pump inside the tank allowing for it to be emptied further, long motos around deep sand tracks aren't a problem for this GASGAS!


Bigger is better when it comes to footpegs. That's precisely why they not only have a larger surface area for maximum grip, but we've also made them less likely to catch on the edges of deep ruts, which mean no loss to forward momentum. The pegs are also light and prevent mud from building up. So, no matter how gnarly the track gets, you'll stay in complete control.

Features & Benefits




So much testing and development went into designing and building the MC 300 frame. Just like the other GASGAS dirt bikes in our line-up, the frame makes the bike super stable at speed in addition to being able to rail around corners with ease. The frame is complete with a red powder coating and guards with a grippy surface to help you grip the bike and protect the shiny finish.


The all-aluminium subframe is light, strong, and works as one with the new frame by helping to centralize mass and contributing massively to the bike's outstanding handling characteristics.


Forged aluminum triple clamps offer just the right amount of calculated flex thanks to a more forgiving steering stem. The triple clamps align the fork tubes perfectly for a smooth action, which improves front wheel feedback and leads to predictable handling on any track and any terrain. The adjustable bar mounts with the slightly larger contact area against the handlebars reduce the chance of the bars twisting. A glass bead blasted finish means the triple clamps always look as good as new.


Like every other full size motocross model, the MC 300 is equipped with the latest 48mm WP XACT forks. Easily adjustable by hand on the outside, on the inside, a capsulated air spring and pressurized oil chamber take care of delivering consistent damping. By using an air spring, a customized set-up can be created easily as this bike includes an air pump to adjust the pressure. And, for those who like to go big on the jumps, a hydrostop helps maintain forward momentum by taking the sting out of every heavy landing.


With no less than 300mm of travel, the WP XACT rear shock soaks up the biggest of bumps with ease. For 2025, the performance of the shock is taken up a notch thanks to the new, lower friction seals in the linkage and a smaller diameter linkage bolt, to reduce a little weight. Both revisions were put to the test in MXGP, so you know they'll make a difference. Because of the new frame, the shock's settings have been revised to deliver the best damping straight from the showroom floor. However, creating a customized set-up remains super simple as adjustments can still be made quickly by hand.


Cast from one piece of aluminum, the swingarm on this GASGAS certainly looks the business! A new, stronger chain slider improves durability and keeps the chain running smoother for longer. At the rear of the swingarm you'll find a chain guide with a rounded profile to help it glide over the ground as you lay the bike over through deeply rutted turns. Finally, clear chain adjustment markings ensure quick and easy maintenance.

Features & Benefits




The motor that does it all! It doesn't matter if you short shift or hang onto every gear, the revitalized MC 300 motor, with added fuel injection, separates this bike ever further from the competition with it's delivery of usable torque down low and high-revving peak power up top. And it's those who ride wide open that will benefit the most from the counter balancer shaft inside the motor as it keeps vibration to an absolute minimum.


One of the biggest changes for 2024 is the introduction of elctronic fuel injection on the MC 300. And with this new tech, the traditional 2-stroke power valve is replaced with an innovative electronic exhaust control system. Now, the lateral exhaust ports opens slightly faster than the main exhaust port to deliver strong power and maximum reliability.


As the 5-speed gearbox is made by PANKL Racing Systems, you just know that the transmission is as good as it gets in terms of positive gear changes, reliability, and overall quality. The clever lever design helps prevent dirt build-up, too, especially when the ruts get deep and the dirt gets sticky!


The magic at the heart of the motor and its low weight means one thing - it revs fast! It's also perfectly balanced for minimal vibration and positioned to have the least amount of effect on overall handling.


Making sure the weight of the MC 300 is kept to a minimum, the thin and strong crankcases are made using a high-pressure die cast process. Inside, the motor internals are positioned to centralize mass, which leads to next level rideability.


Designed and developed to be slim using an innovative manufacturing process, the exhaust system complies with FIM sound regulations, looks awesome, and most importantly, delivers the very best performance! The header pipe is shaped for maximum ground clearance and is fitted to a muffler that features a clever internal construction to keep noise to a minimum without sacrificing power.


Inside the MC 300 motor you'll find a robust and super reliable Damped Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch housed inside a CNC machined steel basket. This style of clutch does away with traditional coil springs and instead, there's a single diaphragm steel pressure plate and a damping system which helps get the power to the ground.

Features & Benefits




Fast is fun but slowing down is essential, which is why all GASGAS dirt bikes are fitted with high quality Braktec calipers and controls. Speaking of controls, the rear brake pedal is now considerably stronger to prevent it from getting bent out of shape in a crash or catching the ground when you're railing through a deep rut. When you combine those Braktec calipers with GASGAS specific brake disks, 260mm up front and 220mm at the rear, the end result is amazing braking performance. This all means that all riders can stay on the gas longer and brake later into corners. And we all know what that leads to... faster lap times!


No need for adjustment and offering a near maintenance-free operation, the best thing about the Braktec hydraulic clutch is that it provides consistent action. With free-play at the redesigned lever automatically adjusted, the biting point and function of the clutch remain constant no matter whether the motor is started from cold or used during the heat of a battle.


Keeping the motor cool are a set of strong aluminum radiators, which channel the air through them in the most effective way possible. A large centre tube within the frame is used to reduce the number of hoses needed and ensures a consistent flow of coolant around the engine - just what you need when you're in the heat of a battle!


Built to take a beating, our wheels are ready to play rough. No matter how heavy the landing or how rough the track is, the silver, CNC machined hubs, lightweight spokes, and high-strength EXCEL rims deliver maximum strength for complete peace of mind.


One of the only components carried over from the outgoing generation of GASGAS motocross bikes are the Maxxis MaxxCross MX-ST tires. Need to know why? It's simple. They perform so well on a wide variety of terrain and they're super-durable too. After all, who likes changing tires?

Features & Benefits




Small, light, and fast at processing data - just what you need from an engine management system! The Vitesco Technologies component is the best in the business and includes a rollover sensor that cuts the ignition during big crashes, as well as feeding information to the hour meter.


Installing the Map Select Switch from the GASGAS Technical Accessories range really makes the MC 300 sing! It offers a choice of two maps, and they're both awesome. The first - Map 1 - delivers classic, ripping 300cc 2-stroke power, which all riders know and love. But with the second map activated - Map 2 - throttle response is even sharper and more explosive! Perfect for those who ride sand tracks on a regular basis.


The MC 300 uses a 39mm Keihin throttle body with its injectors positioned to ensure the most efficient flow of fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. But what's most important to all riders is the fact that the direct cable mounting design ensures instant throttle response.


The best invention since the wheel! With an electric starter fitted, this GASGAS starts super easily every single time you hit that start button. And to simplify things further and save space on the bars, the engine stop button is located in the same housing as the start button. Using a Li-Ion battery, which weighs approx. 1kg less than a conventional lead battery, you get the convenience of electric starting while the overall bike weight is kept to a minimum. It's a win, win for everyone!

Technical Details


  • Skrzynia biegów 5-speed
  • Pojemność akumulatora 2 Ah
  • Chłodzenie Chłodzenie cieczą
  • Rozrusznik Rozrusznik elektryczny
  • Suw 72 mm
  • Średnica 72 mm
  • Sprzęgło DDS wet multi-disc clutch, Braktec hydraulics
  • Pojemność skokowa 293.2 cm³
  • EMS Vitesco Technologies EMS
  • Design Silnik 1-cylindrowy, 2-suwowy
  • Wytwarzanie mieszanki paliwowej Keihin EFI, throttle body 39 mm


  • Waga motocykla (bez paliwa) 99.8 kg
  • Pojemność zbiornika (ok.) 7.9 l
  • Wheelbase 1493 mm
  • Średnica przedniej tarczy hamulcowej 260 mm
  • Średnica tylnej tarczy hamulcowej 220 mm
  • Łańcuch 520, Non-sealed
  • Konstrukcja ramy Podwójna kratownicowa z centralną poprzeczką, wykonana ze stali 25CrMo4
  • Przednie zawieszenie WP XACT-USD (AER), Ø 48 mm
  • Prześwit 354 mm
  • Kierownica Neken, aluminium Ø 28/22 mm
  • Tylne zawieszenie WP XACT Monoshock z łącznikami
  • Seat height 956 mm
  • Tłumik Aluminium
  • Kąt główki ramy 63.9 °
  • Konstrukcja ramy tylnej Aluminium
  • Skok zawieszenia (przód) 310 mm
  • Skok zawieszenia (tył) 300 mm
  • Koła Koła szprychowe z aluminiowymi felgami