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    Without a doubt, trial is at the very heart of GASGAS. The most technically demanding and challenging of all the two wheeled disciplines, we know that to master the magical feet up game all riders need exceptional balance, patience, as well as amazing throttle and clutch control. Oh, and a great bike too! The beauty of riding trial is that for most there’s no pressure to perform, everyone can develop and improve at his or her own pace. What we love most is when groups of riders actively encourage and challenge each other, pushing one another to be better while always keeping things fun.




    Our new Trial generation

    GASGAS is a little different nowadays, compared to how things used to be! We’ve enjoyed huge growth in recent years, thanks in part to our participation, and success, in world rally, motocross, supercross, and enduro. But trial is trial – a discipline we’re hugely passionate about and one that’s hugely important to GASGAS. Our latest generation of high-performance bikes reflect that. Built upon an already advanced platform these latest models underline our growing commitment to the beautiful feet-up sport. The new TXT RACING and TXT GP ranges have been developed together with our GASGAS Factory Racing trial team to ensure we build bikes that allow all riders to take their skills to the next level.




    Bold, modern, and unquestionably GASGAS! With more red than ever before our 2025 trial bikes sure make a strong statement. With an electronic red powder coated frame, a sprinkling of anodised hardware, and high-end components that not only ensure incredible performance but look the business too, it’s safe to say that all GASGAS trial bikes perform just as good as they look.


    It wasn’t easy, but somehow they did it! Our engineers took a close look at just about every component in order to improve the rideability of each bike in the GASGAS trial range. From their findings, key changes were made that make the 2025 trial line-up perform and handle better than ever!


    New technologies and a close collaboration with our GASGAS Factory Racing riders improves reliability across the 2025 trial range. Leaning on the technical team that build our TrialGP race bikes, much of the technology and components they use have been brought across to our production trial range. The end result? A stronger and more robust line-up of bikes that deliver super fun, proven performance.

    Introducing the 2025 GASGAS trial line-up!

    Introducing the 2025 GASGAS trial line-up!



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