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TXT Racing 250

TXT Racing 250

Base Price: 42,000.00 PLN*
Base Price: 42,000.00 PLN*

*w tym 23% VAT

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Perhaps the most iconic trial bike in the GASGAS line-up, the TXT RACING 250 is well known for its perfect mix of usable 2-stroke power and nimble handling. Revving up to 10,500 rpm, the 250cc 2-stroke is easy-to-use, incredibly versatile, and leads the way in tough, technical terrain thanks to its strong, controllable torque curve. Adding to the awesome riding experience are the selectable engine maps, BRAKTEC hydraulic clutch and brakes, and class leading suspension. The TXT RACING 250 always delivers day-long fun. 
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Features & Benefits




Restyled and red, red, red! What's really cool about our graphics is that they're embedded into the bodywork making them super durable. The fresh look is applied onto our slim, ergonomic plastics, which ensures unrestricted movements and allows riders to perform at their very best. As all trial riders hit the deck from time to time, all bodywork is made from a special blend of Polypropylene, which is super flexible and returns to its normal shape after impact, even if bent 180 degrees or more! 


There aren't many bikes that have an airbox with a such a clever design, but ours do! Not only does it house the top-quality Twin Air filter, but the overall structure also plays a vital role in allowing our trial bikes to be super slim. With easy access to the airbox, filter changes are made quick and easy with just one bolt safely securing the filter in place. 


Strong, lightweight, and tapered Neken handlebars are fitted with Renthal grips for the best in both strength and comfort. With the bars clamped into the handlebar clamps made of forged aluminum the entire front-end of the TXT Racing range is super stable with a familiar feel for a confidence boosting ride, time after time. This provides improved stiffness and better feedback to the rider plus we increased protection by adding a bar pad.


Redesigned for enhanced ergonomics while fitting seamlessly within the frame and bodywork, the compact 2.4-liter fuel tank is held in place with just one bolt, ensuring fast removal and quick re-installation.

Features & Benefits




Strong, but with just the right amount of flex. That's how we build our trial frames, using tubular, 1.5mm 25CrMo4 chrome-moly steel for exceptional levels of rider feedback! Using advanced manufacturing processes, each one is crafted with laser cutting and robot welding. The end result is frames that are incredibly durable and ensure true trial performance. Weighing just 6kg, all frames are complete with a robust GASGAS-red powder coating. Lateral hangers made of forged aluminium connect the steering head zone with the large skid plate, that better protects the engine, lower frame rails, and linkage.


Super cool and guaranteed to ensure front-end stability! Our silver anodized CNC machined triple clamps not only look the business, but they're incredibly lightweight and play a huge role in delivering precise handling. 


Smooth and progressive for the very best handling, the 39mm low-friction front forks improve the bikes overall agility. To prevent unwanted bottoming, an adjustable spring and End Stroke adjustment can be found inside the left leg, while rebound can be fine-tuned on the right-side fork leg. Connecting the forks and ensuring positive rider feedback from the front wheel is a lightweight, 160-gram aluminum axle. 


Making sure our TXT Racing line-up retains its best-in-class performance across all classes and displacements, a TECH shock is fitted. Delivering the highest levels of comfort and, most importantly, amazing rear wheel traction, with its adjustable rebound damping all riders are able to dial in the shock to suit their riding style and ability.    


Slim, lightweight, and super-strong! Cast from a single piece of aluminum, the swingarms fitted to the entire TXT RACING range are manufactured with proven rigidity and optimal flex, to soak up the biggest of rear wheel hits with ease. 


To improve comfort on the bike, the footpegs have been fully redesigned with an increased surface area closer to the frame. This unique design including a fixing bolt which is completely hidden in the frame allows riders to grip the bike more efficiently which enhances control considerably when compared to previous models. The same tried and tested special micro-casting process is retained for continued low weight and maximum grip.

Features & Benefits




Built to be compact. Built to be lightweight. Built with the latest 2-stroke technology. These three important attributes combine to deliver awesome performance and guarantee day-long fun! And just like with all of our trial bikes, the TXT RACING 250 motor packs a serious punch, mixing low weight and high performance to ensure a next level riding experience.


It's a simple looking part but the exact shape of the TXT RACING 250 cylinder head plays a significant role in ensuring rider-friendly power that can be used to tackle the toughest sections. Ensuring the best engine performance, the cylinder head features cooling ducts to keep temperatures down.


Ensuring the TXT RACING 250 delivers strong, torquey power each and every ride, it features a professionally engineered cylinder and piston with specifically designed intake and exhaust ports to make the motor the best in its class. A high-performance forged piston is fitted into the 72.5mm bore, guaranteeing maximum performance and durability.


Giving our 2-stroke motors all the fuel they need for a wide spread of smooth, strong power is the Keihin PWK 28mm carburetor. 


The lightest gearbox in any trial bike on the market and another patented GASGAS part! The 4/6 system allows riders to select from 6 gears when there are only 4 gears on the internal transmission shaft. Ensuring all TXT RACING bikes are technologically advanced, the gearbox reduces weight and allow for super compact crankcases.  


The TXT RACING 250 crankshaft is key to the motor delivering great traction as well as helping give the bike it's much-loved handling. Perfectly balanced to deliver optimized inertia, its low weight and positioning within the crankcases ensures riders can rely on instant power and enjoy a super agile ride. To increase durability, we use a closed main bearing made by SKF with the strong connecting rod using two needle bearings.


Designed so that the internal parts and shafts within the motor are carefully positioned to boost the bike's overall handling characteristics, the high-pressure die-cast process used to make the crankcases ensures they are super lightweight and extremely tough. Also, the clutch cover includes the clutch master cylinder, further highlighting the overall compact nature of the motor.


A stainless-steel front pipe and rear silencer maximize the power and torque from our compact 2-stroke motors! Both components are low in weight for uncompromised handling yet high in strength for incredible durability. Our engineers also worked on a compact silencer endcap, which reduces the risk of potential damage. What we didn't change is the well-known and loved easy-access design, which allows super quick and simple silencer packing changes, as and when needed. 


Release all the torque and power you need with just one finger thanks to our super light Braktec hydraulic clutch! The reliable system is designed to ensure even wear for smooth operation and exceptional performance at all times. Consisting of three Kevlar friction plates, two steel plates, and a Belleville spring design, hours and hours of maintenance free riding is guaranteed. A durable clutch cover guarantees higher stiffness and a smoother profile lever offers a more comfortable feel.

Features & Benefits




A reworked kickstarter guarantees improved strength and reliability while the reworked shape of the starter finds an optimal final stop on the footpeg.


For complete control, trial specific BRAKTEC brakes are fitted with the monoblock 4-piston caliper and 185mm NG waved front disc delivering unrivalled performance and accurate braking in all conditions. Together with a 2-piston caliper and a 150mm NG waved disc at the rear, the overall stopping power on the TXT RACING range is next level. A smoother profile front brake lever also offers a more comfortable feel. 


The seriously clever integrated cooling system on our TXT Racing trial bikes is further improved with a redesigned fan that increases air flow and reduces sound. And with the radiator neatly tucked away between the aluminum engine mounts, the whole system is well protected from crash damage for continued 2-stroke performance. 


They're built to last. Strength and reliability combine to create high performing wheels that will stand the test of time. With a CNC machined hub connected to the cool, black anodized aluminum rims from MORAD with lightweight spokes, this wheelset is capable of soaking up the hardest of hits. Up front, the aluminum axle is low in weight, high in strength, and plays a huge part in ensuring the front-end has a lightweight feeling. 


Michelin's super-light X11 tires connect all our TXT RACING bikes to the rocks, mud, and obstacles beneath them. The best in the business, they feature super-pliable knobbles, which together with low pressures offer exceptional grip. 


HIDRIA ignitions generate stronger power, which stabilizes idling and creates a cleaner response from the bottom end. Depending on your riding style and weather conditions, the handlebar mounted map switch allows for a choice of two ignition curves, which can be selected for tailored power in every section. 

Technical Details


  • Skrzynia biegów 6-biegowa
  • Chłodzenie Chłodzenie cieczą
  • Rozrusznik Rozrusznik nożny
  • Suw 60 mm
  • Średnica 72.5 mm
  • Sprzęgło BRAKTEC hydraulics - diaphragm GG 1/3
  • Stopień sprężania 11
  • Pojemność skokowa 247.7 cm³
  • Design Silnik 1-cylindrowy, 2-suwowy


  • Waga motocykla (bez paliwa) 69.4 kg
  • Pojemność zbiornika (ok.) 2.4 l
  • Wheelbase 1320 mm
  • Średnica przedniej tarczy hamulcowej 185 mm
  • Średnica tylnej tarczy hamulcowej 150 mm
  • Przedni hamulec Monoblock 4 pistons BRAKTEC caliper, NG WAVE floating
  • Tylny hamulec 2 pistons BRAKTEC caliper, autostand system, NG WAVE
  • Łańcuch 520
  • Konstrukcja ramy Rama z centralną rurą ze stali 25CrMo4
  • Przednie zawieszenie TECH aluminium bar Ø 39
  • Prześwit 325 mm
  • Kierownica Neken, aluminium Ø 28/22 mm
  • Tylne zawieszenie TECH hydraulic damper with linkage, 2-way adjustable
  • Seat height 630 mm
  • Tłumik Aluminium
  • Kąt główki ramy 67 °
  • Skok zawieszenia (przód) 160 mm
  • Skok zawieszenia (tył) 174 mm
  • Koła Koła szprychowe z aluminiowymi felgami