• 29/07/2023

    Spice it up / Festival


    EVENT: 29/07/2023 17:00 LOCATION: 43.4982° N, 12.2840° E COUNTRY: ITALY











    A thrilling event that combines motocross and enduro excitement, off-road adventure, and a whole lot of fun! This unique festival is completely free, and we invite everyone to be a part of it. Get on the gas for an adrenaline-fueled experience as you try out our latest motocross and enduro models, along with a range of other activities that will leave you craving more.

    From thrilling dirt tracks to a chilli contest, insightful tech talks to an epic party atmosphere, this festival has something for everyone.

    Choose between two exciting packages: thefull riding packagefor those eager to hit the tracks or simply enjoy the vibes with the entry-only package.
    Don't miss your chance to celebrate with us!

    We can't wait to see you there!



    Meet our GASGAS Factory Riders and Brand Ambassadors!

    GET ON THE GAS for a truly exceptional experience at the GASGAS SPICE IT UP Festival, where you'll have the incredible opportunity to mingle with some of our esteemed GASGAS Factory Riders and Brand Ambassadors. Share stories, snap memorable photos, create lasting memories and perhaps even gain valuable insights and tips from the very best in the industry.

    This is your moment to connect with these exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of GASGAS. It's an opportunity like no other to be part of a close-knit community of enthusiasts and professionals who share a love for motocross and enduro.

    Motocross/Supercross Factory Rider

    Justin Barcia

    Enduro Factory Rider

    Andrea Verona

    Brand Ambassador

    Laia Sanz

    Brand Ambassador/ Enduro Factory Rider

    Taddy Blazusiak

    Brand Ambassador

    Adrian Guggemos

    Bicycles Factory Rider

    Simon Carlsson

    Bicycles Factory Rider

    Alex Marin



    Motocross /
    Turn up the heat!

    Get ready to ignite your passion for motocross and experience the true essence of adrenaline-fueled excitement at the GASGAS SPICE IT UP Festival. Join us for an unforgettable opportunity to ride our exhilarating motocross bikes and take your skills to new heights. It's time to unleash your inner champion, push your limits, and create exhilarating moments that will leave a lasting impact.

    Enduro /
    More Rock'n'Roll

    Join us at the GASGAS SPICE IT UP Festival and seize the opportunity to hop on our thrilling enduro bikes. It's time to rock the tracks, roll through the challenges, and create memories that will last a lifetime. GET ON THE GAS to experience the true essence of "More Rock 'n more Roll" with GASGAS.

    MC-E5 /
    Fresh Spice

    Calling all young thrill-seekers! We haven't forgotten about our youngest enthusiasts at the GASGAS SPICE IT UP Festival. Kids aged 5 to 9 have the exciting opportunity to hop on our specially designed electric motorcycles, the MC-E5. Our mini bikes are perfect for young riders to explore the world of motocross and create unforgettable memories. Get them geared up and ready to start their motocross journey with GASGAS



    Tech Talk 1 /
    Bodywork & Chassis

    Join us for an engaging Tech Talk session where we'll delve into the fascinating world of body work, chassis, and subframe design. Our knowledgeable experts will take you on a journey through the intricate details and engineering marvels behind these essential components of our GASGAS motorcycles.

    Tech talk 2 /
    Suspension insights

    Get ready to unlock the secrets behind superior off-road performance as we present an illuminating Tech Talk on suspension systems. Join us as our experts take you on an immersive journey into the realm of suspension technology, where precision and control meet the challenges of rough terrains.

    Tech talk 3 /
    Technical Accessories

    Gear up for an exciting Tech Talk session focused on the wide array of technical accessories available for our GASGAS motorcycles. Join us as we explore the possibilities of enhancing your riding experience and customizing your bike to suit your unique preferences and requirements.

    Tech talk 4 /
    The engine

    Prepare to be captivated as we dive deep into the heart and soul of our GASGAS enduro and motocross bikes —the engine. Join us for an enlightening Tech Talk session where our experts will unravel the secrets and innovations behind the powerful engines that propel our bikes to greatness.


    Evening ACTIVITIES /

    LANE /
    Nirvana Tribute Band

    Don't miss out on the extraordinary opportunity to witness the unmistakable sound of NIRVANA resurface. Join us at the GASGAS SPICE IT UP Festival and let Lane ignite your passion for music with their captivating live performances. GET ON THE GAS to rock out like never before!