Planning on competing in the world’s longest running FIM enduro event? Want to rent one of our awesome enduro bikes to make the ISDE extra special? Or, if you’re planning to compete on your own bike, do you want to receive the best race service available? Yes? Then read on…

    GASGAS is ready to support any rider, from any country, who is competing in the 96th ISDE in Le Puy en Valley, France. We want to do all we can to make racing in France easier, less stressful, and way more enjoyable! That’s why we’re offering our bike rental program as well as our GASGAS Race Service.



    GASGAS Bike Rental

    If you’re travelling to the ISDE from outside of Europe, or just want to spice things up and throw a leg over one of our 2023 EC models, we’re ready to help. Any rider that is competing in this year’s ISDE can rent a GASGAS 2-stroke EC 250 or EC 300, or a GASGAS 4-stroke EC 250F or EC 350F. The bike will be fully prepped, transported to the paddock, registered, and insured.  

    Things couldn’t be simpler. Select either a 2-stroke EC 250 or EC 300, or a 4-stroke EC 250F or EC 350F, and collect it from us inside the paddock, sign a few papers, and you’ll be free to take your bike. The price for renting one of our bikes for this year’s ISDE is €2,990.00 (excl. VAT) for 2-strokes & €3,290.00 (excl. VAT) for 4-strokes. The deadline for ordering your bike is June 30, 2022. With limited numbers available, you’d better be quick!


    If you’re an existing GASGAS owner, congrats on making a great choice! If you’re a GASGAS owner and planning on racing your own bike in France, check out our exclusive race service package. Providing you with direct access to the GASGAS Service Station at the beginning and end of each day, the race service will give you everything you need to ensure your bike maintains its exceptional performance throughout the race. Also, our team of experienced technicians will be on hand to provide you with set-up recommendations and technical advice throughout the event.

    What’s included in the GASGAS Race Service package:

    • Direct access to all GASGAS Service Stations
    • Technical advice from our experienced technicians
    • Technical assistance for the whole event in accordance with FIM rules
    • Every tool needed for servicing your GASGAS
    • MOTOREX lubricants and their full range of maintenance products
    • Fuel for each day of racing
    • Daily updates with the latest race information and set-up recommendations
    • WP Suspension support to ensure perfect handling and rideability
    • Storage space for your spare gloves, goggles, tires*
    • Service Points Emergency Assistance (spares, tools, liquids, petrol, drinks, snacks and fruit)
    • Spare Parts Service (cost of spare parts not included)
    • Catering (drinks, snacks and fruits)
    • One freshly prepped and ready to use air filter per day (up to six air filters per rider)
    • First bike service after pre-ride prior to technical control
    • De-restriction of the bike if required

    The price of the GASGAS Race Service during the 2022 Six Days is €1,490 Euro (excl. VAT). Sorry, but any unused fuel unfortunately won’t be reimbursed.

    The GASGAS Six Days Race Service is available to any rider on GASGAS machinery and must be ordered before July 31, 2022.

    If you are interested please contact us!