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    If you’re looking for capable products for serious offroad enjoyment you’ve come to the right place! We’re GASGAS, and we like to keep it fun. Through our robust and exciting motorcycles and e-bicycles, we aim to give riders the utmost satisfaction without any fuss.

    We have the most comprehensive offroad line-up out there! Including Electric Balance Bikes, Kids and adult Motocross, Enduro, Cross Country and Trial motorcycles as well as complete electric bicycle line-up. All very red, all packed with character, and all built to maximize enjoyment. GASGAS is open, honest, and built on a successful motorsports credentials, brand heritage and a passion for riding.

    Just like it should be for your customers, for us it’s all about riding with friends, sharing the enjoyment of hitting the dirt, and encouraging others to GET ON THE GAS!

    We truly believe our bikes are the best – packed with cutting-edge technology, built with high-performance components, and styled to be vibrant, loud and full of energy. We’re focused on encouraging everyone to join in the action, and very committed about adding new energy to the offroad scene

    We make sure that getting into offroad is easy and enjoyable – a memorable and pleasurable journey of new and shared experiences. With your help, and our comprehensive line-up of motorcycles and E-Bicycles, we want to put the fun of dirt bike ownership first, first. With a lively, approachable, yet daring attitude, highly capable bikes, we prioritise and promote the simple pleasure of riding.

    Our dealers, you and your staff, are the face of our brand – the experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable people GASGAS customers turn to first. Now is the right time to GET ON THE GAS! and become a part of our exciting, and growing, GASGAS world.

    Join GASGAS and continue your business journey with us!