• The roots of the brand


    We’re all about trial! And always will be, even if things are a little different now. Improving and strengthening a well-established line-up of innovative, class-leading bikes, we’re fully focused on continuing our involvement in the sport where it all started for GASGAS back in the 1980s. We’re continuing to offer the same great bikes, but now with drastically improved levels of access, service and support. It’s that simple. Trusted and loved by riders all across the world, the GASGAS TXT RACING and GP line-ups remain fun, exciting and easy-to-use. 

    Class leading performance and weight


    Renowned for their minimal weight, usability, high-performance and ease of maintenance, GASGAS TXT RACING & TXT GP models set the benchmark for their class-leading chassis performance and powerful and compact 2-stroke engines.

    Smooth & clean power delivery

    Across the range, the advanced, single-cylinder 2-stroke engines produce smooth, controllable power throughout the entire rpm range. Allowing riders of all abilities to easily find grip, and aided by the 6-speed gearbox, a plentiful supply of top-end performance ensure all machines can tackle the steepest climbs with ease.

    Excellent handling and agility

    With proven stability, accurate steering and minimal weight, all GASGAS TXT RACING & TXT GP models inspire rider confidence, allowing amateurs and professionals alike to remain feet-up and master the most technical terrain.





    What is it all about?

    Let’s have a little fun with what we’re calling #TrialChallenge! The idea is simple, every month we’ll be setting new challenges for riders of all ages and nationalities to complete on any bike with the winners gettinga 300€ voucher.