Hands up if you think you know Laia Sanz? Many people think they do but we’re certain that until you’ve watched Laia Sanz: Unfiltered you won’t truly know all there is to know about the world’s #1 female motorcycle racer and her incredible story. Leaving no stone unturned, we set the cameras rolling to learn more about her inspirational career, unfiltered and direct from our amazing athlete.

Watch Laia Sanz: Unfiltered

  • Laia Sanz: Unfiltered – the truly inspiring story of a champion
  • Enter the unique mindset of this offroad motorsports legend
  • Queen of the Desert shares her secrets to success and much, much more

From humble beginnings, riding bikes with her family in Spain, to becoming the fierce and talented competitor that she is today, Laia continues to write an incredible and inspirational story. In Laia Sanz: Unfiltered you’ll discover who influenced her, what drove her to succeed, and how it feels for her to compete in largely male-dominated sports.

Describing in detail each pivotal moment of her career, as well as explaining the secrets behind her many successes, Laia opens up and gives an honest insight into what it’s like to be a multi-time, multi-discipline motorcycle world champion. Believe it or not, competition isn’t all about winning for Laia, it’s about taking on exciting challenges, setting goals, and mastering new disciplines.

Be ready to be inspired!

Laia Sanz: Unfiltered is a must-watch video for motorcycle race fans around the world.

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