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    MC 450F Factory Edition

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    Motocross 2023

    Fresh spice

    We might be the new kids on the MX scene, but we’re super focused on building bikes that stand out from the crowd due to their performance and bold, vibrant styling. Above all else we make bikes that allow riders to have a blast! Prioritising ease of use, value and reliability, all our MX bikes allow riders to push their limits and have serious fun! 


    Our priority is to make bikes that are as rider friendly as they can be. From pros to beginners, we want everyone to push their limits, join in the action and have fun! This is why we focus on building the lightest possible machines that are perfectly balanced and easy to ride. From our super-strong, lightweight frames that guarantee playful handling and exceptional rider feedback, to our high-performance motors, all key areas of our bikes are designed and built to be as light and compact as possible.


    It’s all about being an easy-rider, right? Or at least riding easily. We’re constantly working to improve the overall balance of each and every one of our bikes, to get things just right. Handling is a complex game that involves the suspension (of course) but also the chassis and the motor. GASGAS R&D staff spend countless hours perfecting the sweet spot, which ensures all bikes deliver great handling and awesome, but manageable, power.


    When we build our bikes, we use the best, competition-focused components we can. It’s all about proven performance and reliability. We’re talking about WP Suspension, Maxxis tires, Odi Grips, Twin Air filters and forged triple clamps. Also, each and every motor is first filled with MOTOREX’s world championship winning lubricants, ensuring every engine gets the very best start in life.


    Proud to be loud, and very red! We’re not backwards when it comes to stepping forward, and certainly don’t shy away from doing things the way we want to do them. Our energetic personalities are a lot like the way our motocross bikes look – distinct, loud and very red. Clean lines and bold colours is just the way we like things.