Sometimes it’s only about having fun, right! Not about racing or results, just good times on a dirt bike, and maybe trying something a little different. That’s why we decided to take one of our awesome MC 450F motocross bikes, strip it down, and build it back up with a few well-chosen GASGAS Technical Accessories to create a super-fun Flat Track racer!

  • MC 450F becomes awesome Flat Track bike!
  • Check out the full bike build video right here
  • Create your own flat track project bike using GASGAS Technical Accessories

The main goal behind this project was to see if we could build a legitimate Flat Track racer from a stock MC 450F motocross bike and a few carefully selected parts. To keep the GASGAS Flat Track project build simple, we only fitted essential GASGAS Technical Accessories, aside from the Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust System our mechanic fitted while no one was looking! We're hoping the following video will inspire a few intrepid riders to build a Flat Track racer of their very own!

Want to have a go building your own GASGAS Flat Track bike? Take a look through our extended range of Technical Accessories.