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  • 2024 Demo Rides

    coming soon: 2024 gasgas DEMO RIDE SCHEDULE

    Stay tuned for more information regarding the schedule for our 2024 Demo Rides...

    Participants who take part in the GASGAS Demo Ride program will have the chance to ride the 2024 GASGAS model range on some of the nation’s best tracks and trails, while experiencing the dynamic performance of a GASGAS.

    Check back here regularly to see the OFFROAD & MOTOCROSS events scheduled for your province.


    offroad & motocross demo ride requirements:


    In order to participate in the GASGAS Canada OFFROAD & MOTOCROSS Demo Rides, participants must be least 18 years or older. Experienced riders only (no beginners). All riders must show a government issued Photo ID with motorcycle endorsement. 


    IIf you wish to participate during one of the stops along the GASGAS Canada OFFROAD & MOTOCROSS Demo Rides, please remember to bring the following items:


    ·       Government issued photo ID


    ·       Signed waiver (available at Demo site)


    ·       Proper Riding Apparel (including, but not limited to): DOT approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, pants, boots


    PLEASE NOTE: No passengers are allowed at any time during a GASGAS Canada Canada Demo Ride.