Hot, dry, dusty, and, at the end of two super demanding days of racing, a maximum world championship points haul for GASGAS Factory Racing and our speedy Italian Andrea Verona! Topping the Enduro1 class on both days at the GP of Estonia, our defending E1 class champion rose to the challenge of heading north for round three of the 2021 FIM EnduroGP World Championship and continued his winning ways on his EC 250F. Completing a perfect weekend and topping the E1 podium twice, Andrea also edges ahead in the Enduro1 championship standings as the series reaches its midway point.

  • Andrea Verona secures 1-1 Enduro1 class results at GP of Estonia
  • At the midway point of the series Verona sits 12 points clear in E1
  • EnduroGP World Championship now heads to Sweden for round four

Completing his second consecutive double Enduro1 class win, Andrea Verona made the best possible start to the EnduroGP World Championship’s northern European tour. Swapping the mountainous trails of the recent GP of Italy for the rough and sandy tracks of the GP of Estonia, Verona quickly found himself locked in a two-rider battle for the E1 class win as countryman Davide Guarneri heaped on the pressure.

With little to separate Verona and Guarneri on day one, after more than one hour of rough, rutted and whooped-out special test racing it all came down to the final test of the day. And in posting a time two seconds faster than his rival, Verona topped the results and secured the day win.

Day two was pretty much exactly the same as day one – brutally rough special tests, and a two-rider battle for the Enduro1 class victory. And again, there was little to separate Verona from his closest class challenger. Undoing a lot of the good work he’d done earlier in the day on the penultimate special test of the event, Verona thankfully held enough of an advantage to stay out front and pick up another E1 class win. In doing so, Andrea extends his world championship tally to 117 points, 12 more than Guarneri in second.

Andrea will now head to Sweden for the fourth round of the 2021 EnduroGP World Championship, a race that will take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, of next week!

Andrea Verona: “It’s been a very positive weekend for me here in Estonia. After my home GP I really wanted to continue in a positive way, despite the change of terrain, and that has worked out just like I hoped. Everyone knew that with the soft, sandy ground here in Estonia the special tests would change a lot during the GP and they did. Day one was really good. It was another big battle with Davide Guarneri, but that helped me. We were pushing each other so much, it helped me get onto the overall EnduroGP podium as well, which was great. Day two was really tough – the special tests were so, so rough. I had two crashes where I lost some very important seconds, but in the end things were very good for me with another win. I had to work really hard, but to be heading to Sweden after these two Enduro1 class wins is very, very good.”

Results – 2021 EnduroGP World Championship, Round 3, Day 1

1. Andrea Verona (GASGAS) 1:16:34.47

2. Davide Guarneri (Fantic) 1:16:36.32
3. Antoine Magain (Sherco) 1:18:12.89

Results – 2021 EnduroGP World Championship, Round 3, Day 2

1. Andrea Verona (GASGAS) 1:17:04.04

2. Davide Guarneri (Fantic) 1:17:17.98
3. Samuele Bernardini (Honda) 1:18:52.25

Championship Standings – 2021 EnduroGP World Championship, (after Round 3)

1. Andrea Verona (GASGAS) 117 points

2. Davide Guarneri (Fantic) 105
3. Samuele Bernardini (Honda) 77