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    New for 2024 is a brand-new GASGAS video series focusing on the technical side of dirt bikes. Something we like to call – GASGAS Tech Talks! Breaking down various components, what they are, and how they work, as well as guiding you through things like suspension set-up, there really is something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and start watching and learning!

    Suspension settings

    Dialing in the suspension settings on any dirt bike can be a daunting task… So that’s exactly why we’ve created a video to make sure your GASGAS is set up perfectly for your weight and riding style. Once you’ve watched the video and you understand all of the settings, you’ll really notice the difference on your next ride. Trust us!

    GASGAS+ App & Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO)

    Our new app is really amazing. Pre-loaded with recommended suspension settings for every bike and every kind of rider, it’s when you fit a Connectivity Unit Offroad and GPS that the app really becomes a game changer. In addition to letting you easily create customized engine maps, the GPS will also record your lap times and your lines on track, plus so much more! Watch on to find out just how cool it is.

    Suspension – open vs. closed cartridge

    This video is definitely one for those serious about suspension. Talking you through the difference between open and closed cartridge forks, the features and benefits of both, and why we use open style on our enduro bikes and closed on our motocross bikes, this episode features everything you need to know and so much more.

    Map select switch

    Readily available as a Technical Accessory, the Map Select Switch really transforms the performance of every 4-stroke GASGAS motocross bike. In this video, the Map Select Switch’s features, including launch control, traction control, the engine maps, and the quickshifter functionality are all explained. After watching, you’ll definitely want one!  
    Plus, find our why it´s fitted standard on our MC 125… 

    Anti-squat explained

    Now this is something that every rider benefits from on the track or trail without even realizing – anti-squat! Engineered into the chassis to maximize handling and traction, take a look at this video to see just how our engineers created the perfect balance of both.