• History

    The roots of GASGAS

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    Brand name

    The inspiration for our brand’s name goes way back, back to our humble Spanish roots in the mid 1980s. It’s taken from ‘Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!!’ which translates to ‘C’mon, give it full gas!!!, Go... faster, faster!’. We then shortened it up a little to be GASGAS. Known worldwide, the simple throttle twisting hand action encourages people to get on the gas, push harder, and do their very best.


    GASGAS rose from the mid-1980s succeeding the popular Bultaco and SWM brands.
    Our early bikes were predominantly trial models, with a few trail, enduro and entry-level street models offered along the way! GASGAS became a key player on the trial scene from the late 1980s.


    The trial focus pushed the product range into a position of high technical expertise, specifically in the 2-stroke field. In later years it resulted in the arrival of advanced enduro models.


    With 16 FIM trial world titles since 1993 and four consecutive FIM Trial-E titles, the brand’s trial heritage and expertise are unquestioned.


    GASGAS joined the Pierer Mobility Group. Remaining true to its Spanish roots while benefitting from the group’s proven experience, success and ambitious plans. With our class leading trial bikes continuing to be manufactured in Girona, Spain, from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Austria we quickly expanded our model line-up.

    More to come

    In addition to our global racing program, we’ve added a number of exciting brand ambassadors to our roster – passionate riders who sit outside of the established motorsport framework, ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible on our bikes away from the race track.