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    Hitting the trails, special tests, or simply heading to the mountains?

    In the woods. Out in the elements. Across unpredictable terrain. Riding offroad doesn’t get any more varied than enduro! Throw in high-speed plains and mix them with slow, technical climbs, and every day on the bike is guaranteed to be different.

    For many, enduro is all about the challenge, whether it’s reaching the top of a technical climb, mastering rocky terrain, or enjoying epic days on the bike from sunup to sundown. The bikes are built to be strong and capable with enduro-specific parts such as a big fuel tank, supple suspension, and a wide ratio transmission to make the experience a whole lot more fun. GASGAS has a competitive line-up of enduro bikes to choose from with each one guaranteeing epic days in the dirt.

    Proven technology


    The thrill of offroad riding has long been at the heart of GASGAS. That’s why the EC 300 is focused on ensuring fun and putting a serious enduro bike into the hands of riders who love woods racing. Our bike features the latest technologies and celebrates our unique Spanish heritage and enduro know-how. Utilizing a well-proven performance platform, the GASGAS enduro bike is all about no-nonsense riding enjoyment. 



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