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    Hands down, trial is the most technically demanding discipline for dirt bikes! It requires patience, skill, bike control, and precision. But it’s so much fun! There’s no feeling quite like cleaning a section to impress your friends or the officials for those who like to compete. The bikes are super low in weight and don’t have a seat so that riders can get into all kinds of shapes in the name of finding traction and maintaining balance to avoid a dreaded ‘dab’.

    Another cool thing about trial bikes is that you can pretty much get anywhere on one! Because they’re so light and nimble, it’s really easy to discover new places. And as they’re not built for high speeds, they’re not too tiring to ride either! This means long days in the hills with your friends, covering ground, and seeking out cool riding spots are only possible on a trial bike. To GASGAS, it doesn’t really matter if you ride trial for fun or chase after championships. What matters most is that you have a good time doing it! 

    Introducing the 2025 GASGAS trial line-up!

    Introducing the 2025 GASGAS trial line-up!



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